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  1. the makers were very short lived post WWII, not at all commonly seen, possibly bogus but an interesting badge, especially if sensibly priced.
  2. try the kharkee web site for dates and variants of webbing. The gaiters might be more narrow in their dates of use. http://www.karkeeweb.com/index.html#home Shame there is no chinstraps visible on the helmets as that might have helped date them
  3. Jerry B

    I need help identifying a British badge

    A lovely and unusual item
  4. Collar badges are wrong for the coldstreams, also I think they have the buttons in pairs. Medal is a QSA as you surmise and the uniform is correct for the Edwardian period Collars are grenades, RE or RA or perhaps less likely one of the Fusilier regiments, though for most of the fusiliers you would be able to see a device on the ball. Hard to add more detail as the features needed are not clear enough to say.
  5. Probably early war home front helmet with greyish green smooth paint before they started only using lower grade marked helmets for home front use.
  6. Textured, = small gritty pieces in the paint as opposed to smooth shiny paint
  7. Jerry B

    Mk1* Helmets

    MKI* used in WWI, then WWII and then again post WWII by the IDF with later use yet again as a Medics helmet
  8. Jerry B

    Mk1* Helmets

    MKI* with camo overpaint
  9. Jerry B

    Mk1* Helmets

    I am surprised I never posted any of my MKI*'s here. First is this Reused by the First Aid nursing yeomanry
  10. JSS is usually if stamped on the helmet for Joseph Sankey & sons, though I do not know if they also made chinstraps. maybe posting some pics would help clear this up for you
  11. Indeed tony, I looked it up online as soon as I got back with the helmets. I need to try some more research, one of the chin straps is named to H. Jarman, perhaps I'll get a hit on him. I had a quick look and get a Tom Jarman playing for Llanidloes Rugby club, perhaps his son.
  12. Yes as mentioned elsewhere, white band around the dome and line over it, possibly indicating seniority?
  13. Here's a list of known makers of British WW1 helmets. i think all WWI helmet liners are marked either Brodie patent applied for or Brodie patent number British Steel Suppliers of WW1 British Helmets. V = Vickers Ltd of Sheffield.......................1916 - 1917. MS= Miris Steel Co Ltd of London..............1916 - 1917. ( also produced helmets after Aug 1916 ). Used Miris trademark. FS= T.Firth & Sons Ltd of Sheffield............1916 - 1918. ( also used "F" mark and most likely used "FKS" marks ).. O = S. Osborne & Co Ltd of Sheffield........1916 - 1918. A = Edgar Allen & Co Ltd of Sheffield ......1916 - 1918. M&S = J & J Maxfield & Sons Ltd Sheffield.1916 - 1918. ( also used "MLS" marks ). B = Bury's & Co Ltd of Sheffield................1916 - 1918. BS= W.Beardmore & Co Ltd of Glasgow....1916 - 1919. HS= Hadfield Ltd of Sheffield......................1916 - 1919. Known Makers of WW1 British Helmets. D = J. Dixon & Sons Ltd of Sheffield .............. 1915. V = W & E Viener Ltd of Sheffield.................. 1915. M = J&J Maxfield & Sons Ltd of Sheffield .......1915. ( also used "MLS" marks ). H = Hutton & Sons Ltd of Sheffield................. 1915. HH = Harrison Bros & Howson Ltd of Sheffield. 1915.. R = John Round & Sons Ltd of Sheffield. 1916.