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  1. Guys as stated above. Rich
  2. Richard Auld

    Discs Various

    Kev , there's more. Yes over time but most from before they were fashionable. I posted a lot of these on WRF many moons ago and am now just working through the attic when I get a few hours.
  3. Guys, been out and about. Any thoughts on the veterans pin it has a serial number? Best Rich
  4. Richard Auld

    Mixed bag today

    Thanks Justin, so it not post war, looks like I proffed then! Cheers Rich
  5. Richard Auld

    Keitel Post Card

    Guys, again in the mix yesterday. Not used. Rich
  6. Richard Auld

    Happy New Year

    Like wise, happy new year!
  7. Richard Auld

    Soldbuch 2./Pz.Jäg Abt 277

    You could try WAF as they have a lot of good German readers, HPL2008 springs to mind?
  8. Richard Auld

    Soldbuch 2./Pz.Jäg Abt 277

    Very difficult but for me, Pz. Drillichanzug /rock, IE the HBT wrap for doing maintenance? Under that a fur hat and under that a winter jacket.
  9. Richard Auld

    Soldbuch 2./Pz.Jäg Abt 277

    Kev, I stand corrected, good site, lot of detail. Merry Christmas! Rich
  10. Richard Auld

    Soldbuch 2./Pz.Jäg Abt 277

    Well then you are into unit histories at platoon level, good luck. I see nothing wrong with what you have posted, to find the detail you want you will need some luck! Perhaps you could look for Feldpost that was for this unit and time or pictures. You could also try the Bundesarchive to see if they have anything? I don't think that there are many people with more info than Lexicon, etc... Good Luck Rich
  11. Richard Auld

    Soldbuch 2./Pz.Jäg Abt 277

  12. Guys, snagged this cheeky bugger! Best Rich
  13. Richard Auld

    Mutter Kreuze in gold brooch

    Guys, better pictures
  14. Guys, got a load of stuff but these are the most interesting from the WW1 pile. Neck order, any ideas? Best Rich
  15. Richard Auld

    WW1 pictures, interesting?

    Cool guys, thanks for he info. Didn't recognize the fact it was 'King Billy'!
  16. I think anyone can buy them? Not keen on them as they have no official status? They are not issue so a bit like a 'schutzenfest' medal? Best Rich
  17. Well it is probably better you didn't buy a broken one as the damage makes it far less collectable. There are plenty around some makers are more common than others. They are nicely made for the most part but there are a lot of fakes. If I remember correctly both GMIC and WAF have specific sections just for the Iron Cross where you can see pictures of both originals and fakes. GMIC is Gentleman's Military Interest Club and WAF is Wehrmacht Awards Forum, watch out on WAF as it is full of con men in the classified section should you consider a purchase there, to be honest be careful on all FB and internet sights. Good luck with the search! Best Rich
  18. Guys, As stated above, like Thoma's signature as 20 Pz Div Commander. Like he got the Bronze Pz too! Best Rich
  19. That is probably the one, I looked on amazon but I don't do that online stuff. It shows only a selection of pages. What it is a friend of Liz's has settled over here too and her Granddad was in T-Force in Fallingbostel, I didn't know what it was at first. Long story short I have found a bunker that does not conform to anything normal and it is very deep, I.E. you could have back then probably stood a Rocket up in it, it has been back filled but not completely and putting 2 and 2 together I think it may be linked to the facts in the book as the PW camp is not far away (mentioned in the book). Best Rich
  20. I have just posted up on another forum pictures of myself in 1990 in Saudi Arabia and later Kuwait and in those pics are my 'private purchase' boots that were sourced locally at the 'Chogy' market. All we had at the start were boots combat high and later a really shti unforgiving plastic issue boot that could not be more uncomfortable wear!? Feet are important to a soldier and you sometimes spend a little to save them. I could quite imagine them being bought for such a use. So collecting, I always regret not getting something when it was there, you know waht will happen, someone will turn up a photo of them in use and you will think shti! On the other hand they are a vintage boot stylish and not available anymore? No loose?
  21. I see you have caused a bit of discussion on GMIC, I would think they are a good purchase as they are both vintage and military. They look pretty cool too and are in good condition 'to boot', so to speak Best Rich
  22. Guys, random MK doc in the mix from yesterday. Rich
  23. Richard Auld

    MK doc

    It's OK I had a surf and found some pretty quickly, I must say I have never seen them and you know I get through some house holds over here! Best Rich
  24. He also compromised the V-weapon program which I wasn't aware of leading to the ID and subsequent bombing of Pienenunde! I like how this hobby makes you learn things almost as a distraction really. As an aside Kev, I am looking for a book about the T-Force, I still haven't got around to it but it is around a fiver if you see it your side could you pick it up for me and send it 'sausage side', only if you see it mind. I have found something interesting here and it ties into the book I can elaborate later. It mentions Fallingbostel and surrounding areas. Best Rich
  25. Hi, no idea about French stuff but there are experts in that area on GMIC. A quick search with all the words reveals they were a brand name but here listed in a vintage site? Also with nothing to offer from the brand name? https://www.vinted.fr/brand/fit-grenoble-grande-course Probably hard to find! They look military in style and if they are old even more so, bit before '12 high doc's and corduroy'? Best Rich