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    Cool Jerry I still have a wartime dated post war used helmet that looks similar.
  2. Eric-Jan Bakker

    Very sorry to hear this, I knew he was ill and he got the bad news around Christmas eve before last. I hope his kids are ok as I know he worried about his daughter, I am sure the remaining family will pull together and the brothers will look after her. Very sad indeed, we still can't defeat cancer but we invent new ways to kill each other all the time.
  3. KDF Album

    Justin, Thanks for the link but these while period are not really my bag it was with a job lot. I have a swap partner down Beilifeld way that likes KDF stuff. I must make some time to visit but it is just crazy at the moment. Best Rich
  4. KDF Album

    You can google these KDF ships for the most part they were comandired by the KM this particular one was used as a floating barracks, others are hospital ships etc.
  5. Some reservists memories?

    Yes, Family album, I supose could be a family member? They are wearing the tilted national shield which they only did for a short time, the other side should be a large, about 4cm white swastica.
  6. I would have thought so due to the possible regrouping, I have a few discs that are modified either reissued or restruck on joining a new unit.
  7. I would have said light in this case checked Lexicon and while there is a 97 and 212 without the light designation there is nothing that high number wise within the Luftwaffe. If you check the lexicon it states 97 Light infantry, perhaps they hung on to the 'light' designation when reformed or regrouped to 212 although it stated nothing about that and some of the links are 404 not found. Best Rich
  8. Doing ok

    I know those sort of years, hope things pick up for you. Best Regards Rich
  9. A few bits today

    Bobmed out paperwork!
  10. Guys, Just been up to my pals house repairing his oven, he insisted I have these bits that were found in the house when he bought it. It is a stuning farm house that he now runs as a hotel. Anyways a couple of bits.
  11. Tips for beginner collector

    What area have you decided to collect as most book are fairly specialised. You could spend more on books than the hobby at times.
  12. Tips for beginner collector

    When you have decided what to go after and are eventually comfortable with your area you will be avoiding dealers and looking for 'private persons' as that is usually where the realistic prices are. I have only bought two items from dealers in the last 35 years and both were this month as I was being lazy and I made a bit of cash from a house sale. I have had a word with myself and instead I will be taking more time to find gear at house clearance etc as I have this month had even more success in this direction. You need to network with collectors so you can access the private sales and save money, a lot of money. Good luck with your venture and I wish every success and hopefuly a lot of enjoyment. Best Regards Rich
  13. Guys, War duty for the young girl, probably bombed out judging by the loss of paperwork due to enemy action.
  14. Little I.R.124 Balkans grouping

    Sorry I just looked at the book, a bit odd but they must have a reason, clerical error?