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  1. Unkown type of breeches

    Guys, I don't think these are German, could be captured so Dutch, Polish etc? Any Thoughts? Rich
  2. Guys, These have been in a barn for a long time, To which orginisation would you put them and what period? Any thoughts? Rich
  3. Hi, I presume with the reference to ISIS that the book is recent? Is he still alive? If he is he should be careful of the publicity as the German prosection service has just lost the last SS man (also the Hamburg/Celle area?) they were prosecuting for war crimes by association. The units record stands for itself but when you look at it I doubt any of them were not keen fighters? I wish him and you? luck with the book. Rich
  4. Military Intelligence lot

    Photos instead of scans as they are longer than A4. Interesting is the hand written notes with sketch and then somehow the finished product, even back then?! Rich
  5. They would send a glass eye to sleep, I tried to read Mein kampf in English and German and in both cases it was time I won't get back!!!!
  6. Bronze SA Sport Badge

    I can't remember where I have put it! When I find it again I post the reverse properly. Rich
  7. SS M42 EF64

    I have noticed you are a bit of an expert on helmets, the vent hole is in the wrong place hence the decal is a bit lower than it should be. Thank you for posting. Rich
  8. Guys, As stated above, someone has collected these shots all together and I think it is rather striking again how the HK featured almost everywhere, look closely as some of them it is not too obvious. Rich
  9. Guys, As stated above, perhaps not unusual but I can say I have not seen many of them?! Rich
  10. Guys, A quite striking advert that was no doubt included with a book! Rich
  11. Guys, Appears to be doc confirming that a household has or will receive said display board with guidlines as to how it should be deployed etc. Rich
  12. Bronze SA Sport Badge

    Br James, How are you, I hope well! It being political it is not really my bag, I see quite a lot of original Bronzes still but there are some really good fakes as well that are turning up on the flea markets. I only took this as it was cheap and chearful. Best Rich
  13. Better picture added, bit of a twat to photograph as it is small and shiny!
  14. Guys, As stated above. Rich