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  1. Schlacht am Wolchow

    The canon is a french antitank gun, 47mm SA 37 and used by germans under the name 4.7 cm Pak 181(f). Looks modified
  2. Your most prized purchase of 2016

    Nice stuff all the way guys! For me it just has to be these two 1939 issues of the Finnish 3rd class (golden one) and 4th class (Silver) Cross of Liberty with Red Cross. The 4th class is issued 270 times and the 3rd class 48 times!
  3. There can´t be that many Schickle HFS´s produced when considering that these where instituted in april 1941
  4. Hi Martin, it´s an "Egghead" alright. Here is mine that i still have somewhere
  5. Latest acquisition in my collection that came in today. A Tombak L/13 with a tiny "micro" makermark under the catch. I dont have a pic of the mm yet
  6. New Member

    Welcome Arthur! I just placed an order for a KVK 1st class from you
  7. Those are clearly written by the same person and the same penn
  8. Nice to see that you kept some of the TR stuff Marcus!
  9. Hello Marcus, lovely set and i know a friend of mine shure would love to get his hands on a similar one Regards Hans
  10. What is your experience with WAF?

    Been a member there for 12 years but do not visit all the sections. There are some dimwits on every forum, don´t let them get to you!