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  1. Smith & Wright LTD., silver AA on a slider, another early AA version of the parachute regiment beret badge.
  2. Gaunt London, which is earlier than the Gaunt B'ham, on a slider, silver AA
  3. price drop to £200 uk pounds +p&p
  4. The S&G officers cap badge alongside the AA collar badgeto show it is larger than the collar
  5. SAS Officers Silver & Guilt Cap badge, only worn for a few years in the 1950's.
  6. Unmarked silver AA on lugs
  7. Dowler Birmingham, AA in silver on a slider
  8. AA by Gaunt B'ham on a slider, these versions on a slider also come as already shown by Dowler, Gaunt London and a blank slider. Of course versions on lugs also exist.
  9. At that date Army helmets were rough textured on the exterior and smooth on the inside. I can't tell from the pics what the outside is like. Posting bigger individual pics would have helped, but if you have it in the hand you should be able to see. If it is not textured on the outside it is home front, as most helmets of that date were, the Army mostly used the refurbished WWI helmets.
  10. Parachute regiment officers silver plated collar converted to pin back fitting, maker marked Firmin.
  11. 17th/21st Lancers single GM collar
  12. Pembroke Yeomanry AA by Firmin
  13. Thanks Dave. Great to see you posting. I always think you cannot overstate the importance of good photo's. I also have this one, w metal on lugs, Queen's crown so only early post 53 I assume, as they must have gone over to AA quite quickly. I think it is fine as I don't think this type has been faked, but that said....
  14. early post AA version by TKS
  15. 1941 to 53 white metal on lugs or's