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  1. alfonz

    999 Penal Battalion

    Here is a further Wehrpass to a Thomas Spingel who ended up in the 4 Festungs Infantrie Battalion IX 999 from 28 February 1944 until 8 May 1945. I see he saw action in Russia from 3 April 1942 until 28 March 1943 and then was hospitalised with kidney issues . After that he was sent to the island of Leros in the East Aegean where the Penal Battalion was based. I wonder what he did after March 1943 to be sent there. Any help will be greatly appreciated
  2. Thanks Bart- Any idea which regiment and division he was with and possibly which engagement he was wounded in? Cheers Sven
  3. Thanks Bart and PeterPaul Yes I see sturmabzeichen in 15 November 1940 but second entry and date difficult to read. Date looks like something like 15 February 1941 (I think?). Where would he have been at this time for an award? Thanks again guys Sven
  4. alfonz

    999 Penal Battalion

    Here is the awards document for a Verwundetenabzeichen (I see I spelt it incorrectly in last post) to Schutzen Franz Rittmuller. I will post Wehrpass on the weekend. Thanks Sven
  5. alfonz

    999 Penal Battalion

    Hi guys Thanks very much for all your help and your replies. I am not sure Boris I am still in the early stages of research but I do have an award (verwundabzeichen) document and a wehrpass to two separate individuals It is a fledgling collection but always looking to grow. I also have a Luftwaffe soldbuch to an individual who was a pilot intraining who due to some discipline issues (yet to research) was sent the Luftwaffe Sichenrungs Battalion zbv (zur besondere verwendung) a penal battalion where he was aknwoledged as fighting against partisans in close combat. After this he was sent to the stabskompanie of Grenadier Regiment 988 of the 276 Volksgrenadier Division in December 1944 and so took part in the offensive in the Ardennes. I find the penal and punishment battalions and engagements quite an unsual arrangement and the jewel will be an individual who was posted to Afrika as part of the The 999th Light Afrika Division I will post over the weekend Regards Sven
  6. alfonz

    999 Penal Battalion

    Hi PeterPaul I only collect soldbuchs or at times wehrpass but not uniform or hard ware- no space ;-) but thanks for thinking of me. Any thoughts on posted soldbuch from you or other members? Thanks Sven
  7. I am always on the look out for this battalion. Here is a soldbuch to a Gustav Engeleiter who ended up in XX Festung Infantrie Bataillon 999 . The XX Festung Infanterie Bataillon 999, was created in February 1944 and sent to Greece, to fight against the Partisans,and as security force. In October of that year, the battalion was sent to the Balkans, to participate in the intense anti-partisan struggle against the troops of Marshal Tito. The battalion fought in Serbia and Croatia, suffering heavy casualties. In March 1945, was renamed Festungs-Infanterie-Bataillon 1483, until it was completely destroyed in April, andtheir survivors surrendered to the Yugoslav and Russian troops. Gustav Engeleiter,served in the General Staff of the battalion, "Stab" (Feldpostnumer 38656 A). He was Wounded in August 1944, I guess by shrapnel on both legs and so he would be awarded the wound badge in black. He does not look like much of troublemaker and so I wonder what he did or possibly he was just part of the general staff and so not guilty of anything. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Not much of a warrior so very few entries- could this be his zweite schrift solfbuch?
  8. Yes you are correct PeterPaul Sorry about the late reply.
  9. This a soldbuch to my grandfather who ended the war as an Oberwachtmeister working at a Flak Artillerie schule. It is this soldbuch that stimulated my interest in soldbuches and was obviously my first. He was wounded in 1940 and saw action in Poland and France with Flak Regiment 8 but because of problems with his stomach he ended up being part of the Flak Artillerie schule. He received the following awards, if I am correct from the accompanying photograph: 1) KVK2. Merit of War Cross 2) VWA . Wounded in black badge 3) Medal for 4 years in Service of the Wehrmacht 4) Defense Medal Atlantic Wall 5) Medal of annexation of the Sudetenland Once again any help with further info would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Hi all Attached is a death card to a very young SS soldat (mortar operator ??) , he was only 17 years old- called Siegfried Peschl who was killed on 29 December 1944. If anyone can help with division, regiment and possibly the engagement/battle he was killed in. Thanks Sven (Alfonz)