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  1. No idea, cant work days...chief welsh druid....cognitive warfare department
  2. Jerry B

    Ribbon bar WW1-WW2

    A lovely medal bar. I think it would take some serious research just to create a shortlist.. obe, wwi trio with rosette and mid, long service wwii ribbons with second mid, guite a group.
  3. Welch Regiment AA by Smith & Wright on a slider
  4. Jerry B

    Royal Welsh Fusiliers Officers and all ranks

    RWF AA on a slider, an early example maker marked Firmin London.
  5. Jerry B

    Airborne Forces

    Black painted AA Parachute Regiment on lugs, these were theater painted black to subdue them for use in N Ireland.
  6. Jerry B


    it was difficult for a few days but works fine since.
  7. Thanks and yes, all that, especially Dr Who.....
  8. Fairly uncommonly seen gas mask for invalids and asmathics.
  9. Perhaps you won't mind, but it is a post WWII Belgian made and used helmet, the dimple where the liner fits on the outside of the dome gives it away as does the brown liner.
  10. the Honourable Artillery company
  11. Group of photo's with a connection to one man, Charles Huntley, from Mountain Ash, Welsh regiment who was wounded and is shown in the pictures in his hospital blues uniforms along with some other wounded men and some of the nurses. One is a group pic, one shows him with two other wounded and a third and fourth are both the same pic, one post card size and the other a large image for framing. also with the group are 4 other pictures from Egypt, which on one of the rears has written Taff Huntley, though I cannot match his face with the other photos, so perhaps his brother. there was only two Charles Huntleys that served with the Welsh and one was wounded and discharged with a SWB
  12. Jerry B

    Welsh Horse Yeomanry

    Gilded Welsh horse Yeomanry cap badge on lugs. Not commonly seen and for many years a few well established collectors did not think this badge existed, but that changed about 8-10 years back and this and the matching collars are well excepted. The OR's never wore the collars but the officers wore both cap and collar. The OR's probably wore the slidered badge more often than this type but apart from a very rare bladed osd badge there is no evidence that this type was not worn by both OR's and officers. The Welsh Horse Yeomanry was a yeomanry regiment of the British Army that served in the First World War. The regiment was raised shortly after the outbreak of the war. Initially it served in East Anglia on anti-invasion duties, before being dismounted in 1915 and sent to take part in the Gallipoli Campaign. After withdrawal to Egypt, it was amalgamated with the 1/1st Montgomeryshire Yeomanry as the 25th (Montgomery and Welsh Horse Yeomanry) Battalion, Royal Welsh Fusiliers and served as such throughout the rest of the war. It took part in the Sinai and Palestine Campaign in 1917 and 1918, before being transferred to the Western Front where it remained until the end of the war. The regiment formed 2nd and 3rd Lines in 1914, but these never left the United Kingdom before being disbanded in 1916 and early 1917, respectively. The 1st Line was disbanded in 1919.