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  1. Making of the Marschallstab, featured in a German newspaper.
  2. Gauletier Josef Leopold
  3. It was an open forum and Günter Halm spoke about his wartime experiences.
  4. Hungarian Order of Merit with Swords?
  5. Schwerkriegsbeschädigtenausweis of Leutnant Georg Donhauser (1909 - 1982)
  6. Great Pierce! The name of the Italian holder it's fantastic, finally... And I agree about Adolf von Bomhar, it's him!
  7. Marine Militärpfarrer in Schlachtschiff Tirpitz Is that a Belgian decoration?
  8. Unidentified... NSDAP funeral?
  9. Thanks for that info EJ! And vey good eye also, I didn't see it at first. Here are their photos Peter Klaus and the obituary for Klaus...
  10. Admiral Reinhard Scheer Pour le Merite on 5th June 1916
  11. General Harald Öhquist, Finnish Army
  12. Zoom in another picture of Mussolini wearing it.