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  1. Hello, Before presenting a last document of my collection concerning Bandenkampfabzeichen, I omitted to specify that the previous document, LW Jg. Btl. zbV 8, is presented in M. Scapini's book "The Anti-Partisan Badge" B&D Publishing, on page 204. The document which I present you now is also presented in the book of Scapini to the page 203. This document is interesting for me because it was handed to an officer serving within a particular unit, Division Aufklärung Abteilung 55. It is about a unit constituted by German but serving within a unit constituted by Cossack volunteer, 1. Kosaken Division. This unit was commanded by Helmuth von Pannwitz who signed this document awarded in February, 1945. I decorated this document with my first badge Bandenkampfabzeichen Bronze which I received recently Cordial greetings. Polux
  2. Hello, Walle : thank you but I plan to keep this group for the moment It is necessary to say that I am also jealous of documents of your collection, as a group Metz Cordial greetings. Polux
  3. Hello, Kevin : about the list AHF, about ten names are in my collection . Thank you for the search about Bellamy, very certainly the same man. Beautiful find ! Lee : yes, I think that the men without boot are auxiliaries of police, to see joined image. Ian : thank you for having presented this extract of a SB of the same unit with the same registrations about the operations against the partisans. Kentucky and Michael : thanks. Cordial greetings. Polux
  4. Here are three pages of the album photo which accompanied this group. Hopefully this presentation will have interested you Cordial greetings. Polux
  5. Claus was to Hamburg at the end of the war and this document shows that he pursued his career in the police !
  6. Here are the diplomas of the last three decorations, numbered from 10 to 12 : Nahkampfspange 1. Stuff with signature Major Vogt Verwundetenabzeichen Schwarz with stamp signature von Gottbert Polizei-Dienstauszeichnung 3. Stufe with stamp signature Meissner
  7. The page 5 of this new Soldbuch presents this time a list of 12 decorations, is : 1. SA Sportabzeichen Bronze 2. DLRG 3. Medaille 13.3.38 4. Medaille 1.10.38 5. Reichssportabzeichen Bronze 6. EK2 7. Tapferkeitauszeichnung Ostvölker 2. Kl. Silber mit X 8. Bandenkampfabzeichen Bronze 9. Infanterie-Sturmabzeichen Silber 10. Nahkampfspange 1. Stufe 11. Verwundetenabzeichen Schwarz 12. Pol. Dienstauszeichnung 3. Stufe
  8. However a reason I ignore (maybe further to its hospitalization), Claus received a new Soldbuch in December, 1944. The cover and the front page were modified in the end of the war, both letters SS which preceded the word Soldbuch were scratched and replaced by a stamp Polizei. It is interesting to note that the photo of Claus was overloaded with a stamp of the English military police, you will understand the reason a little farther.
  9. Hello, Kentucky6 : thanks. KevinH : Thank you for your remarks and the link. With years, I have a chance to have been able to gather some documents relative to this particular decoration Here is the continuation of the group Claus : Here are the diplomas of the decorations which are numbered from 6 to 9, in the order : EK2 with signature autographs of von Gottberg Tapferkeitsauszeichnung Ostvölker 2. Kl. Silber mit X with stamp signature of von Gottberg Bandenkampfabzeichen Bronze with stamp signature of von Gottberg Infanterie-Sturmabzeichen Silber with FP nr 56 204 (Rgts. Stab Pol. Schtz. Rgt. 31) with signature of Major Vogt
  10. Hello, As promised, a complete presentation of the group Claus was introduced on the forum Cordial greetings. Polux
  11. I prepare the continuation of the documents of this group Cordial greetings. Polux
  12. The page 21 and the following ones are important because they officialize the corrections and the registrations of this Solbuch, generally with the stamp of the unit and the signature of a responsible officer. The page 22 presents the continuation of the corrections and the registrations of this Soldbuch. The second registration, dated November, 1944, confirms the validity of the decorations of the page 7, number 2 to number 9.
  13. The page 8 is reserved for the fights in which the holder of the document participated. Only two registrations for operations spread out between May and August, 1943. Considering the decorations of Claus, he participated very certainly in other operations which are not mentioned here. It is possible, as it is often the case, as the list of the operations in which he participated was a part of an additional document to be added to Soldbuch or to its military documents. Here is the detail of both operations : 1) 24.05. - 30.6.43 "Unternehmen Cottbus" Bandenbekämpfung um Lepel / I./Pol. Schtz. Rgt. 31 2) 22.07. - 7.8.43 "Unternehmen Hermann" Bandenkämpfung westl. Minsk / I./Pol. Schtz. Rgt. 31
  14. Pages 6 and 7 are the most interesting pages and show the military incorporations for the page 6, and the decorations received by Claus on the page 7. This page 6 is divided into three parts : The first part shows from where results the holder of the document, is a member of the police force of Hamburg. The second part, middle, shows the spare unit on which depends Claus, is since October, 1943 Polizei-Waffenschule I, Dresden-Hellerau. The last part, bottom, shows the unit into which is incorporated the holder of the Soldbuch, for Claus I. Pol. Schützen Rgt. 31. There is no date to specify since when Claus is incorporated into this unit but a registration of the page 8 shows that this policeman was already in Russia in May, 1943. Therefore, it is very likely that Claus probably possessed before this Police Soldbuch a traditional Heer Soldbuch as it is the case for another document of my collection attributed to a policeman serving in Russia before 1943. The page 7 presents 9 decorations, in the order : 1. Medaille 13.3.1938 2. Medaille 1.10.1938 3. Reichssportabzeichen Bronze 4. SA Wehrabzeichen Bronze 5. DLRG 6. EK2 7. Tapferkeitsauszeichnung Ostvölker 2. Kl. Silber mit X 8. Bandenkampfabzeichen 9. Infanterie-Sturmabzeichen Silber
  15. Here is now the Soldbuch attributed to Claus. It is about the traditional model distributed in the troops of police, RPol. Nr. 431. The page 1 show the rank worn by Claus, Revieroberwachtmeister der Schutzpolizei, but especially it shows us, thanks to its identity disc, its basic unit, which was Pol. Rgt. 12 ; unit formed to Hamburg. The page 2 show that this Soldbuch was established in June, 1943 to Hamburg. It is about the first document of this type handed to Claus. This type of document having been put into service from 1943.