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  1. Hello again... Sorry, I wonder if you could share your thoughts on this interesting helmet I picked up this week. I think it is a mk3 due to high rivets, but there is a lot of paint loss and rust. The paint is a dark green, and on the front is a badge which says Faugh a Ballagh. I've done a bit of research and belief this to be the badge of the Irish Fusiliers? Does this all look original to you guys? Thank you, Shaun
  2. Shaun_derbys

    Help identifying a british mk2 helmet

    Thanks very much, Rudi, thats really interesting... what do u think it's use was, army or home guard etc?
  3. Friends, another old mk2 helmet here i'm afraid. Still, probably rescued from the scrap! i wonder if you might share you thoughts on this recent helmet i found this week please. It was covered in surface rust when found, but i have wiped down to reveal a tan paint, with traces of black base coat it think. the only helmet markings i can see are E or F37 near the helmet rivets, and the liner is a 7 1/4 TTC 1940. any comments very much appreciated, thank you, Shaun
  4. Shaun_derbys

    Help identifying british helmet?

    Thanks r&s - have you seen a riveted liner before
  5. Thanks very much tinlid, ive just never seen a riveted liner before. Ive attached a pic of the rim join and im going to give it a brush down later. I doubt very much there is, but if any stampings are there will it be inder the seam or opposite side? thanks again, shaun
  6. Hi chaps, sorry i feel a bit embarrassed for poluting this thread of lovely helmets with a rusty old relic, but here goes! can any body shed any light on this, just found it today... does it look like a mkiii? The remains of the liner are actually riveted on, has any body seen this before? thank you in advance, shaun
  7. Hello, friends, can anybody confirm the model of this helmet please? I have just picked it up today, very rusty and in need of some tlc, but hoping its a mkiii.. remains of liner look to be riveted on, which ive not seen before? Any information very much appreciated. Many thanks, shaun
  8. Thanks again Jerry, thats really interesting. No markings on it unfortunatly, but does seem quite thick layer of paint!
  9. Thanks very much peterpaul... have you seen the second helmet, i just wondered if you could advise on the paint, theatre maybe? Sorry, it just seems quite glossy to me, much more brown-like...! thankyou again for your comments
  10. Thanks so much jerry... sorry to pester, but are you able to id this one at all please? this has a much smoother finish, despite the pitting, and is more browner colour. Liner is c s & w ltd, 1939. An idea of the theatre? many thanks again
  11. Ah, thank you jerry, much appreciated. do you think the colour is right for a 43 army helmet? Thanks again
  12. Thank you very much for this information gents, apologies for the late reply. i re visited this helmet last weekend, and was actually able to find some new markings, i belive they are S b 4 1 and BM 43. Has anybody seen these before? I hope that you can make it out from the pictures...
  13. ...also, does anybody have any recommendations for any products that can be rubbed onto these ww2 liners to stop them going brittle and flakey?