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    Mystery Helmet

    Turns out its NOT Turkish. Its actually a Czech made M-1930 model most commonly in use by both sides in the Spanish Civil War. Not very rare or valuable. Turkish thing was alluding to a cottage industry that was taking these helmets and sawing off part of the front to make a very weird but valuable WW1 Ottoman helmet to scam unwary collectors. Looked like a German helmet with the brim in front cut off. When so-altered, this helmet was a dead ringer for the Turkish one.

    Mystery Helmet

    Ottoman Turk helmet

    Mystery Helmet

    This is the picture I found on the internet. It matches my helmet exactly, from what I can see. It's described as an Ottoman-Turk helmet of WW1. Unfortunately the page that posted it is no longer in existence so I have no further details.[attachment=72757:Turk.jpg

    Mystery Helmet

    Thank you for your input. I never knew what those lugs on the helmets were actually for but I think you are correct. I think I found a photo of this type helmet on the internet. believe it or not, it seems to be WW1 Turkish. It must not be very common, however, because there was only a single example among scores of other types, more like the German designs.

    Mystery Helmet

    I have a helmet that I need expert opinions on to identify. It has no markings of any kind inside or out. There is no trace of insignia welded to the front. The liner is absent but there is a swivel bale with the remains of a leather strap. It is pretty rusty but still has some olive-grey green paint on the outside. There is no curve in the bottom, it sits flat on the rim. I was once told that it might be Swedish but I can find no helmet examples that look like it. I don't think it is Japanese but it does strongly resemble a Japanese helmet in some ways. Anybody have any ideas?