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  1. Going to be heading to France next year around April. One of the questions I have had is whether or not you can souvenir hunt on the old WWI battlefields, possibly even in the 'red zones'. If people can do this, and if its still worth it to do, then what would be some tools I should bring on my trip to use? What areas are the best to go to for souvenir hunting? What are some laws surrounding this activity? Thanks!
  2. Aye, thanks a ton for the response. Anyone got an idea on the possible value?
  3. IronWolf16

    German empire pickelhaube helmet help

    Late response: Thanks, still have yet to send it in.
  4. IronWolf16

    German empire pickelhaube helmet help

    Ok, thanks so much for the information on this helmet, that is exactly what I needed it know :) And yes, I will keep that in mind. Is there somewhere I could send the pictures to get a better "set in stone" confirmation?
  5. IronWolf16

    German empire pickelhaube helmet help

    Ok, thanks for the info! Pardon my ignorance, but what years is a "period" Pickelhaube from? My plans for the helmet have recently changed, and it is soon to be placed in a WW1 display at an aviation center close to where I live.
  6. IronWolf16

    US anti German propaganda poster WW1

    If i could get a little help with this that would be much apreciated :)
  7. IronWolf16

    German empire pickelhaube helmet help

    If I could get some help with this soon that would be awesome!
  8. I picked up this way back in November for rather cheap ($10) from someone who was liquidating their shop. Im more or less looking for information on the poster so I can add it to my own collection I have. Here is a picture:
  9. Was at a gun show in Reno and picked up this French style helmet. The dealer I bought it from picked it up from an estate auction and didnt know much about it, he thinks it may be a colonial helmet, maybe from Africa. Further research brought up nothing for me, if anything just more confusion. I would love to gather some information on it for my slowly growing collection as well as a conformation that it is indeed the real thing and not a reproduction. Here are some pictures: Thanks!
  10. A couple months ago I picked up a WW1 era German empire pickelhaube helmet from a gun show in Reno. I just have a couple of questions to try to get information about the helmet and the specific design for my display (im a beginner collector) I dont doubt its authenticity, however confirmation that it is indeed the real thing would be nice to have. Here are some pictures: Thanks!