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  1. § Abwehrschlacht am Sangro § Abwehrschlacht am Garigliano und Rapido § Abwehrschlacht bei Cassino. He was a driver the Transmission-Abteilung of the 1.FJ-Division. He never fought directly in the Battle of Monte Cassino, however it's a very niche Wehrpass! Greetings from Italy Pietro
  2. Many thanks, guys! Unfortunately they are quiet rare items! This Company was a very little unit and after the war the Italian Socialist Republic items were destroyed by their possesor. Here an intresting video of this unit the Ocotber 1944 period. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=42QyUWCHucQ
  3. info on this unit? Why the payment wasn't written by the 715.ID? And the awards! I hope you like this little SB Greetings from Italy, Pietro
  4. The SB... He had a K43 in January 1945, interesting!
  5. Another SB of my favourite! ? Josef Schiel entlisted in 1940. He fought in Russia under the 96. ID with the Infanterie-Regiment 283. Here was woundend in 1942 a the left arm and left (?). He was hospitalized till December 1942. He received for this wound the VWA in Schwarz and the Ostmedal for his duty on the eastern front. In 1944 the situation for the German Army was quite hard on all fronts. He returned again on active service first with the F.E.B 671 of the 715. ID in Italy. Probably end of September 1944. The unit had several losses during the fight on the Gotich Line (Ronta - Poggio Prefetto - Colla - Muraglione). I found a Bundes Archiv Files where the 715. ID states the strenght of his unit after this battles (21. September 1944): The GR.735 who was invested by the main Allied offensive had only 120 mans, including Officer and NCO!! Was completely invested by the attack and suffered lots of losses in 10 days. This documents stated the strenght of FEB 671 too: 150 soldier (with on Bersaglieri Company of the italian Socialist Republic.) Probably Schiel was yet in this unit at the time. He was drafted in the GR. 735 on October 1944, see the K98 entry on this month. During the following months the German Army used all his forces to stop the Allied offensive on the Gothic Line, at the end of the year the front was stabilized. The final offensive would be resumed in April 1945. Schiel was involved in all this fights. The unit faced the 8th Infantry Division (Indian) along the Marradi - Faenza road and the 6th Armoured Division. Here 2 maps of the operations: (September - January 1945)
  6. Hi, nice SB with a lot of entries... and a nice photo! It seems it stayed more time in an Hospital. There is a ''Sonderurlaub'' (Special leave) on March 1945 signed by an officer medic.
  7. Hi Robert, I will check on the Infos and Files I have and let you know, if I find something.
  8. Wonderful thread, your research it's just amazing! An example of what the passion can do!
  9. Thanks, Kevin! This is an intresting unit, unfortunately there are few information about the period June-September 1944. Lots of info can be found on the period in Cassino, related to the 3rd Batterie. Stug of the 3. Batterie in Cassino town.
  10. And this nice photo a StuG destroyed by the Polish. And Josef Fuhrerschein!
  11. The StuG-Abteilung 242 was created with 3 batteries in Juterborg in November 1942. From December 6 Stug of the 1. Batterie were transferred in Africa and the rest of the Abteilung on the Ostfront, where at the beginning of 1943 was attached to the 168. Infanterie-Division. Here suffered heavy losses in the Ostrogozsk area. The remains of the unit were transferred in Germany for the reorganisation. The Ostmedaille Urkunde. In March 1943 was re-equipped and in June transported to Italy in Sardegna. In November 1943 was in the Pisa area and was transported to the Trasimeno lake area and then at the front under the XIV. Panzerkorps. On 14 February 1944 was improved to StuG-Brigade 242 and received the new StuH42 with 10,5cm howitzer. On the same day under the 15. Panzergrenadier-Division destroyed 17 enemy tanks south of Cassino and captured 3 Sherman tanks with their crews. 5 StuGs of the 3. Batterie fought in Cassino with the 1. FJ-Division, the others StuGs of the unit where in the wood area of the town south-west of the city. On 15 March 1944 the brigade's command post was heavy bombed by an air attack. The Hauptmann Benz (Unit commander) and his adjutant Leutnant Schletter were killed. Max Bussjäger take the command of the 242. StuG-Brigade. At the end of May the unit had only 1 StuG III operative: 13 StuG and 4 StuH were in reparation. In the summer the unit fought on the adriatic coast and the important battle on the Metauro river (August 1944) under the 278. Infanterie-Division and the 71. Infanterie-Division. Here was Josef wounded for the 3rd time. The EKII Urkunde signed by Hoppe. The Metauro River. The VWA in Silber Urkunde signed by Bussjaeger. The next month fought in the Rimini area under the 29. Panzergrenadier-Division. At this time loss 6 StuG and had several problems due the lack of vehicles. In 1945 fought under the I. Fallschirmkoprs in the Imola defense battles. At the end of March had 29 Stug and 14 StuH After the collapse of the Italian front withdraw till Brunico without Stug, the last one abandoned in Bassano del Grappa, on 2 May 1945 the unit surrendered to the allied forces.
  12. Alessandria is a city in Northern Italy, near Milano. Verbindugsstab should be detachment unit with the Italian Socialist Republic's Army or government. I will look for some information on it!