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    U-Boot Prisoners of War

    Hi Nob, Where did you get the 31 survivors information from ? U-517, UBoot Archiv source says : 1 dead, 51 survivors. British interrogation report of survivors from U-517 says : 1 dead, 50 survivors. If the photo shows U-517 POWs, it only shows a part of the crew and of the lower ranks. Best regards Eric-Jan
  2. Eric JB

    Hello from Rome, Italy

    Hi Blues, Welcome aboard on the HWMF. Best regards Eric-Jan
  3. Another U-85 crewmember being killed by depth charges while floating in the water. Nachname : Schön Vorname : Gustav Dienstgrad : Maschinen - Gefreiter Geburtsdatum : 24.01.1922 Geburtsort : Tirschenreuth Todes-/Vermisstendatum: 14.04.1942 Todes-/Vermisstenort: Auf See, U-85
  4. Dear Alberto and Agustín, Thank you for your comments my friends. Best wishes Eric-Jan
  5. As printed in the book, not the best quality.............. A.J.Chewning "The Approaching Storm" U-Boats of the Virginia Coast During World War II.
  6. 14 Apr 1942. U-85 was the first U-boat to be sunk off the North American coast after the start of Operation Drumbeat (Paukenschlag) on 13 January 1942. On the day that she was sunk, 14 April, U-85 stayed on the surface throughout the engagement. After repeated hits on the boat fatally damaged her, the order to abandon ship was given, and perhaps half the crew got into the water before U-85 started to go down fast. USS Roper then dropped 11 depth charges onto the already sinking U-boat and the two dozen or so survivors, and in the process killed everyone in the water. Source : http://uboat.net/boats/u85.htm Oskar Prantl's Erkennungsmarke / Marine-Stammrollen-Nr. = UO.2659/36.S.
  7. Eric JB

    Die Kriegsmarine

    Hi Eduardo, Thank you for the extra information. Best regards Eric-Jan
  8. Gentleman, First of all Adam did nothing wrong. He bought it from the Wehrmacht Award Forum (WAF) where it was for sale on the e-stand. Seems to me that he didn't succeed in returning it to the seller (see post # 4) Thomas Harling I can clearly understand that you are upset that your Grandfather's material that was stolen from you, showed up on Ratisbons for auction, but : "International complaint against you" (you = Adam) goes a bit too far at this stage. Maybe a more civilized tone is more welcome here. (I am with Michael on that one) Strange that son of Henry Harling - the father of Thomas Harling - made those fake entries himself, one would ask for what reason. Best regards Eric-Jan
  9. Hi Kevin, Another nice one from your "GD" collection and thank you for showing it to us on the forum. Clearly a patient with stomach problems. I do like those two stamps on page 23, those entries are not that often seen in handwriting / done by hand, but as a stamp I see them for the first time. "Sonderurlaub zur Wiederherstellung der Gesundheit" "Genesungsurlaub (im Anschluß and die Lazarettbehandlung)" Entries as Sonderurlaub and Genesungsurlaub on their own, are much more common. Best regards Eric-Jan
  10. Eric JB

    U-96 1/48 Scale

    With each update your model is getting better and better Gordon. I do like it a lot. Thank you for showing the progress. Best regards Eric-Jan
  11. Hi Morten, That is a very nice Kriegsmarine marked Mauser 1934 pistol caliber 7.65 mm you are showing us. It looks great and I like it a lot. An eye catching composition photo my friend, a Kriegsmarine marked -pistol, -holster and -bayonet. Thanks for showing. Best regards Eric-Jan
  12. Morten, Thank you for showing us your Polizeiverordnung booklet, it clearly fits in your fine collection. Best regards Eric-Jan
  13. Martin, Thank you for showing us your photo with the MKP members. I am with Gordon's comments on the photo. Best regards Eric-Jan
  14. Hi Morten, Fine items and a nice presentation my friend. Thanks for showing. Best regards Eric-Jan
  15. Eric JB

    Die Kriegsmarine

    Hi Eduardo, Thank you for your book update. May I ask you how many pages and photos ? Best regards Eric-Jan
  16. Hi Eduardo, Great additions to your collection and of great quality. Thank you for showing them. Best regards Eric-Jan
  17. Eric JB

    Post your favourite purchase of 2015

    Hi Justin, That is a fine looking Uboat badge, and in my humble opinion with the best eagle design. Thanks for showing. Best regards Eric-Jan
  18. Eric JB

    Post your favourite purchase of 2015

    Hi Martin, Fantastic photo and the man identified, can't get better than that. Best regards Eric-Jan
  19. Eric JB

    Eisenbahn group

    Yes Stewy, you are correct. Best regards Eric-Jan
  20. Eric JB

    Hello from Dallas, Texas

    Hi Annie, Welcome on the HWMF. Best regards Eric-Jan
  21. Eric JB

    new member from New Zealand

    Hi Sven, Welcome on the HWMF. I do hope that you like to stay around here. Nice death cards, thanks for showing. I see that Bruno Dietrich died at El Tmimi. Looking forward to your posts showing your Soldbücher and Wehrpäße. Best regards Eric-Jan
  22. Eric JB

    KM Collection - Display

    Hi John, Congratulations with another fine example my friend. Great design and made by the best manufacturer of the Flottenkriegsabzeichen. Thanks for showing. Best regards Eric-Jan
  23. Eric JB

    Small collection from France

    I can only second that ! Best regards Eric-Jan