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  1. Hello, I am looking for information about officer training, specifically for the young 12th SS Panzer Division who were sent to the Panzer Officer Cadet course in Fallingbostel may 9th 1944. It is my understanding that the young men were trained so that, for a large part, youth lead youth with the guidance of experienced senior officers. I understand also that their combat training differed from standard SS training and German army training: Thier commanders treated them with more fatherly affection, they received sweets instead of cigarettes ect. I was wondering if the same sort of attention was paid to the few young men who became NCO's and Officers? And what their Officer training may have entailed? Also, I am unclear on the ranks, lowest to highest compared to their Allied counterparts. As well as how many people would be supervised by various leaders. To tell you the truth, I am not sure at all how the order of command worked. For example, I know that a Zug leader was a platoon leader- over how many typically? And that a STANDARTENOBERJUNKER would be the equivalent of an Officer Cadet but his specific responsibilities are still unclear to me. I have yet to read an account of a youth who was also an Officer Cadet though I have read references to them in other peoples memoirs. I would be grateful for any information regarding the 12th Division, particularly with their major battles in Normandy. Were there P.O.W's sent to Canadian camps? I know of a few sent to the United States. Thank you, gratefully.