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  1. Hi guys, I would like to show you an EK2 which is very special to me. The cross itself is just another one made by Wächtler & Lange as you can find very often, but this one is marked with the L55 maker mark. Futhermore it's in a L/55 marked case. In my opinion it's one of the most rare LDO marked EK2 and that's why I'm more than happy, that I got it. I hope you like it as well and opinions are welcome! BR Sven
  2. Hi, relly a great collection!!! There is a lot of stuff I would like to have as well :-) Congrats!!! BR Sven
  3. Hi Stewy, also for me an oiginal IAB in Mayer/Schickle design. Did you scan the reverse just with grey? BR Sven
  4. Hi André, a very nice collection of Kriegsmarine badges!!! Do you also have a picture of the reverses? BR Sven
  5. Absolutly awesome!!! Thanks for showing!!! I would love to get them all one day as well. These are very nice awards in my opinion. Unfortunately the higher classes are very expensive. Congrats!!! BR Sven
  6. Hey Hans, the unmarked IAB with the MK hardware is one in JB&Co design. BR Sven
  7. Hi guys, I'm looking for destroyer war badges. If you have one for sale, I would be very happy if you could contact me. Best regards Sven
  8. Hello Jim, also in my opinion an original IAB in B.H. Mayer / Otto Schickle design. BR Sven
  9. Very sad news!!! :-( My thoughts are with his family - Rest in Peace Jan Arne
  10. Hi Fischer, in my opinion the most fascinating IAB series out there and it's really hard to find all the different examples. Congrats on getting them together my friend!!! Here are my M.K. examples. Best regards Sven
  11. Hello János, a very nice and with this catch not that often seen IAB. Congrats on adding this one to your collection!!! Here is mine. BR Sven
  12. Hi Bart, it's an original IAB in the design of the unknown maker "H". They are not very common. BR Sven
  13. Hello Bart, thanks for your comment! As you know are the IABs my main collecting field. I've posted every eastern front medal here in the thread and unfortunately I really don't have more of them Best regards Sven
  14. Hi Adam and Kevin, thanks a lot for your kind comments!!! I'm happy that you like it!!! Best regards Sven
  15. Hi guys, thanks a lot for your kind comments - much appreciated!!! Best regards Sven