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  1. Ärmelband Geschwader Hindenburg Name : Geseke Unit : Kampfgeschwader 1 "Hindenburg" Signed by : Hans Keppler
  2. Motorflugzeugführerabzeichen der NSFK Name : Hiller Unit : Gruppe 10 des NSFK
  3. Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer Name : Thalhammer Unit : Polizei Dortmund
  4. Schnellboots-Kriegsabzeichen Name : Paustian Unit : 9. Schnellbootsflottille Signed by : Petersen
  5. Goldkordel zum Ärmeltätigkeitsabzeichen des technischen Personals der Fliegertruppe Name : Pohlmann Unit : Flakkolonne (48t) (mot.) 4/XI
  6. Ärmelband Fallschirmjäger Regiment 9 Name : Tremmler Unit : 1./Fallschirm-Jäg.Rgt.9 Signed by : Helmut von Hoffmann
  7. Frontflugspange für Kampfflieger in Bronze Name : Golcks Unit : 5./K.G. Boelcke Nr.27
  8. Frontflugspange für Jäger in Gold mit Anhänger Name : Thun Unit : 6./(Pz) Schlachtgeschwader 9
  9. Ärmelband Geschwader General Wever Name : Höschle Unit : Kampf Geschwader 4 "General Wever" Signed by : Werner Klosinski
  10. EK.1 Name : Mahns Unit : 1.SS-Inf.-Rgt. "Germania" - Wiking Signed by : Felix Steiner
  11. Kubanschild Name : Zollers Unit : 11./Jäger-Regiment 204 Signed by : Ewald von Kleist
  12. EK.1 Name : Drewa Unit : 14.(Pz.Jg.)/Pz.Gren.Rgt.12 - 4.Panzer Division Signed by : Dietrich von Saucken
  13. EK.2 Name : Hartmann Unit : 1/Gren.Rgt.459 - 251.Infanterie Division Signed by : Karl Burdach
  14. U-665 17.3.1943, shortly before noon U-665 sunks the British steamer Fort Cedar Lake 7,134 tons, a straggler of convoy SC-122, on the same day already torpedoed and damaged by U-338. 19.3.1943, after being located by an Allied hospital ship, probably the American USS Solace, U-665 is attacked by three submarine hunters with dept charges, U-665 is able to escape. 22.3.1943 on her way back to her new base in France U-665 was attacked and sunk by : Whitley V 'Q' Z6950, No. 101 OTU, on patrol 0745 - 1800 hrs. Crew : Sgt. J.A. Marsden - Pilot PO. J.J. Sutherland PO. J.E. Lewis Sgt. R.H. Barnes PO. J.A. Perkins Sgt. J.R. Nixon Flying above a rough sea, under 10/10ths cloud at 3 to 4,000 feet, in heavy rain with visibility down to halve a mile, the rear gunner did well to spot the periscope wake of a uboat from 1,500 feet at 1152 hrs, just under the port beam, 200 yards away. Nothing else was seen and the wake disappeared so after some time in the area they continued their patrol. At 1503, flying just above sea level at 100 feet, they saw a Uboat with C/T and decks just visible a quarter of a mile away and the possibility of some seamen present. Marsden immediately turned to port and a few seconds after the sighting, attacked from the starboard beam, releasing six Mk XI D/Cs. The rear gunner saw them straddle the track of the Uboat about ten yards ahead of the swirl. Aircraft circled and on return to the scene, explosions marks could not be seen due to the poor visibility and no further results observed. The explosion had been felt in the aircraft too, and some fabric was damaged. Bomber Command had loaned its Operational Training Unit to the battle against the Uboat menace, and its Whitley crews flew valiant sorties over the Bay of Biscay and the Atlantic, prior to going to bomber ops. 10 OTU did destroy two Uboats during the war. U-665 sunk 223.1943 in the North Atlantic west of Ireland, in position 48.04N, 10.26W, by depth charges from a British Whitley aircraft (Sqdn. 10 OTU/Q). 46 dead, all hands lost. U-665 Matrose Willibald "Willy" Braun. Name; Braun Vorname: Willibald "Willy" Dienstgrad; Matrosen-gefreiter (after he died promoted to Matrose Gefreiter) Geburtsdatum: 29.4.1924 Geburtsort: Todes-/Vermisstendatum: 22.3.1943 Todes-/Vermisstenort: Auf See, U-665 During the war they didn't know the exact date, see 3.3.1943 on his death card. Willy Braun served on U-665 a type VIIC Uboat under command of Leutnant zur See Hans-Jürgen Haupt. U-665 made one warpatrol and did sunk one ship.
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    Unknown U-boats

    Maggi, Post # 1, top right : Saint-Nazaire 30.6.1941, U-203 under command of Kapitänleutnant Rolf Mützelberg. Best regards Eric-Jan
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    My collection WWII

    Hi Jørn, Getting better and better. Thanks again for showing us your collection. Best regards Eric-Jan
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    My disgustingly small collection

    Hi Nicolas, Nice start and welcome on the HWMF. Best regards Eric-Jan
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    U-Boot Prisoners of War

    MechanikerMaat Helmuth Tölle. Promoted to OberMechanikerMaat while being a POW. He served on U-660. U-660 made three war patrols under command of Kapitänleutnant Götz Bauer, sinking 2 ships and damaging 2 ships. Sunk on 12 November 1942 in the Mediterranean Sea north of Oran, in position 36.07N, 01.00W, After unsuccessfully attempting a four torpedo attack on Convoy TE3 of Oran on 12 November 1942, the Uboat was located by the destroyers HMS Wescott, HMS Verity and HMS Wivern supported by the Corvettes HMS Starwort and HMS Lotus. Bauer went deep and ejected several of the new installed Bolde Asdic decoy cartridges from the boat but was unable to escape the tenacious Asdic lock. After four hours of accurate depth charging Bauer surfaced his flooding boat and ordered her abandoned and scuttled, two men being killed by surface fire as the crew abandoned ship. Their attackers rescued the survivors. 2 dead and 45 survivors. Tölle did become a POW in Canada. Internment Camp 133. Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. Base Post Office Ottawa, Canada. His POW Number Canadian and German Censor stamps
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    Heinrich Hoffman Photograph

    Hi David, Seems that someone did indeed not return the photo....... Let us know when the archive replies to you. Best regards Eric-Jan
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    My naval daggers and swords

    Hi Andjelo, This thread is again becoming better and better and a pleasure to look at. Thank you for showing us your gems. Best regards Eric-Jan
  21. Hi Lee, Thank you for showing us your nice Soldbuch on the forum. Your "Fliegerschutzen abzeichen fur Blitznadel?" = "Fliegerschützenabzeichen ohne Blitzbündel" Best regards Eric-Jan
  22. Hi Maggi, Here a corrected one of U-151 as Schulboot Type II-D. Taken from "Korrekturen und Ergänzungen von Georg Högel and Walter Storbeck zu dem Buch - Embleme Wappen Malings" Best regards Eric-Jan
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    Luftwaffe music band

    Hi Kevin, Thanks for showing us your Luftwaffe Musiker. Best regards Eric-Jan
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    New member from France

    Hi Jean-Claude, Welcome on the Historical War Militaria Forum. Best regards Eric-Jan