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  1. Petro

    Unknown medal

    Hi little more information this man is Thubten Choekyi Nyima, 9th Panchen Lama(1883–1937),A religion leader in China / Tibet . But i still can not found the medal does someone have any idea for what it can be given ? Thank you
  2. Petro

    China medal

    Hi, they use that shape Hunan province 1920 ,1922 Tan Yankai ,commemorative medal and merit medal, but i can not find this one .
  3. Petro


    Thank you guys I appreciate your help Petro
  4. Petro

    Unknown medal

    Hi, please help me to identified this beauty.
  5. Hey guys , tomorrow 1/17/2017 at 9 AM , starts Stack’s Bowers auction , i found some really interesting medals here ,the medals i looked at , i noticed the reserves start at a much lower price than what the medals are really worth . Take a look at the medals and let me know what you guys think . https://auctions.stacksbowers.com/auctions/3-6AFZQ?jump_to_lot=6186 Have a nice day Petro
  6. Petro


    got it 1983 cherry blossom Viewing medal , Japan mint
  7. Petro


    help to identified please this medal
  8. Petro


    Hi , guys does anyone have any idea of witch country can be this medal to guide me with the research , thank you Petro
  9. Petro

    China medal

    Thank you Pierce
  10. Petro

    China medal

    Hi guys i have beautiful medal from China? , but i can not find any information about it , please take a look and if you know something about it let me know, thank you , Petro