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  1. RuneUssing

    Kz Jacket

    One of the sleeves Seem to have been replaced, revealing How the cloth have faded a bit over time. Or it could just be a variation in material.
  2. RuneUssing

    Kz Jacket

    Interesting. I know that woolen exemples are common also, and these typically have a more coarse appearance, i think. but i need more detailed reference sources. And some advice, wich is hard as many seam to have a ambivalent view on the subjekt. However i aquired the jacket from i dealer that, i unterstand, is quite trostworthy. Here a picture of the a wool eksample:
  3. I do not know if this is the right place to post this. For that I apologize in advance. and please do correct me if im not using the forum correctly. I have acquired this kz jacket. To me it looks authentic, but I'm not an expert in that area so i would apreciate your opinions about the jacket.
  4. Interesting. Steinhauer & Lück, Sound familiar -where these private purchased, or awarded posthumously? By various veterans commitees, that existed? Or how did that work? Also i had a dealer look at the award he pointed out the marks in the ring of the Award. Wich surgested daily wear of the award, hence it was more likly to be a copy, and of corse not the originally issued ones.. Also there is a Tony boutonniere order, ill show. Thanks in advance