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  1. Thanks Marcus. Any of these Maori pioneer badges are pretty scarce but this latest Firmin collar so far seems to be very uncommon.
  2. fantastic collection of named fs caps Marcus, absolutely superb Imo.
  3. I also have a tankers badge
  4. It is indeed Ade's, a very fine example. I have a mint unissed pair in a drawer somewhere.
  5. Mons ACF Coth version on its original beret alongside the AA and GM versions
  6. I thought you already knew it was a tankers badge, and it was the one above you were asking about. It can only be a div sign or arm of service strip.
  7. Perhaps part of the div formation sign that high up his arm, certainly too high for a rank or trade patch to be above the tankers badge though it might be the end pf the arm of service strip
  8. Post 1905 blackened OR's maker marked Lambourne's Birmingham, less commonly seen than the Lambournes & Co mark.
  9. A fine pick up Marcus. I have a few Ab 64's and other army books. One has his hometown/parish details snipped out of it. These are often in bad condition, they are quite flimsy and have to accompany the soldier wherever he served, though great things to have IMO. The BD is either a battledress serge (37 pattern) or a 40 pattern but either way it is of the type that was manufactured before autumn 1942 when the austerity pattern was introduced with exposed buttons, though of course it might have been issued later than that.
  10. Well, I managed to get a Firmin collar to make a near pair of collars. The Firmin badges were made late in the war and have a diffeence in the die that on a Gaunt would make them a fake, that being the necklace which is not fretted. Also this Firmin collar has the not very often seen blade fixings more typical of OSD cap badges. I was lucky to pick this up local to em for avery cheap price.
  11. An Italian model 1928 2nd pattern sun helmet which was taken into German navy service during the second half of the war, probably after Italy left the war and Germany took over control of all of Italy and all their depots etc.It has unusual Tropical shield insignia which are only seen on these Italian/German conversions and are considered to be theater made, but probably by Italian makers under German orders. These special type of shields are covered in Ken N's book on German Combat helmets of WWII on page 397-399. The other feature that distinguishes these official conversions is they have a property of the German armed forces or Navy inkstamp inside them. If they don't have the stamp they are either field conversions or post war put togethers.It is damaged and has some considerable areas of staining and has a period repair but is a very rare helmet and most of those you see were found mint and unissued on the island of Capri in the 1970's.£300 plus P&P.
  12. WWII German air force tropical sun helmet made by Clemens Wagner, nicely marked thought the makers name is tucked behind the sweatband. Undated but it is from 1941-43. All original parts though I replaced the eagle with an original I owned, otherwise untouched. Sadly many of these lost their badges but I had one to put on it as they can be hard to find and expensive if you don't have one. Note there is some damage to the dome but it is still solid and there is some staining/dirt all of which can be seen in the pictures. P&P depends on what you want and where you live. £300 but always open to sensible offers Feel free to ask any questions or for other photo's of anything you want to see.
  13. The Queen's Regiment was an infantry regiment of the British Army formed in 1966 through the amalgamation of the four regiments of the Home Counties Brigade. In turn, the regiment became part of Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment in a further amalgamation with the Royal Hampshire Regiment in 1992. AA maker marked to Dowler Birmingham.
  14. RE in AA double marked to JR. Gaunt London with the metal slider. The same badge is sometimes seen with London on the badge and Birmingham on the slider.