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  1. Hi Walle, Thank you for showing us your Gauß grouping. I am with the others on his Laplandshild award document, indeed : "The Lappland shield doc is a seldom seen variant & one of the nicest - a great Lapplandschild variant citation". Best regards Eric-Jan
  2. Eric JB

    Small collection from France

    JC, First of all, welcome on the Historical War Militaria Forum. That is a great teaser (not a lttle one)......thanks for showing. I do hope to see more of your collection on our HWMF. Best regards Eric-Jan
  3. Eric JB

    My collection WWII

    Hi Jørn, Thank you so much for showing us your outstanding collection. From the first page to the last one, it all shows quality ! For me - and I see for many others too - it was a real pleasure to look at it. Best regards Eric-Jan
  4. Jim my friend there are no words enough to reply to your beautiful piece of history. I do like that Legion D'Honneur very much myself. With such historical mementos one does not talk about some enamel damage, I would say that it shows some character. And that the recipient did wear it proudly and with honor. Same as with your Waterloo medal, if that one could talk ! What a great example this medal is. A Waterloo medal and a 1st Empire Legion D'Honneur were for a long time on my wish list but collecting did come to an end for me, congratulations with both of them, two eyecatching pieces of history. Best regards Eric-Jan
  5. PS. Jim, I see that your medal did have a previous harder life. And a guy with the same surname. Ship arrivals Canada 1856. Ship : "Franklin King" under captain Borland...... from Liverpool, with three or four hundred men disbanded from the German Legion : J. Sutledge, Mr.Bressler, Mr. W.J. Key, Mr. Barber, Mr. Molson, Mr. B.B. Adams....... And a sale description : With replacement steel clip and ring suspension Charles Bressler, King's German Legion, 8th Line Battalion. Confirmed on the Waterloo Medal Roll page 395. The 8th were practically annihilated at the battle when the Prince of Orange wrongly sent them in line formation to reinforce La Haye Sainte. They were caught on open ground in line by the Cuirassier (Heavy Calvary) and not only lost nearly all their officers but also the Kings colours, one of only two British battalions to lose a colour that day. The 8th saw the heaviest fighting of nearly any other battalion that day. They had stood square under fire of the Grand battery, repulsed the massed French Calvary and the march of the Imperial Guard (Middle Guard) only to be thrown away by the young and inexperienced Prince. After the Prince's virtual murder of this fine battalion they ceased to be a fighting unit. The survivors being put into formation with another battalion, the 5th Line K.G.L
  6. Jim, My friend thank you so much for showing us your Waterloo Medal, and of course congratulations with your great acquisition. Wellington knew Napoleon was coming, the speed with which the Emperor moved his army was a surprise. At the time the French approached, the Duke still held a ball in Brussels, where Prince William was present. Wellington wanted his officers fulfill their social obligations, so the military leadership was not twith heir soldiers in the field. When the messenger arrived with the bad news, rushing officers, often in costume gala, to their soldiers. Fortunately William had a young commander under him, the Duke of Saxony-Weimar, who had taken seriously the fleeing peasants and the rumors of the approaching Frenchmen and statements had been prepared in Quartre-Bras. This turned against the orders of Wellington, but William decided to defend this important crossroads, thereby blocking the road to Brussels. On June 16, Napoleon attacks the Prussians at Ligny, another village in the area. His famous Marshal Michel Ney had to take at the same time Quatre-Bras and found Prince William. By this unexpected opposition, the French could not penetrate to encircle the Prussia. Sending the men in line formation instead of a carré - square, was no doubt a military mistake. British historiography shows him as Slender Billy, Silly Billy. I did like the the way the television series "Sharpe" did "show" - when, where, how and above all why William was wounded. Cowardice could not be faulted the Dutch soldiers and Prince William, inexperience did. The latter has played tricks on them during the fighting and has caused more deaths, even among Britons, than necessary. Jim, a great medal which justifies further reasearch very well. And Jim.......if your Waterloo medal could speak........ Best regards Eric-Jan
  7. Eric JB

    Todays Terrible events in Belgium.

    cowards active under the name of allah نشط الجبناء تحت اسم الله
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    Is there anybody out there

    Hi Eloise, Welcome on the HWMF. Best regards Eric-Jan
  9. Eric JB

    Hello everyone from sunny side of Spain

    Hi Rob, Welcome on the HWMF. Best regards Eric-Jan
  10. I can only second that ! Best regards Eric-Jan
  11. Huesken says Triebwagenführer = Train driver. One say that it is for a Straßenbahnfahrer = Tram driver. Die Blitze unter dem Rad deuten auf einen elektrischen Betrieb = The flashes under the wheel indicate an electrical driving gear.
  12. Eric JB

    U-Boat First Aid Pouch

    "Issued by the U-Boat Doctor", still doesn't make it a "U-Boat First Aid Pouch" as shown in your title.
  13. Hi Yohan, Condition says it all ! One that fits perfectly in every Luftwaffe collection. Best regards Eric-Jan
  14. Hi Yohan, That is a very nice pair of board. Thanks for showing them. Best regards Eric-Jan
  15. Eric JB

    Hello from France

    Hi Yohan, Welcome on the HWMF. Best regards Eric-Jan
  16. Hi Julian, Thank you for showing us the extra images of Admiraloberstabsarzt Prof. Dr. med. Alfred Fikentscher's jacket. I do like that name tag very much. Best regards Eric-Jan
  17. Eric JB


    Hi Neil, Welcome aboard the HWMF. Best regards Eric-Jan
  18. Eric JB

    SS Helmet

    SB, Not really that healthy when the owner was wearing his helmet at that particular moment..... Thanks for showing your battle damaged helmet, one with character. Best regards Eric-Jan
  19. All clear then. Looking forward to your updates Dave. Best regards Eric-Jan
  20. Eric JB

    U-Boat First Aid Pouch

    Hi SB, Nice one but not especially a UBoat First Aid Pouch. First aid kit pouch for Sea Rescue Device. Thanks for showing. Best regards Eric-Jan
  21. Dave, 16 replies / comments and those likes......and you are coming up with "I'm starting to think that this forum is not worth my efforts" May I remember you to the fact that there are several threads on the forum that didn't receive any replies / comments at all..... I still follow your interesting hunting thread whenever I can. Best regards Eric-Jan
  22. Hi Jerry, Thank you for showing us another nice and interesting example from your Welsh collection, the copy of his service record and as so often with your posts with a fine description. Jim, a tragic story indeed, and being killed so shortly before the war did end. Best regards Eric-Jan
  23. Eric JB

    U-96 1/48 Scale

    Hi Gordon, Thank you for showing us your update. I do hope to see the finish of your project as I am really looking forward to it. Best regards Eric-Jan
  24. Eric JB

    Escape from Donington Hall

    Thanks Jim. I should have read it better. All clear for me now. Best regards Eric-Jan