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    U-Boot Prisoners of War

    Mr Fraser, I am afraid to say Eric Jan died almost 2 years ago now. I am not aware of what has happened with regards his collection, perhaps members that were closer to him can tell you the where about of the pictures you are searching for. Best Regards Rich
  2. Guys, Got this today, unusual roller buckle affair. Rich
  3. Its big at 18 x 16 cm for the box and 11.5 x 9cm for the award. Rich
  4. Guys, as stated above . Rich
  5. Richard Auld

    Militaire Pass

    Guys, as stated above. Rich
  6. there are 2 cans and one mask.
  7. Guys, As stated above, sadly missing its badge! Rich
  8. More likely to keep the prices on the face of it artificialy high, the OP was probably not aware that it was extorsion. The other side of the coin is the people that have the same item feel comfort that it is reasuringly expensive/valuable when it clearly isn't?
  9. Richard Auld

    Not an average Drivers License.

    Hi, not his driving license but his membership of the DDAC which was an 'automobile' type club that extended brake down assisitance according to the reverse. I am a member of its modern day equivilant the ADAC. They have only changed one letter! The club was also active in promoting all things motoring, spory camping , travel mapping etc. Interesting and hard to find to a diplomat! I found this club magazine last week but did not think it would be of much interest. Rich
  10. I don't think it will sell at that price, ever? Rich
  11. Guys, This short engagement was recorded in the Ulrich Saft book Kriege in der heimat. These photos were taken post war by a young boy that used to play on the wrecked tanks, what a play ground he had! He is now in his 80s and has recently rediscovered these pictures taken before 1949 but after the war. It shows two of the tanks from the battle although he tells me there were 3 British tanks in a row in column of march and they were destroyed on the North South road that goes past the Hotel Kroepke which is still there today. those tanks were on the road circa 3 to 400m South of the hotel just before the slight bend in the road. The Tiger was further South and I will confirm the locations later. The flak was to the North East of the road described above. The old boy (Albert) has offered to walk the locations with me but he is not in the best of health. I will do it as soon as I and he can. Rich
  12. Richard Auld

    Another small KM Group U Boat related

    Yes, I am not keen on water myself, thats why I joined the Army!