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  1. Guys, As stated above. Rich
  2. Richard Auld

    Godet Oakleaves,

    Jacek, That is what the books tell you that are written by people like him. Where is the period documentation to say it is so? With regards to the machinery that produced such items, who has it now and how often has it been used since the end of the war? Again what is the provenace of the item pictured, how has it come to be where it is today? The good thing about a discussion forum is we can agree to disagree. Best Regards Rich
  3. Richard Auld

    Godet Oakleaves,

    Jack, That for me is precisely the problem, what he says does not interest me, what is the provenace of the item? He is one of the 'clik' within the hobby that dictates what is right and wrong, based exactly on what documents from the period? How often were these awarded and how many ' originals' are now owned by people that believe what they read on WAF or any other forum for that matter. I look forward to when a 'hoard' of these are discovered somewhere and then they flood the market? Sorry I am just a skeptic about all the 'popstar' stuff! When I dig one up or pull one out of the trash then I might consider it. Best Rich
  4. Richard Auld

    Godet Oakleaves,

    Jack, I am always wary of anything that does not conform to what it should be. Transitional? what does that mean, who says that is correct and what do they have to gain from that? Not my area and never will be but when you spend money on stuff like this you have to be absolutely sure that the provenance is correct and buying from a fancy dealer or auction house is no garuntee. Such a small item, I think these days would be 100% copied 100% accurately. What is the opinion on WAF? In short I am not a fan of anything out of the ordinary when it comes to high end items as it usually means some one has copied it not quite right and all or a few or one of the top end dealers have conspired to legitimize and profit from the situation. Fine for a KVM but not for some oakleaves? Best Rich
  5. Richard Auld

    Is it just me?

    There is more than one on there with that same delusion. It is not worth getting bothered about. keep your eye on there and if you must engage with them sort out some extra throwaway logins so you can participate until a banning.
  6. Richard Auld

    Help identifying helmet

    I will have a stab at early Bundeswehr FJ helmet that has been knocked about a bit? Rich
  7. Richard Auld

    Cottage industry

    If that is the case why is it not being plastered all over these forums for collectors? That is perhaps because they are owned indirectly and controlled by these ....., if he stands by this book now after the evidence then he deserves all that he will get, hopfully, I still hope that one day the collectors will take back this hobby from these ... ! If you even mildly agree with what i have written then please extend an invite to any like minded folk to come here, it is the least contaminated forum and with support we could perhaps exclude the dealers and their shills? I still dream of a forum for collectors where any dealers are at least visible/contained and you can then decide based on their position what you believe? Rich
  8. Richard Auld


    No he was banned before I was, (as Herr Flik or John Foxx) not sure which ID as I have been banned so many times on there. What I can't understand is the stupidity of the idiots that deal with him, as soon as you say you got an item from him in the real world then it is already questionable? Like throwing money in the fire? Fckuing idiots as there are other expensive outlets that you at least have a chance with? Nothing has changed up there is all I see? Same old guard leading the show, DD, Ade Stevens, Joc Lc, WilliZ, Norm,Maerz,Suter, and lastly Wood as he is head of the community forum and as such I would liken him to the Gestapo or Stazi in terms of his reach within that forum, his blind obediance is not much different to them. Nowak is harmless compared to that bunch, he is just a hanger on to the conditions they create. You know as well as me in about 10 years max none of this will be worth a fraction of what the clowns pay now or earlier? Rich
  9. Richard Auld


    I was just looking at this: http://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/forums/showthread.php?t=959842 What a bunch of fcuking idiots, he is banned for a reason or is he back?????? Rich
  10. I like this area too. I do have quite a lot of it as it is still a cheap area to collect. It does kind of open a window to how things were back then but like today it would just have been normal I suppose. Politics haven't changed that much. Rich
  11. Kev, http://www.warrelics.eu/forum/photos-papers-propaganda-third-reich/soldbuch-less-than-100-euros-3-400-euros-3-months-697589/ When I post up stuff like this I am a troll? It is rife here right now and getting better. You just can't tell folk! Rich
  12. Guys, As stated above. Rich
  13. Guys, This is one I missed from a lot that I posted on GMIC, hopefully the last one! Rich
  14. Richard Auld

    50's film stuff

    Guys, Not sure if these even have a place on here but I could not resist them as I like the old films. Rich
  15. Guys, As stated above, quite interesting from the social history point of view. Rich