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  1. Well worth getting, lord knows how long before the book on British combat helmets will ever take to come out, but most of the info on liners and lugs etc is all in this one.
  2. this really is a wonderful thread.
  3. I'll give you a shout next time I am in Berlin.
  4. that is very kind of you Rich, but there is no need. I do get to Berlin every few years, not sure when the next time will be, maybe not for a while.
  5. My paternal grandfather served with them on the somme in the great war.
  6. Northamptonshire regiment
  7. in the wrong section but I agree it is fine imo
  8. Jerry B

    ID Required

    sorry, not something I recognize
  9. I could not find it but Ade sent me this which shows them I can repost the list when I have time to find it.
  10. Thanks tony 20 was Llanishen in Cardiff, my home town and 21 was Sketty in Swansea, whilst 22 was Colwyn Bay but I believe that it covered all of north Wales. I have to admit to never seeing a map showing the extent of the three Welsh districts. There were only three districts for all of Wales with the two, in the South East and South West being the two most populous parts of Wales, whilst Colwyn was central to the North. I assume that all the fire brigades within each district wore their district number. I previously shared a list of the districts for England & Wales whilst Scotland had its own system with geographical designations rather than numbers.
  11. added M for Messenger and A for Ambulance recently as well as another NFS.....the latter came from wales, (well actually they all did), but it has signs of two district decals, but both are so rubbed the number/s are gone, that said it came from a town fire station within District 22, the Welsh district number I am missing.
  12. GPO MKII no.2 C, JS&S 1941 shell CCL 1940 MKII size 7 liner
  13. Electrical Controller/contractor Emergency Controller Eastern Counties/command....