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  1. Guys, Got some odd looking tools from the scrap today, including some stamps for burning dates on wood I think. There was a small box of things 5.5cm long but what drew my attenion was each one is marked 10(possible size), 1942 year I would say and three letter code 'clc'. Now I can't find my bloody book of codes so haven't got a steer as to what it may be. I will clean up the tools and look for markings. I like a mystery! Rich
  2. Guy, not much on the market today, bit of rain so only 11 stands mostly sheit! But a couple of photos, Rangliste KM 1937 and a political book.
  3. Nice addition Kev, sad though it is, for all the young men lost in their prime....
  4. Richard Auld

    Belt and buckle

    Guys, As stated above. Belt has been shortend. Rich
  5. Guys, As stated above. Rich
  6. Guys, a Bit faded gut for 5 quid I could Not leave him in those surroundings. Any Idea which unit? Rich
  7. It,s in the attic Jerry, it won't move! Rich
  8. Richard Auld

    U-Boot Prisoners of War

    Mr Fraser, I am afraid to say Eric Jan died almost 2 years ago now. I am not aware of what has happened with regards his collection, perhaps members that were closer to him can tell you the where about of the pictures you are searching for. Best Regards Rich
  9. Guys, Got this today, unusual roller buckle affair. Rich
  10. Its big at 18 x 16 cm for the box and 11.5 x 9cm for the award. Rich
  11. Guys, as stated above . Rich
  12. Richard Auld

    Militaire Pass

    Guys, as stated above. Rich
  13. there are 2 cans and one mask.