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  1. Looking for a quality appraisal

    Justin, Thank you for your thoughts. I understand provenance is difficult to prove. Like I said before I have a signed letter from my grandfather and birth and death certificates from family members proving my direct relation to Frank Luke Jr, but nothing more than that. I am surprised to hear that you don't think the boots are flight boots. Can you tell me what type of boots you think they are and why? Thanks again
  2. Looking for a quality appraisal

    I have had them since I was 10 and have always kept them in a plastic bag, even after the original one disintegrated. I am concerned they will start to degrade if not kept in ideal conditions. Something a serious collector or museum could accomplish. I don't have any other items. A cousin once told me that his father who was a brother of Frank's, had a set of leggings that also had blood stains, but who knows if they are around anymore? I do have an interesting program for the Luke memorial air tournament. Eddie Rickenbacker attended and it lists stories of many of Arizona's fallen soldiers. I'll attach some photos. The Goldwater ad next to Frank's entry is from Barry Goldwater's father's store. A trunk with his personal items was returned from France after his death. His brother's and sisters were given some of the items. Another cousin of mine recently sold a map of France that Frank had written on and signed his name. Not sure how much Frank wore the boots but famous photos appear to have him wearing a different pair. Of course he only flew in combat for about two weeks, so anything of his would probably not have to much wear. I would expect a serious collector to pay around 10k, since no other articles of his are around. I have spoken to other family members and verified no one has any personal items. His medals and I believe goggles were donated to the air force museum in Dayton. I have thought about contacting the museum to see if they could put them in his display. Author Stephen Skinner saw the boots and thought the museum would be interested in them. Which brings me back to my original question of getting a proper appraisal done. I should probably have it done at least for insurance reasons. I thought there might be some appraisers or collectors that coukd give me a better idea on value. Please let me know what you're thoughts are.
  3. Looking for a quality appraisal

    Justin, Thanks for the reply. I am interested in possibly selling the boots and would like to know what they are worth. If the value is not what I hope for, I would probably lend them to a museum. They belonged to my great great uncle Frank Luke Jr.. I would imagine that would increase their value significantly. Boots are size 7 to 7 1/2 and are in great condition. There is a marking on the inside of the boots which I think indicate size 7? There does seem to be some staining on the right boot strap and top which could be blood stain? I do have a letter signed by my mother and grandfather attesting to their provenance. Here are some photos. Please let me know what you think, or share with someone else who has knowledge of the collector market.
  4. Greetings, I have a pair of WW1 flying boots that I would like to have appraised. I live in Arizona and am looking for a reputable appraiser in the region. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.