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  1. Magnusmilitaria

    two new EK2 from today

    thank you guys ! I have a lot of different EK2 but still a lot of them missing in my collection .. 1,11,12,14,21,22,35,60,125,128,132,140 L/12,L13,L/14,L15,L/16,L/18,L/54,L/55,L/56 spanish made, streight 9, ... All offers welcome : magnusmilitaria@gmail.com Best Regards Marko
  2. Hello ! Just get this two nice Ek2 today. one by post one from house find ! Regards Marko
  3. Magnusmilitaria

    Mine EK2 collection

    Hello ! Thank you for reply and opinion. Yes some of Ek2 were newer been marked by marker ( 86,127,..) Regards marko
  4. Hello guys ! I started ( again ) to collect EK2 by different MM. Best Regards Marko
  5. Magnusmilitaria

    Pilot Observer Juncker J1

    and two photos taken on day light :
  6. Magnusmilitaria

    Pilot Observer Juncker J1

    more two scans:
  7. Magnusmilitaria

    Pilot Observer Juncker J1

    Hello guys! and here is my PO J1 bird for company ! :-) Best Regards Mark
  8. Thank you for nice words! Im glad that you like my collection. Best Regards Mark
  9. Magnusmilitaria

    two nice bomber clasp Osang Dresden

    I need to make some new pics and I ll post it! Cheers Mark
  10. Magnusmilitaria

    J1 paratrooper near mint

    very very rare special in condition like this ! I was waithing for this bird a long time! Regards Mark
  11. Magnusmilitaria

    J1 PO Doppelabzeichen

    Thanks Sven for nice words! I have all J1 badges in collection they re my favorite! Mark
  12. Im glad that you liked my S&L set ! ;) Mark
  13. I have two CCC by Juncker for present Gold & bronze one. I hope You like it!;) Regards Mark CCC in GOLD : CCC in BRONZE :
  14. some more pics of Kvk RK deschler :