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  1. webbing belt

    Any pics of the belt?
  2. Good to see you got an answer from someone who knows these, not a badge I know anything about. I though it looked convincing but not worth me commenting as many of the fakes can look convincing.
  3. Indian 1914 Star

    I don't remember seeing an Indian 14 star before, must be quite rare Jim. I assume you are happy it is all correct? do you have a MIC for him?
  4. Did you find any stamped markings on the liner, they are usually dated & size marked, but not always. Hard to see the colour/paint in your pics.
  5. Helmet ID

    Not British, probably from one of the european states, post WWII, probably 1970's
  6. Field cast badge are fairly commonly seen, though by there very nature are hard to confirm when they were made as cast copies having being coming out of India/Pakistan for many years. To be honest, I could not make any further firm comments, but if they came from an older gentleman they stand a chance of being period made.
  7. As you state Graham, the idea was to simplify and speed up production and to save materials, sop by those criterion it fails....but as for the badge itself I cannot say not being familiar with badges for this unit.
  8. Airborne forces

    Graham, I can only remember seeing one or two that were not warped, one of the reasons I never bought one, the other reason being the prices asked when they appear for sale so frequently.

    As cool as an untouched wartime example would be, I do like those that saw service for the longer period.

    I picked up two more HSAT's since this one, both WWII examples, one just a relic shell with wartime paint on the inside and post war paint on the outside, with some serious dents in the top of the dome. Second is a 1944 BMB marked example with a few coats of post war over paint and a flash on the side. Inside it is marked to a member of the Royal Engineers Squadron with an army number from 1964 and also a number 41 as well as 5 white stripes to mark his jumps done.
  11. Eric-Jan Bakker

    I am so saddened to hear of the passing of E-J, he was a good man and we used to exchange emails, he will be missed. Respect, RIP.
  12. It is an addiction, though unlike drink or drugs you can resell it after you have enjoyed it for years.....
  13. Early war issue, there is some debate on these smooth exterior with a brown tint to them, I have one and I always thought that these were an early army issue, but others contend that these are home front issue, including some of the most knowledgeable collectors, and have to admit that they probably know more than me.
  14. Yes, looks perfect for army use, a good helmet Shaun.
  15. More likely to be BMB (Briggs Motor Bodies) 43 and as it has textured interior that fits with it being a later helmet. BMB were were one of the more prolific makers especially mid war on.