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  1. Hi Gents, a few days agao we had the opportunity to get a grouping with this Fliegerschaftsabzeichen in it. It is cased and came with other badges an Paperwork from the Soldier. Enjoy the pictures. Best Trave-Militaria
  2. Hi Gents, we got this extrem rare Totenkopfring Gruppe of an SS Man who served his wartime in an Luftwaffen unit. 18 Documents..... Best Trave Militaria
  3. Trave-Militaria

    German Cross Stug grouping with GAB 25

    Hi kevin, the family brought that to us like it is.....sadly. He was with the Bundeswehr after WWII. No one knows what happened to the rest
  4. Hi Gents, that nice grouping landed on our table the last week. Enjoy Regards Trave Militaria
  5. Trave-Militaria

    Observer Grouping WW 1

    Glad you like it, more pictures :
  6. Hi Gents, check this nice grouping out. Came in today, directly from the family. Regards Sascha
  7. Hi Gents, we got these two beautys recently. Have a look, opinions always welcome. Regards Sascha from Trave Militaria
  8. Trave-Militaria

    Trave Militaria now on deck !

    Hi Gents, I like to introduce the military shop Trave Militaria to you. We are a group of seven men and women who work around military in the town of Lübeck in Germany. The shop is in the third year now and it grew up in January 2017 as EMEREDATO (maybe you remember) joined Trave Militaria. We combined both shops and the experts to a bigger one. So if you remember me “ Sascha “ from Emeredato, I will post from time to time new stuff to show you what`s going on or to get a final opinion before we sell it in the shop. Feel free to ask questions at any time in my direction or to the shop email info@trave-militaria.de if there is something you want to know. Happy to be back here Good hunting boys Sascha from Trave Militaria