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  1. Looks like a tractor seat?
  2. Richard Auld

    Need an advice from collectors

    Having now read the last link on WRF, I now believe you are making an expensive mistake, there is no proof from the RZM that these things even existed and they seem to be manufactured from HJ knives?
  3. Richard Auld

    Need an advice from collectors

    A quick search brought this one up notice the difference in enamel techniques, I would say that the scabbard on yours does not show signs of ware in keeping with the knife? https://militariaclub.ru/_directory/германия-третий-рейх-кортики-и-кинжал/nozh-natcional-sotcialisticheskogo-studencheskogo-soiuza-nsdstb/ Here is a post war scabbard, possible the HJ knife is ok again ware is not inkeeping with the overall knife. Rebadged , probably! http://www.mymilitaria.it/liste_03/coltello_nsd.htm Some more reading. http://www.warrelics.eu/forum/hitler-jugend/german-nsdstb-student-youth-knife-162541-2/
  4. Richard Auld

    Need an advice from collectors

    Get the clock ticking as soon as it arrives and document all corespondance with screen shots with date time group. EU1500 is a lot of money for a messed with knife? Good luck!
  5. Richard Auld

    Need an advice from collectors

    I am not too clewed up on HJ stuff, I have a couple of knives in various conditions. The question is what do you think of it, it is double marked which if I remember correctly ties it to an earlier period (not sure but that is something you can varify) than 39 if 39 is a date in this case. I also note the bottom left of the diamond is damaged as is the grip at that same place, could someone have dug out an original HJ diamond to upgrade this knife? Also possible is it could have been De-Nazified by the original owner and then Re-Nazified when the 'Danger from the allies' had dissapated? It is just curiuos damage in an odd part of the knife(not really in keeping with the overall condition?) if it has never been played with? Like I say, what do you think about how it looks, this is not pocket money, are you in a position to go and get a hands on viewing? I have no kowledge of the dealer and can therefore not comment either way. Best Rich
  6. Richard Auld


    I got this one from a pal who's other pal travelled USSR within the oil/gas industry, apparenty found somewhere in Kazatstan. I added the star as it was missing. This is what they had to say on WRF. http://www.warrelics.eu/forum/headgear-steel-helmets-rkka-red-army-soviet-army/russian-hat-15901/
  7. As with the other new pics.
  8. Guys, Took some snaps of this one had it a while. Rich
  9. Richard Auld

    Army Catering Corps

    Still the hardest course in the military! No cnut has passed it yet!
  10. Guys, As stated above, this cost me a bit too much but you don't see them every day! These are the interesting bits from the group, he just had his cover from the SB so perhaps they tried to demobilise the unit as he had his WP? Whoo knows? Rich
  11. Richard Auld

    26 Pz Div Traditions Abz

    Your welcome!
  12. Guys, As stated above, best bit is the well worn cover. There are minimal entries, that is the main reason I have taken it as it is an ideal candidate for enhancment by the forgeres. Rich
  13. Richard Auld

    A Few Mannequins For Display Only

    I have some boots spare somewhere to finish the maniquins. You have a mixture of original and replica items?
  14. Guys, Just before I broke up from work I found this piece of plane, I think it has been turfed up by some of the range workers machinery. Black painted allied or German, not sure?
  15. Richard Auld

    New Crash site?

    Never considered that, can't get out there to poke around as the ranges are busy at the moment. Its on the back burner!
  16. Richard Auld

    26 Pz Div Traditions Abz

    Yes he is a PAK man and I will post the detail when I have some more time.
  17. Richard Auld

    26 Pz Div Traditions Abz

    Just anoying because it is a friend and now it is all about money? I have given him stuff that cost similar? A shit hobby full of greed?
  18. Richard Auld

    Luftwaffe Schwimmweste Fl30154-2

    No. thank you for the tip it was useful to know what he would offer for it and that was a blind offer he made, even he conceded it was very nice when he seen it as his last one was missing the lable. Of course I will let you know how it goes. Thanks again! Rich
  19. Richard Auld

    Luftwaffe Schwimmweste Fl30154-2

    I gave him a spin but I think I can do better this side, I understand they need to make a living but if I trade I get a better margin hopefully. Like for like from a fellow collector would be best! They are not interested in anything not mail orderable so that rules out the big stuff!
  20. Richard Auld

    26 Pz Div Traditions Abz

    Yep, A5, normal certificate size but of thicker courser paper, it has a bit of obvious water damage as does the WP front pages. I will put it all up whan I get time. This group is causing me a drama. I paid what my pal asked after he determinded the price and then he got a better offer after I bought it? I doubt the person making the offer would actually have paid what they stated however. Just out to cause trouble! Sour grapes!
  21. Guys, As stated above, I have only ever seen these in museums? Engine cylinder is from Junker, (see markings) and the plate makes it property of the Fl Techn. Schule 4. Too big! just gathgering dust! Rich
  22. What did they go for in the end?
  23. Richard Auld

    Deumer P/O Badge

    Again, it is in great shape for it's age.