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  1. Felix Lion

    Show your SS items

    Good evening getlemen! A part of my SS insignia collection (around 1/4). This is my main focus regarding SS and hence my main interest. Partly because it is so hard to obtain original uniforms, and if so, they would cost a furtune. So, therefore cloth insignias is what I really enjoy to collect. I would like to tell that what really makes my boat flow is "uniform removed" and battle used insignias. Cheers //Felix
  2. Superb one! Its a high quality tab and worn.... thats very nice! Cheers //Felix
  3. Felix Lion

    DAK jerry can

    And the W on the side
  4. Hello Gents! It is a nice summer so far( well ok not the best) so what could be more suitable than showing a DAK jerry can that I got around 3 years ago! Though I collect some DAK items I do not have that much DAK because I went to the dark side and started collecting SS. I do have a LW tropical shirt, Sun helmet (will post later) and a LW tropical overseas cap, shoulder straps and quite a few photos. On the side on my jerry can is marked "W" in the spray painted white cross marked for wasser. On the main side you can see Wehrmacht 1942 and Wasser as well as the maker logo pressed in to the sheet metal. There is also an acceptance eagle stamp in black on the lower part. I have seen similar stamps but in white on hand grenades. I have also seen black stamps on gas mask cans and rubberised sheets for the gas protection sheet pouch. Cheers //Felix
  5. Well, gents, Im new to this forum and this forum is also new, but I think its a great idea and I support it. I have not been very active collecting SS this year, but I want to share my latest find with you. This is my favourite style of SS officer flat wire eagle, and I have been looking for this style for some time. Cheers //Felix
  6. Thats some really nice cuff titles you have there. Im especially fond of the Das Reich in flatwire, and it does have an Rzm tag as well. Well, its because I do collect Das Reich. That Freikorps Danmark is rare one and a beauty. Its better to have a few quality items than tons of so so! Cheers and thanks for sharing! //Felix