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  1. Guys, not keen on the EK upgrade, shame but it was a job lot. Rich
  2. Richard Auld

    Mystery Soldaten

    You could ask Kev Hucks to have a look for you as he is a bit of a wiz on this sort of thing. Best Rich
  3. Richard Auld

    Marine cap tally

    Guys, not sure about this one , it burns ok even though at first touch I thought it was nylon. It has been cut short. Rich
  4. Richard Auld

    Marine cap tally

    Cool, it was cheap and cheerful so no great loss, I did wonder if it could be Bund or GDR? Not really my thing but thanks for the info about the stitching, I have saved that to my hard drive but at the same time forgotten some more childhood memories! Best Rich
  5. Richard Auld

    Marine cap tally

  6. Guys, as stated above. Rich
  7. Guys, as stated above, these little piggies went to the market! Rich
  8. Guys, as stated above. Rich
  9. Kev Hucks knows his way around these but if you dug it up then it must be correct, you just need to crack the abbreviation. Good Luck! Rich
  10. Where roughly did you find it, does it fit with the area of operations from this unit (51 Mot)?
  11. Richard Auld

    Small group WW1

    Guys, as stated above. like his rail travel warrant 3rd class! Rich
  12. Richard Auld

    SS Service Card Information

    Cool, nice bit of family history from start to finish. Rich
  13. http://www.lexikon-der-wehrmacht.de/Gliederungen/InfErsBat/InfErsBat51-R.htm 51 Motorized existed, struggling with the Signals link, perhaps it is IN or LN nota / backslash?
  14. 4 Company Nachrichten, Signals. ER, Ersatz, Replacement Bat, Battalion Mot, Motorised 51. So, 4th Signals Replacement Company, from 51st Motorized Battalion? Rich
  15. Guys, from a 20€ lucky bag this was the most interesting card the rest is civy stuff, court cases, permission to slaughter pigs, etc. Rich
  16. Kev, I do but I am in UK now. Back home next week. Found him on wiki and yes he was in Dresden. I will post up his CVs that pretty well reflect the data on wiki when I get home. In Notts now going to Leighton Buzzard in the morning then back to Germany for Monday. Bis spaeter. Rich
  17. Done a bit of research. Yes it conforms. Bit confused that many sites list the Company as JMME & SONNE or IMME. They are clearly the same maker IMME, as back then a capital I was written as J? Quite straight forward. It is still not as sharp as many I have viewed online, could be worn dies as the war progressed and I doubt Junker would sell their best strikes to a competing firm? Who knows? To be honest pilot badges have never interested me. Too many variables for my liking.
  18. Guys, I have just pulled this from the recycle skip, I can't believe what the Germans will throw away. This chap was probably working for Thomas Andrews when he was planing and laying the keel for Titanic! He then went on to be a famous Professor within his field. I will have to go back tomorrow and check I have not missed anything but if I have i am sure I am too late!!!!! The group comprises mostly of references and CV's for him. Picture paints a thousand words, in no order!
  19. Richard Auld

    Herr Dr, Ingenieur Eduard Ewald Sachsenberg

    Your welcome, I will post the rest next week when back from UK. Rich
  20. Richard Auld

    Herr Dr, Ingenieur Eduard Ewald Sachsenberg

    Last for the moment!
  21. Richard Auld

    Herr Dr, Ingenieur Eduard Ewald Sachsenberg

    I am sorry the paper is clipped but it is in various sizes, bit before din A4? I will post the CVs later as they are on longer paper if that makes sense, I should get an A3 Scanner! Rich
  22. Guys, The WP is empty, I have pictured the interesting bits from the group. Looks like he fought against our 'new' Tankies, the pen entry is another defensive engagemnet at Cambrai, he has a realease from a Reserve Lazeret in earl 1919 so I presume he was injured in this, for him last enagement. I like the Gas notes pasted into the second issue Soldbuch. EK2 on 27,03,18, pen entry under the engagements list but I don't want to crease it as it is in good condition. Rich
  23. Kev you got anything on a Herr Dr, Ing, Ewald Sachsenberg.Kaiserlichen Werft Wilhelmshafen Schiffbau -Ressort? Best Rich