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  1. Hi - im still after any information on this photo is anybody can help me? ... any ideas on value. regards
  2. Hi All. purchased this recently on a whim, not too much money but unsure on background or information on it. Does anybody know anything about these and what they are worth. (sorry about quality of the pics) Regards
  3. Hi All. i recently acquired the attached photo of A Hitler. I obtained it as a Xmas present from my partner which she purchased as an original Proof Hoffman portrait photo of Hitler, and was wondering if anybody has any information or advice on this sort of thing? The photo is 12" X 9.5" and overall good condition apart from one small 1" tear to the top. There is no provenance with the picture, but i was hoping to try and source this (unless anybody here recognizes or knows anything). The picture has been sold as guaranteed original and does come from a highly reputable local source here in the South West. Does anybody know if these are sought after, recognize anything about where or when this might have been taken? and any idea of how much these Hoffman portrait photos may go for? Appreciate any help or advice you can give
  4. Hi All. I am hoping somebody may be able to help me. I am currently trying to put my grandfathers medals back together ( I have his service record) and his original ones have been lost over the years. I have managed to get all of his others, but the 1933 India General Service Mohmand bar is eluding me. I was recently let down by an Ebay seller and just waiting to get this one and then I can put 'John' back together and framed. Does anybody have any knowledge on where I can get one reasonably priced. Many thanks all
  5. Hi All. not sure if this is the right section, but here goes. I am looking at picking up what i think is a M35 as a little peice of interest for myself and my son. Pretty well oxidized but i can see what i think is remains of original paint underneath. I don't want to loose or destroy any of the uniqueness of the helmet, but was thinking of an Oxililic Acid bath to try and remove some of the worst of the debrisand hopefully see if there is any decals left. This would be my first time. i put up a pic of the helmet. Has anybody done this before? and if so what method did you use. Many thanks
  6. Hi all. Just a quick question and reassurance, I joined the forum a couple of weeks ago as a newby and new to militaria. Nearly took the plunge with an Iron Cross 2nd class, but stopped myself. I like to research and learn and with that in mind i wondered if a grouping is a better way to go? I would like an Iron Cross, Eastern from, wound badge. Just some of the commoner/cheaper items, but they have no identity on their own. Would any of you say a grouping with paperwork//books is worth the extra money? Open to opinions. Thanks All. Neil16
  7. Neil16

    Campaign Medal Found

    Hi Jerry, thanks for the reply, i've checked again and your right, the number is S/N 14467
  8. Hi All. Not sure if anybody would be interested in this, but i was happy to say i recently found a small piece of family history. On a recent trip to Scotland to bury her sister, my mother found, what she thought was a sovereign in the bottom of a drawer when helping to clear them out, she picked it up and brought it home thinking my son would like it. On seeing it he said it looked more like a medal - so we decided to research. Lowen behold around the edge it had the name PTE Donald Paterson, or the Black Watch Royal Highlanders No:- 14457. It turns out it belonged to my great grandfather who served in the 1st, 7th and 9th black watch battalions. He died at the age of 29 after suffering the effects of gas which he received from the trenches. I was very to find a piece of ribbon in a local militaria shop for £3 to put back onto it, and i also learned that these were awarded in sets of two, the sister to this medal being silver. Real shame the other one is missing, but i juts very happy ot have found this one, and given it a little bit of identity back. Plan now is to get a photo or 2, some of his details and have it framed. Didn't know if anybody would be interested in this little story being new to the site, as i know the medal in itself has little monetary value, but is priceless to me and the story it has behind it. (PP - apolagies on the quality of my picture - not the best camera in the world)
  9. Neil16

    Newbie and apprehensive

    Hi everybody - great advice, and thank-you. Makes me feel a little more at ease with it all, and you all seem friendly, forthcoming and honest. I don't have any particular area i want to collect, I'm not out to make money, so anybody has any interesting 'basics' to help me get started, ill be interested. Some advice i was given was to stick with the common stuff like West-wall medals, Iron Cross Second Class, Eastern Front ECT ECT. Having looked, i would prefer battle damaged or 'dug' peices as i think these would have more character and interest. Does anybody have any thoughts?? .. (PeterPaul ill drop you a PM when i work out how too) :)
  10. Neil16

    Newbie and apprehensive

    Hi Michael. Thanks, and yes i agree. That is the sort of thing i was thinking of, ground dug items, cheap items, common items. But the ones that have abit of a story or that bit of character of their own. I put a wanted ad on Gumtree a while back...before i wised up to how grey this area of militaria can be. Can anybody tell me if the sales area on here is safe? i've been looking and there seems to be stuff offered from all over the place. Can anybody tell me the best place to go for the sort of things i am looking for?
  11. Neil16

    Newbie and apprehensive

    Thanks everybody, this is the sort of thing i was hoping for. I'm not looking to collect to make money. This is purely out of historical interest and a shared passion with my younger son (who is currently doing the Third Reich at school). As JustinG asked above with regards to what i was looking to collect. At this point i am simply looking for non-expensive, run of the mill German, and i'm hoping my Naivety doesn't get the better of me. When i say i know very little - i mean 'i know very little'. So my plan is hopefully get hold of some common, cheap pieces to start me off. As long as it is origional and most importantly 'interesting' - thats the most important thing to me, as i would like to do my own research. If anybody can help me, please let me know
  12. Hi All, and pleased to be here. I have spent some weeks (actually no months) looking around at German militaria and pondered ''should i or shouldn't i''. Having spoken to a number of different people the same resonating answer seems to come back to me - 'Don't bother, there's so many fakes, and its so expensive. This has made me think more and more to just not get started on this ... but. I did find a Wehrpass a few weeks ago in a antique shop which he didn't want which i decided to buy at a good price and well - that's as far as i have got. I have decided to join this site as it looks as though there is alot of information, support and protection offered to the members here and with that in mind im hopeful i might get some help and guidance on how to get started, with some of the cheaper starter German stuff. If you can help me - please get in touch. Great to meet you all. Neil16