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  1. There is a local farmer that uses this type of box to house his batteries for the electric fence that protects his fields from the pigs.
  2. Perhaps they dropped a mixed load. I would not be entirely happy dropping paper?
  3. Yes we did, they were fighting our enemy at the time, quite a lot of stuff was dropped to the partizans. When I sereved in the Balkans we we still finding mint Thompson machine guns and accessories.
  4. Austrian, Wien is Vienna.
  5. I am fairly sure we used some of the former Iraqies that had been up to no good directly after the war fighting phase in 2003. We recruited anyone that was willing to work with us and not against us. We had at that time absoloutely no int available on the people and kept them all under close observation when they conducted their duties. This way we were able to weed out a few that were up to no good and they were introduced to the PW cage. Not the same thing but similar?
  6. Guys, From yesterday, some RAF dropped leaflets about the allies persective on the war. I think if you were caught holding on to these your life would quickly become uncomfortable?
  7. When i get it all together i will post it up, bit busy moving at the moment.