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  1. Generalfeldmarschall Franz Conrad von Hötzendorf Pour le mérite am: 12 May 1915 - Eichenlaub am: 26 January 1917 His estate and PLM is currently held at Heeresgeschichtliches Museum Wien.
  2. Siegfried Schultze, from U-228.
  3. Unknown holder in LW uniform.
  4. My friend, I haven't see this photo of Kretschmer in captivity at Camp 30, Bowmanville. Despite not the best quality, it's a good picture
  5. General der Infanterie Eugen Ott (Photo credits to Hermann-Historica)
  6. SS-Sturmbannführer Hans Meyer (RKT) (Photo credits to Hermann-Historica)
  7. Great idea for a thread! Not mine, but this is the one of Oberst Johannes Wiese, RK-OL
  8. Ministerialdirigent Dr. Karl Bömer He was also Reichsamtsleiter der NSDAP. Bömer died on 22.08.1942.
  9. Hey, I started this thread on WAF also some years ago
  10. Generalmajor Albert Schoen Pour le Merite on 25th October 1918
  11. Making of the Marschallstab, featured in a German newspaper.
  12. Lower Austria
  13. Gauletier Josef Leopold
  14. It was an open forum and Günter Halm spoke about his wartime experiences.