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  1. Yes Either bars or Luftwaffe insignia Cheers
  2. Nice Bar Nicolas. Did you get it from Helmut Weitze? I'm off to Hamburg for the weekend tomorrow so will pop into his shop for a look around. Thanks Gary
  3. Moshchop

    Ribbon Bars Reunited

    Hi Pierce Thats great you have managed to reunite the Bars together like they should be. How did you come across the second one? Was it just by pure chance ? Regards Gary
  4. Nicolas nice bars. I love the Africa one. Gary
  5. Ah. Yes. See that now. Thanks.
  6. Pierce some wonderful Bars there. Can I ask, what makes the characteristics of a godet bar. To be able to identify one? thanks gary
  7. Thanks Nicolas hope you are well. I was quite lucky to get that one and it was quite cheap price. It's finding the bars that are tricky. They don't come up for sale as much as other areas of collecting. Or at least I can't seem to find them ! ?
  8. Moshchop

    Ribbon bar - Fake or real?

    I agree. I always thought the red 25 yr was extremely rare and always to be viewed with caution. Gary
  9. Thanks for that Peter. That makes it clearer why they had so many ribbons that looked the same. I guess there was no other way to display them. Thanks Gary
  10. Ha. Just seen this thread. Great to always have a thread about ribbon bars. Can never get enough. The longest I have is this one which have acquired recently and posted recently. Cheers Gary
  11. Fascinating stuff Pierce. I never knew it was this widespread in ribbon bars. Whilst you could spot most of them as fakes there are some in there that could fool me. Makes you want to be all the more carefull cheers Gary
  12. That's a lovely piece Bart. Am hoping to get one of these myself one day. Gary
  13. Yes. My favourite area of collecting. Trying to get my collecting up a bit as have only been collecting for a few years. My favourite are Third Reich and Imperial combinations.
  14. Cheers Jason. At least I know now. Bart, do you collect many ribbon bars? Gary
  15. Hi Jason. That's a lovely bar. I guess the longest would be the ones with foreign awards too. What is the second from the right award for? I have a bar with this one too but never 100% identified it. Cheers Gary