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  1. Have you tried the Red Cross? https://www.icrc.org/en/document/request-information-about-individuals-detained-during-second-world-war-or-spanish-civil-war-quota Other than that there's the Wehrmachts-Auskunftstelle that Bart mentions above but they have a very, very long lead time.
  2. No I'll just wait a while besides, although he shouldn't be difficult to find, the family didn't know his service number.
  3. Yes indeed I do Jerry. I'm hoping the records go online sooner rather than later but won't hold my breath. The issue box with name and address, slip, medals, trade badge and vets association badge came together with his father-in-laws Princess Mary tin. At first I wasn't sure who the Imperial Veterans Association badge belonged to but have since found that the factory address on the reverse was new in 1944.
  4. Here’s a group I recently bought directly from the soldier’s family along with his trade badge and veterans association badge. He first served in Norway and then bomb disposal in London before going to France. He was injured by a blast in London but not having his service record I can only go on information passed on by the family. Anyway, I personally think it’s a cracking group to a very brave man.
  5. Yep it looks like it - wir sind 8 Aertzte hier. And written with Ae instead of Ä. It does look like Dr. Mann doesn't it. Unusually neat writing for a doctor.
  6. Oh ok I see however, this sales site states it was used into the 1960s by BAOR http://militaria-sales.com.au/formation-patch-british-army-of-the-rhine-baor-circa-1950s1960s-p-4580.html Here's another showing the shield in the same configuration as the one you pictured http://baor-locations.org/SenneTrngCtr.aspx.html but without the hand. Do you know if the British army was stationed anywhere other than Emblem camp in Belgium? Let's hope someone who can give you a definite ID comes along.
  7. According to page 149 here https://books.google.de/books?id=FPAMQ3oIT_4C&pg=PA149&lpg=PA149&dq=british+army+group+sign+blue+cross&source=bl&ots=6BNlhXbEhG&sig=RTyJ6kGgMSxxqLfOfGBQC-wmaX8&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiC4ai_n6rbAhXNZVAKHU64CmYQ6AEIZzAL#v=onepage&q=british army group sign blue cross&f=false the red cross on a blue background with sword is a BAOR group sign but there's no mention of the hand. Could the hand be something particular to Antwerp? As for its age, it looks like it might have been on a wall in Emblem in the 1980s but that's just a guess based on its general appearance.
  8. Not sure this helps but I've found this saying it's a US Civil Defence helmet https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/fire-watcher-civil-defense-helmet-131112163
  9. Thanks Ade, they're all on my list 🙂 but I do have a weakness for the 1915 Adrian. I was going to say Council Warden Department but think Jerry's cracked it with Can't Work Days 😀
  10. Nothing special here, just an Ambulance MKII but it's the first helmet I've bought for myself in quite a long time. It's a 1943 ROCO and looks far better in hand than in the photos however, the liner is a bit grubby compared to the rest so may have been swapped with the original or added to an empty shell. The BMB liner looks like it's dated 1949 but it's 1940.
  11. Can someone help me ID this soldier's trade badge, if it is indeed a trade badge. It looks a bit like an Artificer's badge with the pincer handles missing. Am I correct in thinking he's wearing a KRRC cap badge? Thanks Tony
  12. This is getting on for a year too late but it looks like a standard UK issue watch, I didn't know Zenith made them too. Anyway, I believe 0552 is Royal Navy issue and the two numbers at the bottom are the year of manufacture.
  13. Can't help with the paint job and still can't ID it from your photos. The quickest and easiest way to spot the different between US and Commonwealth WWI helmets are: US - domed chinstrap rivets under the brim, usually grey/blue felt pad, liner stamp blue/black ink and helmet stamped under the brim with a letter and number combo including Z. Brit MKI - the chinstrap rivets are split pins, buff coloured felt pad and a red/pink War Office patent stamp under the black lining.
  14. I had the chance to buy an empty one of these years ago and regret turning it down. This is the first time I've seen the contents, thanks for posting the pics.
  15. Yeah mate as Rudi says, more pictures are needed. However although I can't be certain, from the one photo posted it's resembling a the US model 17 helmet liner, this example being made by RH Long. If so the 18 is the year of manufacture but only more pictures will confirm my thoughts and no doubt Rudi's too. Tony