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  1. Can someone help me ID this soldier's trade badge, if it is indeed a trade badge. It looks a bit like an Artificer's badge with the pincer handles missing. Am I correct in thinking he's wearing a KRRC cap badge? Thanks Tony
  2. This is getting on for a year too late but it looks like a standard UK issue watch, I didn't know Zenith made them too. Anyway, I believe 0552 is Royal Navy issue and the two numbers at the bottom are the year of manufacture.
  3. Can't help with the paint job and still can't ID it from your photos. The quickest and easiest way to spot the different between US and Commonwealth WWI helmets are: US - domed chinstrap rivets under the brim, usually grey/blue felt pad, liner stamp blue/black ink and helmet stamped under the brim with a letter and number combo including Z. Brit MKI - the chinstrap rivets are split pins, buff coloured felt pad and a red/pink War Office patent stamp under the black lining.
  4. I had the chance to buy an empty one of these years ago and regret turning it down. This is the first time I've seen the contents, thanks for posting the pics.
  5. Yeah mate as Rudi says, more pictures are needed. However although I can't be certain, from the one photo posted it's resembling a the US model 17 helmet liner, this example being made by RH Long. If so the 18 is the year of manufacture but only more pictures will confirm my thoughts and no doubt Rudi's too. Tony
  6. Fantastic photos, anything Belgian or French is very much underrated in my opinion. I picked up a photo the other day which has the same insignia on the sleeve as in the two photos immediately above, does anyone know what its for? I was thinking an infantry scout maybe? I'd like to have a go at colouring the photo so the colour of the insignia would be helpful too as there's nothing I could find online to help me. Thanks for any help.
  7. There's one here for sale https://www.militariadefoerier.com/a-46459633/headgear-helmets/belgium-helmet-m-33-civil-defence-belgische-helm-met-embleem-van-de-civiele-bescherming/ I'd have thought it was a bit pricy for post WWII especially if the liner is the thin, cheaper looking modern type but I don't collect them so a search for Belgian civil defence or perhaps civiele bescherming might show more results.
  8. Almost a year after the original post but if it's still of interest and based only on the badge and helmet colour, it appears to be a Belgian civil defence helmet from the 1950s. Tony
  9. According to Soldiers Died on Find My Past he was KIA. Tony First name(s) Albert Last name Latham Service number 60341 Rank Private Regiment Royal Welsh Fusiliers Battalion 10th Battalion. Birth place Berrynarbor, Devon Residence - Enlistment place Swansea Death year 1917 Death day 26 Death month 9 Cause of death Killed in action Death place France & Flanders Theatre of war Western European Theatre Supplementary Notes - Category Military, armed forces & conflict Subcategory First World War Collections from Great Britain