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  1. I have a some pics of a pair of summer white IJN officer pants and jacket that have markings. I don't know much on how the markings are supposed to look. Do the markings look correct and original for WW2 era? The material looks to be linen, did officer pants and jacket come in that material as well or is it a post war material? Thanks!
  2. Hello, I have a picture of a pair of WW2 Era German Kriegsmarine EM pants. They look good to me, they are well marked. I would like a second opinion just to make sure I am not missing any red flags, thanks.
  3. Hello, I have recently discovered that there are a lot of altered and fake militaria floating around these days. I am trying to find an original WW2 Kriegsmarine tunic for my collection. I am a novice at collecting and willing to learn all I can. I have some pics of one I have found. Thank you for your time and help.
  4. Hello, I am considering purchasing a Kriegsmarine tunic and pants that I have found. I don't know much about the tunics and was wondering if I could get some opinions on if the tunic and pants appears to be authentic WW2 German era and if they go together correctly. Thanks for your help!
  5. Hello, I have a couple pairs of jackboots that I have bought as WW2 era German. I would like you all to take a look at them and give me your opinions on if they are indeed WW2 German, thank you for your time.
  6. Hello, I would like opinions on these boots if they are indeed WW2 era German. The guy I bought them from said that they are late war boots that are not popular with collectors as other models are. He is sending me a certificate of authenticity. There are no markings on them that I see other that on the sole I saw a 44. I would like any help you can give. Thanks for your time.