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  1. Show your NSDAP ribbon bars

    A new bar !
  2. New ones ! PS: Why is it upside down
  3. Observer Grouping WW 1

    Awesome Stuff, Sascha !
  4. KDF and Liner Ships

    Wilhelm Gustloff
  5. Wound Badge

    Great! Of course, take your time
  6. The WW2 PTO Weapons Collection

    The sharpness of your Pictures is incredible. Very well done ! Best, Nicolas
  7. Wound Badge

    Wow. Thats awesome ! Would you mind uploading a few more pictures of the RAD Book in the Back?
  8. Wound Badge

    No Volksbund-Entry. He probably survived the war.
  9. New Display for my bars....

    Some new stuff.....
  10. Knights Cross Tell me it's bad

    This is utterly disgusting.
  11. Really lovely ! Great items, Bart !
  12. E-Mail Notifications

    No Problem, you did a good job!
  13. E-Mail Notifications

    Yes, I got an instant e-mail. Thank you Bart
  14. New Display for my bars....

    It is, Indeed. Thanks Bart !