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    I sell militaria and other military related items. but I also collect modern navy seals and ww2 personal items
  1. hey Guys I nees some help..... Attached are some pics and i would like to know what the item is and if it is authentic, My friend brought it in to me and we cant decide Tbh i think its a repop Any info would be great thanks guys
  2. hello it anyone and everyone. I am new to all this.... I have never joined a forum before.... My name is eloise, I have been selling militaria and militry surplus for two years, I recently opened my own shop on the south coast of england.... I have hd my shop for 7 months now.... I collect personal items from any time period..... such as sewing kits, toothbrushes, trench art, letters, sweetheart broches.......ect I also have a collection of rare camo and deactivated weapons..... I am here looking to chat to people that also collect but also to buy and sell. thank you for your time please feel free to message me ay time. Many thanks Eloise