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    German documents of italian campaign.
  1. Hi, I think he transit there for the Fallschirmschule I, based in Dreux.
  2. Hi all, many thanks for your comments. Johann was probably killed during an aircraft raid on Futa-Pass, when his unit was marching to Firenzuola area. The allies during the period of 9-20 September did 200 sorties against the Futa Pass and Giogo Pass. The 4. FJ-Pionier-Battalion was not involved directly in the battle for the Pass. This position were held by the 10. FJ-Regiment, who fought against the 34th Infantry-Division and elements of the 91st Infantry-Division. Johann's unit was used as normal infantry unit only after the break of the frontline (18 September 1944). The Sturmregiment (FJ-Regiment 12) had few soldier still able to fight, due the heavy loss on Giogo Pass, and the others two regiments (10 and 11) had the strenght of one regiment.
  3. Hi all, I'm looking for german italian campaign documents (Soldbuch, Wehrpass, Urkunden, Photos). In particular related to Florence area and this units: 1) 715. Infanterie Division (in particular June-October 1944, but also interested in all the period) 2) - Fallschirm-Panzer-Aufklärungs-Abteilung "Hermann Göring" (April 1944) - 17. Kompanie, Flak Regiment "Hermann Göring" (April 1944) 3) 305. Infanterie-Division (August-November 1944) 4) Grenadier-Lehr-Brigade (September 1944) 5) 4. Fallschirmjaeger-Division (1944/1945) Greetings, Pietro
  4. Now Johann rest at the Futa-Pass cemetery with his comrades.
  5. Decorations and a photo of Kesselring near Pontevecchio during the mining operation.
  6. Does someone has infos about this Lt. Schaefer?
  7. Johan was killed near Santa Lucia, Futa Pass, northern Florence. Futa-Pass was the main point to cross the Appennins. The Germans build Bunkers and there was a Pantherturm just 100 meter south of Santa Lucia. I found this nice photos taken by the American Soldier after the battle. I had the luck to find the book ''Fallschirm-Pionier-Battalion 4'' made by the veterans. It contains some important information. The name of the fallen soldier and where each Kompanie had KIA.
  8. It seems he lost some equipment due to an enemy attack!
  9. Hi all, This is my last arrival! A SB of Johann Wex born in 1921. He was enlisted first in February 1941 in the 4/. Flakersatzabteilung 1 in Ludwigsburg. Two months after he was trasnferred in the 2/ L. Res-Flakabteilung 751 in the aera of Oberndorf am Neckar, where the unit has the task to defend the Mauser Werke factories. In Juni 1941 the unit take part in the Operation Barbarossa and fought in Smolensk area (Juli) and in august near Schatalowka. In the period of March-Juni 1942 the unit is in the Welish area. In August it was trasnferred in Germany and renamed 'leichte Flak-Abteilung 751 (v)' With this unit Johann was awarded several times: Tätigkeitsabzeichen der Flakartillerie Erdkampabzeichnen der Luftwaffe EKII Kampfabzeichnen der Flakartillerie Ostmedal Johann was trasnferred again (15th November 1942) in the new 14. Lw-Felddivision, 14 Artillerie-Regiment (L) in Norway with coastal defence and security duties. Part of hte 14 Art. Rgt (L) was used to create the Flak-Rgt 15 (m). Johann left this unit in December and went to the Untersuchungsstelle der XI. Fliegerkorps. On 17th he was assigned to the 4. FJ-Pionier-Batl, 2Kp. The unit was in the area of the Nettuno, but for what we can see from the SB when he was transferred to the Fallschirmuschule I. He came back to the 4. FJ-Pionier Batl the 29th June 1944. The unit was in Sommer 1944 (August) in Florence and had the duty to desotroy the bridges. Only Pontevecchio was saved by the destruction, due its historical relevance. Johann was killed 2km south along the road of Santa Lucia (Futa-Pass). This information is reported on the book ''Fallschirm-Pionier-Bataillon 4''. He is buried in the Futa Pass cemetery.
  10. EKII document for the soldier Martin Eisenbraun, 735. Grenadier-Regiment - 715. Infanterie-Division. Confered for the heavt-fights in the Anzio-Nettuno bridgehead. Signed by Hildebrandt, divison commander.
  11. Thanks! Italian produced some good things. The italian MAB38 was a very good weapon indeed, I want also remember that fast all the german divisions in Italy had in their Panzerjager Abteilung italian assault guns: Semovente ''Bassotto'' 75/34 or 105/25 M43. Were useful in the italian theatre. Two photos taken in Italy: the first is a 75/34 of the Panzerjager-Abteilung 278, photo taken by polish soldier. On that day they destroyed 4 of this tanks. Second photo italy summer 1944, 105/25 M43. In central and north Italy there was a great activity of the resistance groups, they were one of the big problems for the german supply lines, together the allies aircrafts.
  12. A very nice picture taken in Italy during an Anti-partisans operation. We can see a mix of uniforms and equipment. Also an italian MAB38, very appreciated by the german soldiers.
  13. And another interesting information: the response of WAST about Franzisky. Fallschirm-Aufklarungs-Abteilung 11 of the Fallschirmkorps. The situation was desperate in the last day, the Germans couldn't afford to lose Monticelli. I also remember the order given to the units at the Giogo-Pass before the battle: '' hold the position at all costs, until the last bullet, to the last man. Even if the enemy should break through from all directions. '' And in accordance with this desperate order will send the last reserves to the front, Ludwig was in one of these groups. Thanks, Michael. This information comes from a file of the US-Army to study this battle. I think it could happen sometimes, but this case are not so common.
  14. Thanks Bart. In the battle for Giogo Pass (Battle for Monte Altuzzo and Monticelli), both sides had several losses. 4. Fallschirmjäger-Division and 2/ Grenadier-Lehr-Brigade, who was in reserve behind Giogo Pass, reported after 6 combat days 300 KIA, 1200 WIA and 300 MIA. The Second Corps of the US-Army suffered in the same time 2731 losses.