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  1. Hello there,,I have had this for some time .it is 100% real very clean no tears or moyhs 100% perfect.Hangers by assman .This if I am correct is a very rare NSDStB podium banner.There is at the moment not one flag pennant of banner from this org anywhere (anywhere ) on this planet .. I wish to sell this item and I think I should start around the 800 euro mark ..Do you in your experience feel this is a fair price for such a rare item in great condition.

    your views best regardfs Pete


  2. Erich S

    Hitler Bust

    Very nice and one with history is as good as it gets!
  3. I find that the 15 year award is the most attractive.
  4. A very nice and focused collection!
  5. Thanks Bart, I do like original art work from the TR period.
  6. I can't remember if I posted this but it's worth another look. This is an original prototype pencil sketch done by artist Albert Reich along with the later finished postcard. Reich was a personal friend of Dietrich Eckart and also wrote a biography on him.
  7. Erich S

    My collection WWII

    It's nice to see an original Blutorden for a change. Congrats on a nice addition to your collection!
  8. Sorry Wolf but i don't like it. The construction and details look wrong to me.
  9. Yes, many things wrong with this badge.
  10. Erich S

    Amber casket

    Thanks for sharing the link to this thread Eric. Here is another amber piece from my collection with silver swastika and lettering. This piece is very early, most likely from the late 20s or early 30s.
  11. It doesn't look like any RPT badge that I have ever seen and I collect them.
  12. Pierce is correct regarding the awarding of the decoration. A super piece of history to one of the Hitlers inner circle.
  13. Like you Jim, Eckart and the early party are of upmost interest to me as well.
  14. Erich S

    three allach

    Me too! I have the same sitting bear in my collection in white.
  15. Dave, you know my opinion, simply amazing! BTW, after this acquisition, think you can call it a day with collecting. :)