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  1. Got a Lufty Tropical Generator if you are interested and can give it a good home?
  2. Richard Auld

    Whats better medal or grouping

    For me it is not what it is worth in cash, it is what it is worth to me in terms of historical interest. If you are looking at it in cash terms (investment?) you would be wasting your money full stop. Equally you have no garuntee that a particular piece of paper relates to specific badge, they can be married up at any time. Go with what you want to collect and makes you happy? Best Rich
  3. Richard Auld

    Unfinished KBA

    Quite unusual Stewy. I had a handful of BW cap badges like this in various stages of the finishing process.
  4. Fallschirmschützentauglich .. Further units (Jagdgeschwader 104, 108 and Zerstörer-Geschwader 101)
  5. Richard Auld

    Utility Knife Various

    No idea but I will look it up later!
  6. I have had these a while except one. I know they are not all pretty.
  7. Richard Auld

    2 Uboats

    Last one.
  8. Richard Auld

    2 Uboats

    Only one at a time?
  9. Guys, Despite night shift went to a market in Bergen yesterday as it is not on very often. Bit of a shame these pair!
  10. Richard Auld

    Shoulder Board Help

    A quick search, credit to badgecollerctor ebay.
  11. Richard Auld

    Shoulder Board Help

    For me the colour looks very East German?
  12. Richard Auld

    Poor Storage

    EK is a 24. Original ribbon but obviously added later. There are many different makers and most times you find there will be small production variations. On this one the detail is very crisp and the metal of high quality despite the oxidation. To be honest I have not seen that many copies of the defence medal as they are plentiful in supply. That does notmean they are not out there but I would think they would not use good metals for a cheap enough medal?
  13. Richard Auld

    Poor Storage

    The front, clearly replaced ribbons.
  14. Richard Auld

    The quest for a Panzer...

    Mate, I can't find it on WRF, I know I posted it there but since being banned I can only search threads I started realisticly. I may have posted it in someone elses thread in which case I have no chance of finding it. Maybe it is on GMIC I wil have a look there. I am sure I found it recently somewhere unexpected,doh!
  15. Richard Auld

    The quest for a Panzer...

    I have somewhere a picture of an SS unit photo on a similar set of stairs to the building on the left. I wll try and find the picture.
  16. Richard Auld

    What is your experience with WAF?

    Keep getting banned so I have to agree with post 14 but then it is most of the time my own fault. I only visit to read what user Jungco and Ian Jewison has to say for the rest I can read on other sites but they are not as knowledgable. Shame we can`t attract them downward on to these less manipulated sites. Yet the omnipresent are everywhere. best Rich
  17. Richard Auld

    Hitler Bust

    Dave, Is it signed at the back somewhere? How big is it? Cheers Rich