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  1. joepiec

    MK II helmet

    Sorry! As stated above, I do not take any money for the helmet. Shipping costs obviously depend on the destination and desired shipping options but are min. 6,50 € within the Netherlands, 10 € for most EU-countries.
  2. Is anyone interested in this heavily corroded MK II/Brodie helmet? The helmet was found many years ago in a field in or near Best in the Netherlands, where heavy fights took place during Operation Market Garden in 1944. Since I am not into militaria myself I cannot tell you anything about the exact type but I am sure there are many on this forum who can, although the helmet is obviously in a very poor state. I am happy to donate the helmet to any collector who is willing to pay shipping costs. The helmet can be sent from the Netherlands or Germany - or picked up personally, of course.
  3. Thanks! I found some more information about these helmets and the Bescherming Bevolking in the meantime, thanks to your information. Am I correct that the white helmets indicated the rank of 'blokhoofd'?
  4. Many years ago, a Dutch relative gave me this Brodie helmet. Apparently, it was used in the Dutch East Indies after WW II but I am not sure about this. Can anyone tell me which type of helmet this is? Is it British or American? Why is it painted white? There is a number stamped to the rim (see picture) but it is hard to read. Something like IIVB55??M