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  1. Appears to have disappeared?
  2. Bart, Hope this helps Rich
  3. Drop me message, I can't seem to PM you on here.



    1. Michael1000


      Hi Richard, hope you receive this.

      Best regards



  4. I don't know about these things but what about facebook. Could that help with contact?
  5. That doesn't sound like Stewy he has been around for a long time. I am sure he will get in touch soon.
  6. I know he was/is a keen member of WRF you could have a look there?
  7. Now in our new house with an internet connection, woo hoo! Pierce. it is in short offering a business the oppertunity to use the blue stamps that state more or less we promote labour by using new bottles and not refilling old ones or buying old ones. Quite thr revese these days. Rich
  8. Too late, deal done. I think he is happy!
  9. Guys, I have this EK2 group, are these that sought after and is €200 swap fair? I think it is and would give the bloke a good deal? Best Rich
  10. Hi Pietro, Hope all is well with you as I have noticed Italy is having a rough time with quakes and now floods. Best Regards Rich
  11. Are you a dealer and had these on your tables or have you bought them?
  12. Well it is pretty specific in October 1877 and from what I read since that is the date (dates and manuufacturers various) of the contract for manufacture of the model 1876 bayonet manufactured by quite a lot of different companies including German and Swiss? Date aside I know it is nothing fancy but what is French wise? It was there It was cheap and I was fresh from the Reeperbahn! I was more interested in the two German daggers he said he had at home and hope to hear from him as we exchanged details, time will tell.
  13. I have a few German pals with their eyes on it and good offers but it will be staying here for the forseeable future, sure, I will drop you a line if I part with it. The problem is when I shift stuff I like to trade and it is always difficult to please both parties?!
  14. It was bought here in Germany, a friend found it a t a fleamarket and then traded it to me for some British junk when I was serving still.