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  1. Hello, Ian : the research for documents relative to the foreign volunteers being my main domain of search, it is true that with years I accumulated some interesting documents but I am far from all to have them, unfortunately I know several friends collectors who also have beautiful collections. The SB and WP for the units of volunteers are also interesting. Would not be interesting to make an article with this subject ? Cordial greetings. Polux
  2. Hello, Walle : thank you for the compliment but I know your collection and I am also jealous of some very rare documents Here is an image of the document Koch with the particular badge of the unit. A very good purchase made there is now a few years. Cordial greetings. Polux
  3. Hello, Walle : very beautiful documents for 162. Turk. ID and for a Nordkaukasien unit Here is a particular document handed to a German officer serving in a particular unit of 1. Kosaken Division : Aufklärung Abt. 55 was only constituted by German and the soldiers of this unit wore a very particular arm badge. This document was handed to this officer in September, 1944. It is signed by von Pannwitz and this document has the peculiarity to be bilingual, see the reverse of this document. Cordial greetings. Polux
  4. Hello, Walle : magnificent group with the rare first class model with the signature of Köstring Here is another document awarded in July, 1944 to a policeman of the Polizei-Schützen-Rgt 31 committed to fight the partisans. This document is signed with stamp signature of SS-Obergruppenfüher Curt von Cottberg. Cordial greetings. Polux
  5. Hello, Kevin : very attractive document for "Tapferkeit" of a man of a unit of Cossack. This type of document is not easy to find and I put a few years to find mine. Here is an image of a signature of Oberst Wilhelm von Henning in 1940 while he was still commander of the IR 271. Cordial greetings. Polux
  6. Hello, This type of decoration is particular and was created by German to reward the foreign volunteers serving within their army. Documents handed to the foreign volunteers are difficult to find but it is easier to find documents handed to German serving within these units of volunteers. It is the case for the document presented here. This document for "Verdienst" was awarded to a German member of Stab of 162. Turk. ID. It was signed by the Generalmajor Oskar Ritter von Niedermayer. In the pleasure to discover other documents of the same type. Cordial greetings. Polux
  7. Hello, L76 : even if the document has no beautiful presentation, the unit is here interesting : 147. Res. Division. Walle : two very interesting documents. The document awarded in August, 1940 is very early and of more awarded by a unit which had a very short life. Martin : very attractive document with the stamp signature of Schirlitz. Here is a document interesting for several motives : the particular unit, GFP for Geheime Feldpolizei, the mention printed by the authority which handed this document, signed by General der Kavallerie Edwin Graf von Rothkirch und Trach, with the presence of the stamp which confirms this unit. Cordial greetings. Polux
  8. Hello, L76 : very attractive document concerning your domain of preference The signature is undoubtedly the one of von Gall. Kevin : magnificent document of the campaign of France signed Guderian with there more an interesting location : city of Besançon. Very attractive model printed for Luftgau XI Here is a document awarded in May, 1940 to a member of 7. Flieger Division and signed by Generalmajor Richard Putzier. This soldier will fight then in Russia then in Crete. This paratrooper unit was committed at the beginning of the attack of Belgium. Cordial greetings. Polux
  9. Hello, Matthias, Richard, Kevin and L76 : thank you for having presented your documents Here is an interesting document handed to an officer after the fights of Normandy. This officer was a member of Pz. Gren. Rgt. 192, unit of 21. Pz. Division. Document with stamp signature of Generalleutnant Edgard Feuchtinger. The following link allows to see a board of the officers of this unit, Rusche appears at the head of 4. Kp : http://www.lexikon-der-wehrmacht.de/Gliederungen/Panzergrenadierregimenter/Gliederung.htm Cordial greetings. Polux
  10. Hello, Other type of photography for a type of unit whom I appreciate particularly, the units of foreign volunteers. Here a volunteer of a Cossack unit with the particular collar tabs. Cordial greetings. Polux
  11. Hello, Other interesting image of a SB KM. Photography with KM uniform but with a badge Infanterie-Sturmabzeichen. Cordial greetings. Polux
  12. Hello, Kevin, Michael and Ian : thank you for the presentation of your images. Michael, yes it's Messi Here is a particular and interesting image of a SB. Photo completes with very beautiful stampFestung Kreta. Small background detail, minaret of a mosque. Cordial greetings. Polux
  13. Hello, Here is Wehrpass of the first model handed in September, 1936 to Willi Möller while he carried out a military period, reason of his photo in uniform on this Wehrpass. The holder of this document carried out a military period from November, 1935 till September, 1936 within the IR 46 (visible number on the shoulder of his photo). He was mobilized in August, 1939 and participated at the beginning of the campaign of Poland within the IR 26, unit of 30. ID. The list of the fights which appears on the page 32 was not thoughtlessly established but is the fruit of an order of January, 1940 of the OKH which specifies the registrations to be brought for the campaign of Poland, this according to the various army corps. 30. ID were a part of the AOK 8 and the registrations brought on the page 32 are specific to this big unit (Bzura and Rawka are rivers of Poland). Willi Möller fell to the fight on September 10th, 1939. Thus he will not have seen the victorious end of this campaign. He rests in the cemetery of Mlawka in Poland. Here is the registration of the site of Volksbund. For information, this campaign cost approximately 16'000 deaths to the German army. Here is the detail for only two AOK committed in this campaign. Cordial greetings. Polux
  14. Hello, Now a document awarded to a member of the RAD committed on the southern front of Russia. This document present the stamp signature of Generalfeldmarschall Gerd von Runstedt. In appendix, extracted RAD Dienstausweis with the registration of this decoration. Cordial greetings. Polux
  15. Hello, Richard and Kevin : haughtiness documents, thank you. Now a very particular version of the diploma KVK2 mit X awarded to a member of a unit of police committed in Italy. Presence of the printed signature of Himmler and a embossed stamp. Cordial greetings. Polux