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  1. Hi Kevin, Thank you for showing us a nice Holland related Soldbuch. And a young man who went through the ranks. In the past I did collect such units too, but I still like to have a look at them very much. What I don't understand is the The Hague connection, although that depends on the sources one looks at. Feldgrau : Marine-Flak-Abteilung 808 Formed 1.41 in Den Helder/Holland with 7 companies, from 1. and 5./804. 1942 increased to 11 batteries. In 1943 three batteries (2, 6 and 8) was used to form 816. 1945 had 8 batteries. Subordinated to Seekdt. Nordholland. Lexikon : Marine-Flak-Abteilung 808 Aufgestellt im Januar 1941 in Den Helder beim Kommandanten der Seeverteidigung von Nordholland mit Stabsbatterie und 10 Batterien. Die Abteilung lag 1942 wie folgt verstreut: Name der Batterie Einheit Ausstattung schw. Flak-Batterie Dirks Admiraal 1. Batterie 4 x 8,8-cm, 2 x 2-cm, 1x 150-cm Scheinwerfer schwere Flak-Batterie De Mok 3. Batterie 4 x 10,5-cm, 2 x 2-cm, 1x 150-cm Scheinwerfer schwere Flak-Batterie Erfprins 5. Batterie 4 x 10,5-cm, 2 x 2-cm, 2x 150-cm Scheinwerfer schwere Flak-Batterie Vangdam 9. Batterie 4 x 8,8-cm, 2 x 2-cm, 1x 1,5-cm, 1x 150-cm Scheinwerfer leichte Flak-Batterie Den Helder 7. Batterie 3 x 4-cm schwere Flak-Batterie Dünenberg 2. Batterie 4 x 10,5-cm, 2 x 2-cm, 2x 150-cm Scheinwerfer schwere Flak-Batterie Olmen 4. Batterie 3 x 10,5-cm, 2 x 2-cm, 1x 150-cm Scheinwerfer schwere Flak-Batterie Ijmuiden-Südost 8. Batterie 4 x 10,5-cm, 2 x 2-cm, 1x 150-cm Scheinwerfer schwere Fla-Batterie Beverwijk ? 4 x 10,5-cm, 1 x 2-cm Kommandeure: Januar 1941 Korvettenkapitän M.A. Albert Schulze Juli 1943 Korvettenkapitän Klages Februar 1944 Korvettenkapitän M.A. Oelmann Axis history : I see your officer's name here, but The Hague ......!?!?!? Marineflakabteilung 808 Formed in January 1941 in The Hague in South Holland. The Abteilung was subordinate to Seekommandant Nordholland. Kommandeur Korvettenkapitän M.A. der Reserve Ernst Reinhardt (00 Jan 1941-00 Jul 1943) Korvettenkapitän der Reserve Ernst Klages (00 Jul 1943-00 Feb 1944) Korvettenkapitän der Reserve Otto Schmidt (00 Feb 1944-00 May 1945) It sure looks to me that the signature in your Soldbuch shows Schmidt. http://books.google.nl/books?id=4eNcIob35YAC&pg=PA11&lpg=PA11&dq=marine-flak-abteilung+808&source=bl&ots=sFWX3MsiIQ&sig=_jd95U3BwZ37jg2Ot0Ebtms20TQ&hl=nl&sa=X&ei=iusJUIqJCoSr0QW4ttDZCg&ved=0CF4Q6AEwBzgU#v=onepage&q=marine-flak-abteilung%20808&f=false Only showing 808 positions in Noord-Holland, Den Helder and isle Texel. See the map : Atlanticwall fortifications on the North Sea. Some information on the Marine-Flak-Abtelung 808, sorry to say that most of it is in Dutch. Here and there some nice today photos and positions are given, some wartime images. http://texel.pauldijkstra.nl/?tag=marine-flak-abteilung-808 3./Marineflakabteilung 808 De Mok - isle Texel, today photos. And an extra edition, including some wartime photos. http://texel.pauldijkstra.nl/?tag=onderzoek http://www.fortendenhelder.nl/BRVcomplexen/WN106M.htm Marineflakabteilung 808 Den Helder, old photos and positions http://www.fortendenhelder.nl/Bunkers/fl250.htm http://www.fortendenhelder.nl/BRVcomplexen/BRVcomplexJJ.htm http://www.ww2places.info/?a=obj;nl;90&s=021100&f=&i=&t= Nederland, Noord-Holland, Den Helder, today photos and satellite position. http://forum.ahnenforschung.net/archive/index.php/t-10996.html Mentions the position Castricum. http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fort_Oostoever Fort Oostoever, called Fort Ostufer by the Germans. 7./Marineflakabteilung 808 6./Marineflakabteilung 808 http://atlantikwallplatform.eu/en/home/country/places/region/poi?poi_id=169 in English Maps with positions. 3rd Battery Marine Flak Abteilung 808 http://www.atlantikwall.mynetcologne.de/Atlantikwall/Holland/WBNI/KVA%20Schagen/NL-VBDenHelder.html Today photos and groundplans. http://www.fortendenhelder.nl/BRVcomplexen/BRVcomplexHHH.htm Fort Ostufer Air view with positions. Today photos and groundplans. 7./Marineflakabteilung 808 http://www.fortendenhelder.nl/BRVcomplexen/WN110HM.htm Positions, photos, maps, groundplans. 7./Marineflakabteilung 808 http://www.fortendenhelder.nl/duitse%20batterijen/batterijerfprinz.htm Old and todays photos, groundplans. 5./Marine Flakabteilung 808 Kevin, when I am looking at all those links, seeing all those photos, images, maps and groundplans, it makes your Soldbuch and your man coming alive for me, as if I could step in his footprints so to say. There is so much information in the above links, and I hope that it will be interesting enough for your further research. Best regards Eric-Jan
  2. Eric JB

    Knights cross photographic archive/ source

    Hi Jeremy, Great idea and it sounds very interesting my friend ! Maybe a thread that must be pinned. Best regards Eric-Jan
  3. Gentlemen, Nice early KIA ones you do show us here. That KIA by a Polish aircraft for sure seems to be a rare one. Best regards Eric-Jan
  4. Eric JB

    Who's there?

    Gentlemen, Great to see some known names and friends here on Bart's new forum. Being around for a longer time in the collecting world (pre-internet) and on several sites on the internet. Problem is that my field of collecting interest is a bit too large......although most of it is only old paper. Uboote, Sboote, and some other Kriegsmarine units, Jagdflieger Tag & Nacht, KG.40 with the Focke-Wulf 200 Condor, some May 1940 for the Netherlands, Battle of the Bulge, signed photos and FDCs. Best regards Eric-Jan
  5. Great post ! Thank you, job well done. best regards Eric-Jan
  6. Hi Kevin, Nice document grouping, but sad to hear that the grouping was split-up, for me that is destroying history. Any idea when that award document did receive its drawing in blue ? Best regards Eric-Jan
  7. Although it is not exactly your main field of interest, one can understand why that set is still part of your collection. And like Nick already mentioned - nice "Eifel Angrïff" entry indeed. best regards Eric-Jan
  8. Kevin, Nice Wehrpaß from a famous division. best regards Eric-Jan
  9. Great catch you made Nick. And thank you for showing your photo here on the forum. yours friendly Eric-Jan
  10. Fantastic Then & Now thread Nick. And it includes my favorite area too. I can't get enough from these posts. Best regards Eric-Jan
  11. Hi Eduardo, I have seen a lot in my 33 years of collecting, but I have never seen such a metal embroidered version before as the one you show us here now. Best regards Eric-Jan
  12. Hi Eduardo, As always, you do show high quality items from your fantastic collection. Best regards Eric-Jan