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  1. Bart, it is not actually a sock, just looks a bit like one so people call them the "sock liner", but it is the official 1970's/80's refurb liner for the Helmet MKIV, which when fitted becomes known as the Helmet MKV and was used in Northern Ireland and The Falklands war. I have another in the post to me that came via another person direct from a Falklands Veteran which I will share when it gets to me, but here are the sellers pics for now.
  2. Very nice and I assume much rarer than the fags and baccy.
  3. Whilst this might be interesting, I fail to see from what you posted what relevance this has on a militaria forum?
  4. Thanks Bart. the cradle has a sponge pad around it which is under the "sock" cover to cushion the wearers head, much more comfortable than the WWII type liners I think
  5. The Lift the Dot liner and the shell. Sadly I could not find any markings on the shell so it was impossible for me to date it, some MKIV's of this colour were made C. 1945, others were made early 1950's, it could be either.
  6. A few more pics, note the underside of the cover with labelled sections to aid it manufacture. And a period pic from the Falklands. Many people used the DPM hood from the combat jacket to make covers for under the netting and scrim.
  7. Not strictly an official designation, but circa 1970's the MKIV helmet was refitted with a new type of line -known as the sock type- and has become known among collectors as the Helmet Steel MKV. This example has a fully matching set of dated liner parts, there are three parts and often they have different dates, it still has its original later WWII/Early 1950's paint in a brownish khaki, the 1970's/80's period elasticated chinstrap with a add-on chincup, a theater/tailor made DPM camouflage cover (made from the early so called crisp packet waterproofs) and a heavily scrimmed camo net using parts of some cut up DPM pieces as well as material from the vehicle camo nets of the period. It came from local to me in West Wales and appears to have seen little use but I have been told by Falklands period collectors that it is correct for the period, though obviously there is no evidence it was anywhere near there, just it is contemporary with then.
  8. White circles?

    possibly red crosses.....hard to be certain
  9. As I posted on the other forum, badge does appear to be Royal Irish fusiliers and might be WWII though early post war or 1950's is perhaps more likely.
  10. Irish dragoon

    I think you are really outside the scope or knowledge of this forum, but perhaps someone will surprise me. I would want to see more pics and a bit more information on what it is said to be, date etc, is it a leather Tarleton type or a blackened steel, good straight on pics, interior pics etc...
  11. I picked up a MKIV today but I could not find a date on it, nice textured paint and it has been refurbed as the so called MKV with the sock liner, camo cover and scrimmed net.
  12. WWI Guards MG battalion

    Indeed, as I posted above, but sadly I did not know that before I bought it.....the problem with buying on a whim from an antiques center
  13. Dates to sometime after 1888 through to about 1914. Need to see close ups of the collar badges if possible.
  14. As worn on all orders of head dress, I show an officers OSD cap and a member of the Home Guards steel helmet, both with the back badge proudly worn.
  15. webbing belt

    Any pics of the belt?