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  1. Richard Auld

    Crashed BF 110

    There was a possible load of 10,000 rounds (a shit load of ammo) I.E. 2500 per gun. If an enemy aircraft collided with the turret I suppose it was possible a bit of all that link was taken by the impact?
  2. Richard Auld

    The heir to the throne!

    Guys, I hope I get long enough to corupt him to the ways of the dark side! The last pic it fell down a bit but he was OK! Rich
  3. Richard Auld

    Crashed BF 110

    Some of the ammo.
  4. Richard Auld

    Crashed BF 110

    A collision with the rear turret of a Lancaster might explain the British ammo in the otherwise clean site? I will have to look at the parts and see if any could be from an allied plane?
  5. Richard Auld

    My Little room

    Nice stuff!
  6. Richard Auld

    Crashed BF 110

    Starting to think this does not make sense as the 11th section were close to the Black Sea in Romania if Lexicon Der WH is correct?!
  7. Richard Auld

    Crashed BF 110

    Looks like I'm off to Magdeburg when I get some time, shame I won't make it for 11/11! One down 2 to go.
  8. Richard Auld

    Crashed BF 110

    Guys, I have had this information from a German researcher. He believes despite the Planes markings it was from NJG6. I will try and find the lads (Kev have you got them on Volksbund?). In the night Jan 28th/29th, 1944 the RAF attacked Berlin. The Me 110 F-4 of 11th Squadron of Nightfighter Wing 6 (NJG 6) flown by the crew Pilot Fw Karl Gunselmann, *Jan 28th, 1920, Wireless Operator Uffz Willi Nagel, *Oct 9th, 1919, Air Gunner Gefr Günter Sauerhering, *Nov 25th, 1924, was shot down while attacking the bombers and crashed about 1 km west of Bleckmar, about 4 km northwest of Bergen into a wood of beech-trees.
  9. Richard Auld

    Schiffswappen collection JustinG

    Justin, the price I buy stuff at it won't matter if its wrong or right. I am down in the weeds!
  10. Richard Auld

    Schiffswappen collection JustinG

    Nice collection Justin! Not really my thing but I do see them now and again, I will pick them up for you if they are cheap and chearful! Rich
  11. I can also help with regards to Germany, post is not too bad but obviously you will want to be covered for the onward postage to US. Best Rich
  12. Richard Auld

    A special plane in the end

    Very nice group, I will look in more detail when I have time! Cheers Rich
  13. Richard Auld

    Brexit Impact, if any?

    Justin, I am back at work tomorrow so I will check out the links on night shift, if I can get some internet connection. The Germans are not too keen on your president at the moment but they themselves are not sharp enough to question the constant press campiagn against him. It is surprising that Hilary and him were the best two people a land so great could provide its electorate to choose from. That aside, he has an Army of advisors that are forming policy and the current anti German/EU economic clash is clearly not his brain child. It is obvious that the US are reelling in a strong German economy (tax on steel, aluminium, etc Gas emmisions scandal etc) to keep them in place. Shotgun Ushi has just stated that the EU has a vialble replacement for NATO (last week) and since I work in quite close proximity to the Bundeswehr, I can assure you it is complete bollocks. If the EU left NATO then I think we would quite quickly be in a world of hurt if some beligerant state decided to take the piss. In this case UK should withdraw to our island (we more or less have) and see what happens. All in all I don't think the small people will notice much of a change in day to day affairs. Brexit will hurt rich people and they are the most vocal against it. Japan has threatened to move car production to mainland EU, so what? Perhaps we can start to build British cars again? Japan has no resourses that is why they lost their last war and China has not forgoten them. With China's expansion to the South China See's , who knows what might kick off there? I seem to be rammbling on, the point is I have never seen the world so unstable and that is without mentioning the prophet mohamed! I hope this pov is not deemed politics as I view it as 'current affairs'! We live in interesting times and it seems we learn nothing at all from our history. Best Rich
  14. Richard Auld

    2 EK2 arrivals

    Jim, Is the second one completely copper IE a single piece not 3 pieces? Best Rich
  15. Some bloke in a DRK magazine!