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  1. JON4188


    Is it for sale or trade Dave? Any photos mate?
  2. JON4188

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

    Happy Christmas form me and find attached a copy of a Malayan Scout Christmas card. Hapoy collecting. Jon
  3. JON4188


    Thanks Jerry for sharing.
  4. JON4188

    SAS collection

    Jerry I can't remember. It was this year at auction mate. I put a bid of £120 or so on it. With charges it adds up, hence the "silly money" remark pal.
  5. JON4188

    SAS collection

    Yes Jerry the title. As you say mate, there's still the chance to find stuff pal. Well done.
  6. JON4188

    SAS collection

    Nicenpiece Jerry. I don't have an original example of that pattern. One came up At Auction a few months back but silly money for it. As always I'm not going to pay the world for one. Good prof mate.
  7. JON4188

    SAS collection

    One of my older frames, now no longer laid out as such. But some interesting wings for you to see I hope. Regards jon
  8. JON4188

    SAS collection

    Morning Graham and thank you for the link. Like I said, I am not someone who says "fake" and provides no support. If JB thinks they're right mate then happy days! I've asked for advice etc in the other forum as I'd hate to think that due to being caught out before, I'm now missing out on nice original wings for my collection. Thanks for the link mate. Jon
  9. Other pix too large. I live the individual traits to this badge.
  10. Came with a nice copy which I assume was worn on a blazer or similar.
  11. Belonged to Mike Dillon A sqn
  12. A good one of mine. Recently purchased
  13. JON4188

    SAS collection

    Graham I've a wing similar but not happy with it being genuine. The backing of yours is very similar and I'm always wary when one cannot see the back. But then again mate I'm not 100% sure on wings. A minefield. Milk try and send pix soon of some of mine. Nice bits Jerry regards jon
  14. JON4188

    Important update regarding Dave M

    Good drills on passing on the good news. Welcome BACK Dave LOL
  15. JON4188

    Border regiment

    What's the significance of the painted red behind the dragon as opposed to the void found on previous pieces? Is this a fake then?