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    German WWII Wehrmacht medals and awards - Imperial German medals and awards, insignia, etc.
  1. I am having a REALLY difficult time trying to figure out what the correct forum for everything is. I know zilch about any of this stuff. As I said, I inherited a box of German (and apparently Bavarian and Bulgarian) medals and WWI and WWII stuff from my father. I have no idea what is what. You said you moved this to the correct forum. Are we in that correct forum right now, or is this response I'm typing where I originally typed it?
  2. Can someone please tell me what RZM means on the back of certain medals? I have a Hitler Youth belt buckle, and while it has markings on the back side, I don't see the "RZM" mark. Another website, selling one of the buckles, said it had the RZM mark. Can someone tell me what the markings on the back of this buckle mean? I was under the impression that the GES. GESCH. meant something like "patent pending." Not sure what the other marks mean, though.
  3. I have this ribbon in my collection that I can't identify. It was attached to the top of an iron cross from WWI, and obviously didn't belong there. The front of the ribbon has an iron cross at the top with the date 1914 at the bottom of the cross, and that cross has the imperial German crown. However, when I put the words on the ribbon into an online translator, it says, 50 year anniversary & Circle-war day military association Neckartenzlingen 15 Jul 1934. Apparently, Neckartenzlingen is a town in Germany. I have done online searches for "Circle-day war" and nothing comes up. Any suggestions?
  4. When you say "suspension ring" is that the lose ring that holds the ribbon, or the ring that is welded to the top of the medal? I have a magnifier and tried looking at the ring and didn't see anything but a lot of scratches and marks. Tomorrow I'm taking it to a friend of mine who is a jeweler and I'll have him look at it with his jeweler's loop. He looked at another medal I had and was able to see stamped letters which I couldn't see.
  5. Jim, I just did a web search on the Old Comrades Association to find out more about it, and nothing is really coming up except British Old Comrades Association. Any suggestions?
  6. I was reading another thread on this forum, with photos of this medal and I'm confused. The medals shown on that particular thread all had a silver helmet and rim. The medal I have is all the same color. I know this medal came back from Germany with my dad in 1946. Would some have been manufactured without the gold helmet and rim?
  7. Thank you, Jim. As I said in my opening post I had a strong feeling the ribbon was incorrect, and it was confirmed by Pierce. I have never heard of the Old Comrades. It that a veteran's organization?
  8. I'm sorry if this is posted in the wrong forum. I'm having a difficult time trying to decide which forums to post my items in because I'm not familiar with the German terms or with the articles I have. I have this cigarette case with a swastika on it. There is some type of marking on the button that opens it. I've tried looking at it with a magnifying glass and can barely make out the letters ALPACC. There "might" be another A after the last C. Hard to tell. At the end of those series of letters there is a symbol of some sort with something inside it but I can't make it out. I think I may take it to a jeweler friend and see if he can see it. I don't know a thing about this, other than it returned to the States with my dad after WWII and has been in his possession (and now mine) since. Any help ia appreciated.
  9. I have this Fez and was told it was worn by Bosnians who fought for Germany during WWII. It's in fairly good condition. The band inside it has only light wear. Can anyone give me any further information on this?
  10. I have this flight helmet and I was curious because it had no ear "openings" for head phones. I tried finding out why and saw one site online which said the helmets without the headphone openings were for flight training or in use in aircraft in which no radio communications were installed. I was surprised by this. Didn't all aircraft in WWII have radio communications?
  11. Would you suggest, then, that I remove the eagle and the incorrect ribbon and store them separately from the medal?
  12. Thanks for the positive ID, Pierce. I really might want a ribbon, but I have many other medals which I think have incorrect ribbons. Once I get them all listed, I'll talk to you again and maybe you'll have the others I need and I can get them all at once.
  13. Thank you! How wonderful to have an expert to tell me what it would have taken me endless hours of searching online to try and match the ribbons. Can you tell me what the crossed sabers signify?
  14. I am rather unsure about this one. The eagle that was pinned to the ribbon... are these eagles with the black iron cross on their chests "veteran's" insignia? My research tells me the eagle is called the “Kyffhauserbund Veteran Organization Breast Eagle." (I have as smaller, identical one which goes on a cap, I believe). It doesn't appear that he black and yellow ribbon would have been the original ribbon on this award. I found that the decoration was instituted by King Ludwig II on 25 August 1866 “as a commemoration of this year’s campaign, for all those who took part and whose efforts placed them in danger.” The decoration was awarded to those who fought in the Austro-Prussian war of 1866 in which Bavaria, like other south German states, was allied with Austria. However... the Nazi eagle pinned to the medal makes me wonder if this medal was also awarded in WWII? Or, was it awarded during WWI?
  15. Need confirmation that this is a Bavarian Military Merit Cross third class. I realize the ribbon that was stuck in this box is not the ribbon that would have been awarded with this medal but don't know why it was in the box. Here's what I've found about this medal (if I've researched the correct medal): Bavarian Military Merit Cross (Militär-Verdienstkreuz) was that kingdom's main decoration for bravery and military merit for enlisted soldiers "to reward extraordinary merit by non-commissioned officers, soldiers, and lower-ranking officials." It was originally established on July 19, 1866 as the 5th Class of the Military Merit Order, which was the main decoration for bravery and military merit for officers and higher-ranking officials. Civilians acting in support of the army were also made eligible for the decoration. When WWI broke out the Military Merit Cross became Bavaria's main decoration for bravery and merit by enlisted soldiers in that war, roughly equivalent to Prussia's Iron Cross (except unlike the Iron Cross, the classes of the Military Merit Cross were awarded based on rank). Approximately 290,000 of these medals given out were of the 3rd Class with Swords. The Military Merit Cross became obsolete with the fall of the German Empire and the Bavarian Kingdom in 1918, although the Bavarian government continued to process awards up to 1920.