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  1. Sir Rathalos (Rhys)

    Soviet Post war SSH-40 Helmet - help needed

    Good to know I'm not the only one! Maybe the 910/972 is a production number? K-20 maybe some sort of specification, I'm no expert on the subject. Thanks for the feedback!
  2. Hello guys, this is my first forum post I'm relatively new to the hobby, and would like to ask for some help confirming the authenticity of a helmet I have purchased. It is a post war soviet SSH-40 helmet, from what I have found from my research alone is that it was made in the Stalingrad tractor factory (The CT mark), and is a size 1. I have also spotted the star stamp at the front of the helmet rim inner, and the serial number. The problem is, I'm not too confident in this field, so any help will be much appreciated. Here are some photos of it. Here we can see the CT, and the size of the helmet - 1, not sure what the K-20 is? This is the serial number 1-2822 ,Also what does the 972 stand for? Thanks