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  1. Guys, This will just rust away if no one wants it. I am sure there are some WL re=enactment types out there that could use this? If you do a search the pics are mine...
  2. Nice group, good luck reading through that lot!!!
  3. No Kev, I had to pay for this one but it is from a private source. There is quite a lot more of it, it would seem he was well suited to his job as its all in a file and I will have to take it apart and scan it all, pain in the arse!
  4. last for now, lots of other stuff with this, just trying to cherry pick what I post, he also has promotionts post war as well, guess he just carried on in the same carreer path,,,,
  5. Guys, A cross section from another group found today.
  6. last unless any interest.
  7. Guys, Found this cheeky little group today, there are a lot more pictures A5 size, This is a cross section of them. I thought Hitlers pipe dream model of Germania is quite interesting. These look to have been sent to Bulgaria for their local press consumption? Best Rich