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  1. Of course Graham, I forgot about the stripe. Do you know much about them, how and why they were awarded etc?
  2. if your man was wounded and you found a swb for him, that might be him, though unless he was discharged because of his wounds he would not get one. The UK did not give an equivalent of a wound badge.
  3. thanks, though they are a bit small to see any detail.
  4. Without some other info to narrow your search, you will I think struggle to go any further. Without his medals or other link to a regiment, or photo's of him in uniform. Was there no service papers surviving for any of those with his name? they would say where he was from ,age, parents name etc
  5. Some records are on Ancestry, whilst others are on some of the other similar sites, forces war records or the national archives site, the latter is good for war diaires which sometimes give good info on what the regiments and battalions were doing, even naming individual soldiers if you are very lucky, though officers tend to be much better represented than other ranks. I have a war diary mention by name of a soldier being wounded, which is very rare as he was a sergeant. He is also mentioned with a photograph of him in a local newspaper. I only use ancestry but do not have an account any more so can only search MIC's except when they have free searches every now and then.
  6. Sadly many were destroyed during the Luftwaffe bombings during WWII, I think only a small & survived and it is only a matter of luck if those for any soldier you are interested have done. I think about %10-20 of the medals I own have surviving service and/or pension records for them. It really makes a difference if they have survived.
  7. For this mans medal trio, I was lucky enough to find his service papers which give the full reason for his discharge.
  8. Sometimes they specify wounds and in some cases it is possible to find out exactly what the wound was, but in many cases all you get is sickness, which can be many things, often old soldiers were just simply no longer fit enough to serve, whilst others with minor wounds were transferred to the labour corps for lighter non frontline duties.
  9. Indian airborne forces pegasus formation flash, printed type.
  10. £45 Afrikakorps by Scipion & Bastien 1996 prices on amazon start at &74 £20 German soldiers of WWII by jean de garde prices on amazon start at £27 £25 SS uniforms insignia and accoutrements by A Hayes prices on amazon start at £38 £30 German army uniforms heer 1933-1945 by Cardona and Sanchez prices on amazon start at £45 £12 German army uniforms of WWII in colour photographs by Wade Krawczyk prices on amazon start at £17 £12 Waffen-SS uniforms and insignia by Krawczyk & Lukacs Waffen-SS uniforms and insignia by Krawczyk & Lukacs prices on amazon start at £18. Always open to offers, paypal fees included P&P at cost
  11. always good to complete a set, cool lid.
  12. Here is an illustration to show the two types of lugs
  13. from the badly out of focus pic of the chinstrap mount, it appears to be a split rivet type meaning it is a British made helmet. Many were issued to us troops on the war. 5 bucks is a very good price.
  14. WWI US Army helmet, a picture of the chinstrap lug and the liner would help if you can't post the complete helmet. The marking D/A could be for the British makers Dixon, but the list of US makers is not so well known.