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  1. What about 39 pattern leather
  2. Royal Corps of Transport Coloured field service cap, worn 1965-1993.
  3. Sorry, I am not en expert on belts, I only know that the home guard wore a leather belt whilst all the others wore webbing.
  4. A silver war badge (#116466) awarded to Private Thomas Evans #16650 of the 9th Service Battalion the Welsh Regiment formed in Cardiff on September 1914.. He enlisted 10th December 1914, went to France & Flanders 18th of August 1915 and was discharged with wounds from the infantry depot 26th of February 1916. He was probably wounded during the Battle of loos 25th September to 15th Ocotober 1915. Interestingly the date of discharge is incorrect on his MIC which fits with him being discharged for wounds and also that the badge number has no prefix which is seen on earlier badges, later issues having a B in front of the number to show he was British. A short history of the Bn in WWI. 9th (Service) Battalion Sept 1914 Formed at Cardiff as part of the Second New Army and then moved to Salisbury Plain to join the 58th Brigade of the 19th Division then moved to Basingstoke. Jan 1915 Moved to Weston-super-Mare and then Perham Down. July 1915 Mobilised for war and landed at Havre and engaged in various actions on the Western Front including; 1915 The Action of Pietre; diversionary action during the Battle of Loos 1916 The Battle of Albert, The attacks on High Wood, The Battle of Pozieres Ridge, The Battle of the Ancre Heights, The Battle of the Ancre. 1917 The Battle of Messines, The Battle of the Menin Road Ridge, The Battle of Polygon Wood, The Battle of Broodseinde, The Battle of Poelcapelle, First Battle of Passchendaele, The Second Battle of Passchendaele. 1918 The Battle of St Quentin, The Battle of Bapaume, The Battle of Messines, The Battle of Bailleul, The First Battle of Kemmel Ridge, The Battle of the Aisne, The Battle of the Selle, The Battle of the Sambre and the passage of the Grand Honelle. 11.11.1918 Ended the war at Wargnies north of Le Quesnoy, France.
  5. home guard I think wore leather belts and gaiters
  6. younger than me, no comment
  7. N for 1962. The regiment was formed in 1956. The prince of wales own regiment of yorkshire
  8. Graham, I can't remember the exact date year, but it is post WWII, late 40's or early 50's I think.
  9. And a post WWII trench art swagger stick made using a bullet case and a button for the Norfolk regiment
  10. 3 for the welsh regiments, Royal Welsh Fusiliers, the Welsh Regiment and South Wales Borderers. The Welsh is interesting as it has the miss translated motto.
  11. I have 5 Graham. yours look great. First is one showing the condition I found it in.
  12. sealed standard pattern forage cap for the 16th/5th lancer's. the partner tag shows when it was lent to cap makers so they could follow the standard pattern whenever they were making caps to order. Cap makers to have used this pattern include the army & navy cap company and Hobsons among others. It was first issued in 1973 and last used in 1993 when the regiment was amalgamated to form the Queens royal lancers with the 17/21st lancers
  13. As an ex collector of German headgear I would avoid all of these.