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  1. Just busy, posting more on MCN as its not limited on picture size, it is a pain to resize everything is all. Yes I have not been active mostly due to Corona. Hope everyone is well!!!
  2. Richard Auld

    Crashed BF 110

    Guys, I am sorry I have not gone further on here with this but when you can only post small pictures it takes too long. I have continued on this site. https://www.militariacollectors.network/forums/topic/3732-me-110-d5b/ Best Rich
  3. Guys, Found these bits at work today, the data for the location came from a new contact on 12 OCH, sadly the crew died at the time, it was a three man night fighter crew. Rich
  4. Guys, Some stuff that is not my bag but up for grabs from an old boy localy. If you have any interest let me know. Rich
  5. Guys, Bit of junk from a farm today! Happy new year! Rich
  6. Sorry not on here much anymore. I will do a picture when I get upstairs, the kids were visiting over Christmas so have been a bit distracted. Rich
  7. Very , very clever! You have a definite eye for detail. Must also be very satisfying reconciling the history to the space and time. best Rich
  8. Guys, As stated above. Rich
  9. Richard Auld

    Crashed BF 110

    few mor bits
  10. Richard Auld

    Wurttemberg trio.

    Thats what I meen, you could with your bar take the medals off and wear it just as a ribbon bar, 2 for the price of one? Rich
  11. Richard Auld

    Wurttemberg trio.

    Guys, as stated above. Rich
  12. Richard Auld

    Parts of Panzer IV, what do they worth

    How long is a piece of string? I am not sure what the cost of scrap iron is at the moment or where to sell it? Best Rich
  13. Richard Auld

    Wurttemberg trio.

    Thanks Pierce & Graham, Interesting that the swords are above the EKF on your bar as it was clearly not required, quirkey! Or was the bar worn without the medals when required? Rich
  14. Robbie, Welcome, seems like a good idea but there are less active members on here as I fear FB has taken over these days. If you have an extensive collection then it would be a start, I don't think anyone else has attempted this on any other forum as yet? Best Rich
  15. Richard Auld

    Big Ned

    Guys, Devastating news, I am sure more than a few of here knew Ned online with his dry sense of humour. http://www.warrelics.eu/forum/discussions/memoriam-big-guy-ian-jenkins-aka-big-ned-744105/ I have not been on WRF for some time and only just noticed this thread, I am sure many of you already knew. Absoloutely gutted, there are so many arseholes in the world but fate always seems to pick the best people and leave the arses ( I am aware Ned would probably say I am an arse). I am raising a glass to his memory now. I hope his brother is coping with the loss. I have lifed this picture of ned from a link on WRF. Rich
  16. Richard Auld

    Crashed BF 110

    Couple more bits and what looks like a MG bolt system.