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  1. Nicolas7507

    R.A.D. Officer ID

    You are right, my bad. It is Generalarbeitsführer von Alten. Nicolas
  2. Nicolas7507

    R.A.D. Officer ID

    Last one is Hierl
  3. Very nice bar, Pierce. Congratulations. It's always a pleasure to see an Order of the Sacred Treasure on a ribbon bar.
  4. Congratulations on IDing this one. Best, Nicolas
  5. Original Kennkarte. Value: 12€ Best Nicolas
  6. Original Wehrpass. Value: 25€ Best Nicolas
  7. Original Führerschein. Value: 12-15€ Best Nicolas
  8. Hi, This is an original Arbeitsbuch. Value: 5-10€ Best, Nicolas
  9. Generalleutnant Max Lindig? A ribbon bar from my collection:
  10. Could we make this a sticky? It`s a great thread.
  11. Nicolas7507

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

    Merry Christmas my friends! Best regards, Nicolas
  12. Nicolas7507

    Show us your Best of 2017 !

    My best 2017 purchase is pretty small, but nevertheless very special for me. This "SS" Ribbon bar, possibly LAH, assembled by Godet, Berlin:
  13. Nicolas7507

    Ribbon Bars- opinions sought

    Indeed, the last ribbon bar is a bad one. Best Regards, Nicolas
  14. Nicolas7507

    Eberhard Heder Question

    That would be very sad. I wrote him a few months ago, but never recieved a reply.
  15. Nicolas7507

    Eric-Jan Bakker

    Requiescat in pace.