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  1. Great collection Jim, the variety of the paperwork is amazing. My 1915 award:
  2. Graham B

    The Silver War (Wound) Badge

    Lastly another C.P.F. badge, marked 'T.P. TANSEY MONTREAL'.
  3. Graham B

    The Silver War (Wound) Badge

    JustinG, Yes I agree these are interesting badges, thanks for the info. I have another C.P.F. badge which I will post later, it is manufactured by T.P. TANSEY from Montreal. This badge is my 'C.E.F.' badge:
  4. Graham B

    The Silver War (Wound) Badge

    My first Canadian 'For service at the front' badge:
  5. Graham B

    The Silver War (Wound) Badge

    JustinG, Great find. I have a couple of the 'For service at the front badges' I will post a little later.
  6. Graham B

    British War Decorations - WWI

    https://www.iwm.org.uk/history/first-world-war-service-medals My 1914 Star (Mons Star) with bar - for service in France or Belgium between 5 August & 22 November 1914 My 1914-15 Star - for service in any theatre of WW1 against the Central European Powers during 1914 and 1915
  7. Graham B

    M1917 Ford Ambulance

    Gustaf very impressive. How many more to go? One from the net:
  8. Graham B

    The Silver War (Wound) Badge

    A Canadian Silver War Badge I picked up fairly recently. Does anyone know how to find out who the recipients would be of these Canadian badges?
  9. I think the maker 'M' is B.H.Mayer from Pforzheim and 'we' is J.H.Werner from Berlin.
  10. Graham B

    Austrian Wound Medal

    Lastly five stripes: Marked W&A
  11. Graham B

    Austrian Wound Medal

    Four stripes: Marked GW 18
  12. Graham B

    Austrian Wound Medal

    Three stripes: Marked HMA 1918
  13. Graham B

    Austrian Wound Medal

    Two stripes: Marked W&A 918
  14. Graham B

    Austrian Wound Medal

    One stripe: Marked GW 18
  15. Graham B

    Austrian Wound Medal

    Some of mine with rim markings: - Marked B.18
  16. Thanks Grimlin13. Here is one of mine, the EK2 is marked KAG:
  17. Graham B

    Bronze Friedrich Agust medal document

    One I picked up last year:
  18. Jim, Nice trifold ribbon. One I have with an incorrect ribbon: -
  19. Graham B

    KAG EK1

    Jim, Nice piece with the 'Standard' crown, rather than the 'Wide' crown. Regards, Graham
  20. Graham B

    Karl Truppen Kreuz

    Nice collection Gaston, My humble contribution: -
  21. Trevor, There are differing views on the L15 on whether they are fake, post war or good. I am not an expert but the information I have read tends to lean me towards good or post war, however, I will state that this just my personal opinion.
  22. Trevor, Not sure whether all were marked but I have never seen an unmarked one. There are some other features which will help tell whether it is a Josef Rücker & Sohn or not though.