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  1. Hats, Jungle, 1945 pattern, Tan (also came in green). 1954 dated, with WD marking O for 1955, in mint unissued condition, apart from a fold in the brim from storage. These were used a lot during the Malaya emergency, often with a coloured band on them to identify different units and the allies from the enemy, with a few such examples on the IWM site.
  2. Help with value

    First world war Silver war medal and Victory medal, an approximate value is easy to find from looking on ebay or any dealer site
  3. Mk6 1985

    some more pics
  4. A fairly early Mk6, dated 1985, with the earliest issue examples from perhaps 1984, though not commonly seen until 1985, with a DPM cover also from C.1985 and it also came with a MTP cover, though the latter is fairly new by comparison and might not be original to it.

    And now has an extra net on it. all for display only.

    yes, it has been restored, it was a rust bucket when I got it, and seemed a worthwhile restoration project rather than let it rot and die.
  7. The 2nd model of the Helmet Parachute, the earlier version, known among collectors as the M76, was labelled helmet Parachutists, Lightweight, had a smooth exterior moulded finish and the chrome mounting bolts were know to lose their finish, on this model the exterior has a moulded rough textured surface and bolt heads that hold the green colour somewhat better. As with most of these, it has a Cover from the GS Mk6 helmet, in this case Temperate DPM, as no specific para cover was ever produced or issued, though the first model two banded covers became synonymous with the para lightweight helmet but was not actually a para specific item.
  8. the gold and tarnished silver really makes these stand out, stunning
  9. A second world war tankers helmet with post war repaint.
  10. 1956 dated British Airborne forces steel parachute combat helmet. It has a dark two tone brown and green textured camo paint job with various signs of flashes and numbers on the side and also to the rear as well as traces of more than one name inside it. Shell is made by ROC and the liner by CCL.
  11. ID on medals part 2

    most British medals can be identified by spending the time searching, the ribbons are often all you need to get you to the right medal or type and then a google search will give you the finer details. The link below shows all the ribbons used. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Military_awards_and_decorations_of_the_United_Kingdom
  12. no idea on value, they don't come up in my part of the world,
  13. ID on medals part 3

    Mini first world war trio, never awarded to US units. Not seen the bar on the Victory before, cant see what it is from your pics.
  14. ID on medals part 2

    A very good modern mini set of bravery.long service and good conduct, a cracking group
  15. ID on medals

    India General Service medal 1854-1895 with two bars, Hazara 1891 and Burma 1885-87 and the Queen Victoria long service good conduct medal (1874 type).