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  1. Jerry B

    what kind of belt is that:

    as already stated, Sam Browne belt with chinese buckle, the buckle might be a copy from looking at
  2. Jerry B

    Any ideas on these?

    unusual to see Boer war trench art shells, but they are not particularly finely worked and imo I would have said nearer £30, maybe a bit more because they are unusual, all depends on what buyers are willing to pay.
  3. Jerry B

    The Silver War (Wound) Badge

    the couple of badges I have and one certificate
  4. Jerry B

    UK medal collection from WW1

    stunning collection of top class medals
  5. very nice set. could have been made in the far east/china
  6. thanks mate, I though that was the case but it came up recently. I assume the cannuck nicked it off a squaddie
  7. Hard to read them clearly, but, suggest, 12 ra for 12th royal artillery Rga for Royal garrison artillery I am away from home therefore can't easily do any more for now
  8. I see this type sometimes claimed as canadian, is that true or are they british?
  9. it seems they did, dates of production are compiled by owners sharing their images and dates, there is no factory manufactures lists for most of these things
  10. welcome to the forum, generally ebay is probably your best bet to sell these items. Showing some pics here would be good, for reference. Usually the earlier dated cap would be worth more but commonly WWII or earlier dated caps fetch better money than newer examples, though Irish guards probably appeal to specialist collectors
  11. Jerry B

    military tool box ?

    I never look at off site pics, who knows what you will find or get, ended up on some porn sites before now and the risk of a virus...
  12. no need, someone might happen across it one day and be able to answer
  13. can you upload pics directly to the site, I am not willing to download anything to my com?
  14. sorry, a bit early for most of the members area of interest here
  15. 41st foot were the welch regiment
  16. south staffordshire regiment I think, late victorian to early 20th century so boer war would be about right, it does have value, an officers tunic, for 2nd lieutenant
  17. Jerry B

    Border regiment

    Or's sadly missing its slider, sandcast example so possibly theater made.
  18. Jerry B

    Big Ned

    I was saddened to hear of his passing, gone but not forgotten Ned, RIP
  19. Had these since my Father passed away in 1993. He was a WWII vet who served with the Royal Corps of Signals before, during and after the war and was a WOI (warrant officer first class) when he left. He was mentioned in Dispatches for carrying a wounded trooper to safety whilst under enemy fire and on another occasion was himself wounded by shrapnel when the troopship he was on was attacked by Torpedo. The badge is the plastic war time economy issue. I also have two pictures of him in the Western Desert and on the reverse of the picture with the wine bottles,it says on the reverse, "these wine bottles WERE full", implying that they had drunk the wine!
  20. bumping my late fathers medals, it think this was the first post in this section on this forum
  21. A thread to share your British military themed post cards. My small collection, mostly circa WWI, but a few from the interwars period.
  22. it has been ages since i added any here, this post card for the south wales borderers is my most recent acquisition, dating to between the 1880's and 1905 during the period when they wore white collar and cuffs rather than pale green.