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    Helmut Weitze update

    This guy knows his stuff and helped me out with my GPB when I needed direction: http://pages.interlog.com/~sjl/GPB/25fuess.html Your emedals looks much brighter made by Duemer with parts from Fuess but then while the H and I are almost there the dash is not right? If there was colaberation it may have been recorded somewhere? Like I say the chap that has the above site knows his stuff perhaps he can at least confirm or deny the centre of the cross? That might be a start? For $22,27 its a bargain, then I seen the extra 5 LOL. Rich
  2. Guys, Small group today with the order to inform the troops of the the death in action of their commanding officer in Poland. We have a memorial for him at the entrance to the training area. Rich
  3. Looking a bit run down in places.
  4. His memorial! I am sadly not a photographer! Rich
  5. Richard Auld

    Helmut Weitze update

    I have given up on very rare and now enjoy what ever I can find that is not fake. Now and then I get the odd bit of rare stuff but not often and that I am afraid is the reallity of our hobby, there is less and less to discover. Of course we have different styles I like to find it at source not at dealers but then I am lucky that I can do that and I apreciate not everyone can. I expect though soon there will be a lot on the market as earlier generations start to sell up you can see this starting to happen on WAF on the sales board, perhaps that is an area you could explore, there will definatley be bargains to be had there in the next few years. Assuming of course the site does not implode as the server fails?
  6. Richard Auld

    Helmut Weitze update

    Well I don't know who your friends are but I have had a good long look at the pictures too and it was awarded in 1942. That is still early days in the war and all high status awards were manufactured to the highest standard. So the highest award bestowed by the Third Riech in this case seems to lack the quality and detail one would expect. In particular the uneven finish of the arms at the bottom. The gold does not seem to have weathered well to say it is on Bronze, normally it seems to last better. The centre looks to be based on a Fuess GPB but with only the rim available to see it is hard to say, just lacking what one would expect?? Museum quality filler? Perhaps. Glad you have applied the safety catch! Perhaps it is ok but it would need some very reliable provenance. I expect this is not pocket money either!! Rich
  7. Kev, That is what is generally understood round these parts. The family had a conection to Achterberg which no longer exists but once stood in the centre North of the Tp Ub Platz Bergen. I shall do a picture of his memorial here and I know an old oil painting still exists within the Camp. I expect the conection with Celle is that he may have been an Honourary Col or such like to the local Arty units? Rich
  8. Guys, Bit of junk today! Rich
  9. Richard Auld

    kantine cups

    Well, I will never say no to more stuff at the right price.
  10. Richard Auld

    Helmut Weitze update

    I just popped across to look, I think the key thing to take away from his site is that in 6 months it is yours with no return possible. Six months may seem a long time but look at the Champagne Sticker incident and it only takes some one to say it is wrong and that doubt is enough. I wish you luck. Really. Rich
  11. Richard Auld

    3 albums today

    Guys, 4 actually but one post war. Nothing fancy but do like the flyers uniform. There are a few doubles from the wedding picture up for swap. Edit, can only post 1 at a time! Rich
  12. Richard Auld

    3 albums today

  13. Richard Auld

    Helmut Weitze update

    I keep getting banned for my 'forthrightness' on WAF but it is easy to get back on. If you must have it then you must, what are your terms of reference then? I assume there is a fairly limited online and hard text refference available about this item, how does it measure up in you experience, compaired to accepted original items, has it got any provenance? Rich
  14. Richard Auld

    3 albums today

  15. Richard Auld

    Helmut Weitze update

    I would like to stop you right there. When I was stationed in Sennelager Paderborn I got out and about and did a bit of networking with the locals. One in particular stated that he had a bent RK but he had a visit from one of Weitzes clowns that search for him. The lad pointed out that it was bent but very good and the 'picker' stated words to the effect 'don't worry it will be original by the time we sell it'. I don't rate Mr Weitze or any of his monkeys. Second, I do understand your position but be aware in 20 or 30 years from now when I will certainly be dead and most of the other people that collect from my era too, you would struggle to get your money back so don't do it for investment because you will loose. After these statements if you still need it then get it in the hand before you buy it as 'Weitze' is not a garuntee. I imagine these are so rare it would be dificult to get a comparison? Good luck!! Rich
  16. Is there any markings on the reverse of the tabs you have posted? Rich
  17. Hard to find!
  18. Guys, From a pal today. Rich
  19. Richard Auld

    Luftwaffe Soup terine 1940 KPM

    Yes, I know what you mean, I have a few but always room for one more when it cost €10! Rich
  20. Richard Auld

    Books Today

    She has given up and this came from one of her customers so I can't complain.