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  1. Tony

    Some local newspapers!

    Great cover photos and if the supplement is only for Celle they must be quite rare. Mind you, any magazine, newspaper or newspaper supplement from back in the 40s would be thin on the ground now. Another nice, historical find!
  2. That's great! Thanks Jerry and of course you too Ade.
  3. Thanks for the info. Did you share the districts for England and Wales here? I'm always on the look out for district 37 but when one turns up I'm usually having to spend my money on something else.
  4. Thanks for showing them Jerry, I suppose 20 and 21 were local to you.
  5. Good to see another MKII and an unusual one at that. I like it.
  6. Tony

    Crashed BF 110

    You're lucky to be able to walk around and find these parts, let alone identify any of them. Keep it up.
  7. Me too, far more better than all than common German stuff. 🙂
  8. Edie's Cafe maybe? I was told about the anti-sparking thing with these so thanks for putting me right.
  9. Tony

    To Mount or Not ??

    I agree with Jerry. I haven't even mounted my grandad's medals but this group is yours so do as you see fit.
  10. Tony

    Russian Helmet

    That's come up great, especially so now that the star is visible. Rich, have a look here https://antique-engines.com/electrol.asp I use tap water, a 10 amp battery charger and ordinary washing powder with great results.
  11. Tony

    Nice belt and buckle

    A nice complete find.
  12. Thanks for the tip Jerry. I know the site and should have thought of going there myself so thanks for the kick up the bum. 😊 At least I now know that Patt. 37 was worn from 1938 to 1985 which accounts for my Patt. 37 kit in training, and most likely discounts the helmets in the photo being the MKI* type. The gaiters appear to be Patt. 19 to me. It would’ve been nice to see the name of the ship as well as the helmet straps but most of all a sign in the background explaining what the stripe on their helmets means. No doubt another helmet we’ll never know why was painted with a stripe.
  13. It’s only a photo, sorry about that. Here are two men in the Royal Navy wearing what I suspect to be MKI helmets in a photo taken some time between the wars(?) in Hankou, China. Does anyone know, or can have an educated guess at what the stripe from front to rear of their helmets signifies? Is there anything about their equipment that can date it? I was wondering if it could be the 1920s rather than late 30s but don’t know when P37 webbing was actually issued. Thanks for any help Tony
  14. If I'm not included in the 'about 4 of us' it's now about 5 of us. 🙂 I wasn't aware they came in black too.
  15. I've only ever had my hands on one Soldbuch so perhaps a silly question. Is it unusual for the serial number to be missing and can the number, if present, roughly confirm the date of issue?
  16. Tony

    Gelatine Klapplaternen

    Mate, they're just opinions from afar. You have it in hand and I'm sure you'll do whatever is best.
  17. Tony

    Gelatine Klapplaternen

    Did it come with the catalogue? It must be a very rare find and regarding restoration, I agree with Rich.
  18. Tony

    New Crash site?

    Good luck finding more and hopefully getting an ID.
  19. That's an interesting observation and something I've never thought of before so will need to check the WWI crosses with safety pins I have. Thanks for pointing it out. I do have a period WWII pin used for awarding the EK2 to the badly wounded, not expected to survive. I only know this because I have the paperwork and my wife's grandfather was the medic authorised with keeping both crosses under lock and key. He brought them and the paperwork home when the Lazarett closed in 1947. Only one of the crosses was ever used, I imagine it was used again and again. Anyway, attached are a couple of pics, one of a 1916 patent pin and one of the WWII style just for reference. Either way, that's a cracking cross you have there Rich and great to have what looks like the original ribbon too. Perhaps the safety pin was used at a wedding or photo opportunity between the wars? They were still being issued post 1918 as far as I know but for how long?
  20. Tony

    Mk1* Helmets

    I only have two 😞. I really need to get my priorities in order and buy at least another (if I see any) in 2019.
  21. My understanding is this: 1. smooth, green painted helmets, with or without holes punched through the brim either side of the chinstrap fittings were for home front use. 2. textured green helmets were issued to the regular army and home guard. 3. textured green helmets with holes punched through the brim were issued to the home guard. Therefore I would suggest your helmet was for early war home front use but who knows, perhaps someone in the home guard wore it until a textured khaki helmet was issued.
  22. Ade, I've never seen or heard of the Group Warden helmet mind you, there are probably hundreds I've never seen or heard of but great to find both in good condition. Jerry, I had a quick look too, there were a few people named Jarman in the Llanidloes area.
  23. A great find Jerry. There can't have been many back in the 40s and even fewer to be found now. Just had a look online and see the old building is still standing.
  24. Tony

    Crashed BF 110

    Mate, don't give up.
  25. Tony

    What are these people

    Didn't Germans have a collar fitted to their shirts? Although I know very little to nothing about German WWII gear. Could the men possibly be Home Guard or a local unit helping on the fields?