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  1. Eberhard Baeske's war diary - shows where he was prior to being captured, as well as the towns he was in prior to capture. Letter confirming "gefangenshaft" ... states he was captured in Hechtelen, but I cannot locate it anywhere on the map.
  2. My father NEVER spoke about the war, nor what he actually did. I do know I have a few photos of him standing by glider planes as well as a JU52. I have his fallshirmjager badge and wings. any help identifying his cap badge and patch would be appreciated.
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    I feel like I've won the lottery finding this forum. I'm currently researching the Fallshirmjager Division my father was part of during WWII. I have a lot of his military memorabilia, including his handmade diary, which maps out his time in the Military. He was an English POW, stayed in England after the War and married my mother. Pilot of JU 52's and gliders. He was part of the 2. Fallshirmjager Division. I will gather my documents and submit my questions later this week. I'm so excited to begin. Thank you all in advance for the warm welcome.