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  1. SS document

    Yes, stayed behind when the British Army left, Bergen by Belsen. Rich
  2. SS document

    It is the oath of alligance to AH, ' I swear to you Adolf Hitler as Chancelor of the German Riech, etc etc so help me God. The small text is Name Rank, appointment etc. Like I said a generic form. Rich
  3. WMF Silver plated dish

    Here are a the diggers I got. http://www.warrelics.eu/forum/art-decor-exotica-third-reich/lah-versus-hal-24130/ Rich
  4. Very interesting, could you overlay air photography over mapping? Rich
  5. Kz Jacket

    The ones I have seen here at Belsen (3km from me) are much more course material and simple stiching and of course are heavily worn. Rich
  6. SS document

    Proforma to record the swearing of the oath of alleigance to Adolf. Generic form, can't say I have ever seen one and I am not sure of its originality from those pictures. Normally if it is a fake form they tend to have spelling errors but I can't even spell in English... Rich
  7. WMF Silver plated dish

    I have a couple of bits of silver with the same marking. Sadly for the most part they are not LAH they are Happag Lloyd shipping company the give away is the dates normally as they predate the TR period. Happag shared the same loggo as LAH so they are often sold at inflated prices to the unwarey. Rich
  8. Party badge or decoration?

    Ladies compact mirror for makeup? Rich
  9. WWI Motorenfabrik Oberursel poster

    Hi, Looks ok to me but if you look at the left side it seems to have been perhaps torn from a magazine or such like? It could therefore be an advert which is quite normal. Rich
  10. SS collar tab price

    Seek out someone that has this as their area and ask advice, be careful not to reveal the source or you may find they will disappear if they are correct. Rich
  11. I propose a toast!

    Yes, tickled me too. I shall have to resist using them and breaking them due to drunkenness....
  12. SS collar tab price

    I don't know enough about them to say if they are correct. My only observation is the centre pip is not of the same manufacture as the other two since it has sharp prongs, could have been replaced or a mixed batch of pips during manufacture or could be post war knocked up? If they are correct it would seem a fair price IMO others will say they are too cheap but I think the prices are unrealistic these days. Best Rich
  13. Is it just me?

    Hans, It is alway dificult when the language used is not your mother tounge, I think most reasonable people will always work through that but there are others that will actively use that to derail a post if it is not what they want to hear. I think you will always succeed in this sort of dificulty when it is a collector of like mind and they want to learn from you? Rich
  14. Is it just me?

    I am pretty sure the market is manipulated on that forum as it is the largest platform with the greatest reach, therefore the best tool for the job if you are in the business of pedaling dodgy gear. You do have to be on there though as there are many honest and knowledgable individuals on there, plus you get all the gossip about new fakes, who shafted who etc... Would it not be great if you could cherry pick the honest people and put them all in one forum without the background noise? It will never happen sadly. That is why lots more people will loose money as you did in the journey through WAF. Insult to injury is you have to pay to be an assosiation member to have someone diss your items. Rich