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  1. A recent addition, my last badge purchase before the end of 2020. Never seen a pair before, only miss matched singles
  2. some of these badges were made in such low numbers that they are almost hand made one offs for each badge. This Montgomeryshire Yeomanry Cavalry badge is very much of the same type, hand made in low numbers, each one an individual badge
  3. textbook WWI british made MKI, lots of these were issued to the Americans before they made enough of their own type the M1917
  4. this forum is very quiet these days, so no surprise you have had no responses.
  5. I think the dunkirk medal is the only one I had previously heard of.
  6. I have never seen any of these, are they privately issued, or purchased by those who are entitled to them ,or just anyone?
  7. Jerry B

    How to Research British Medals?

    if you ever had a paid subscription for ancestry, mine has lapsed, you still get access to the MIC's and can also take advantage of the free access that they offer to all records every now and then, usually during the anniversary of major military events such as armistice day commemorations
  8. Jerry B

    Glamorgan Yeomanry

    glamorgan yeomanry by Lambourne, it is a poor version but that is typical of the lambourne made badges and appears to have been repaired
  9. unsure of date, but probably post WWII, band members podium drape for the percussionist. A lovely and very uncommon item with it and the others being shown in use by the band at Caernarvon castle in 1989.
  10. Jerry B

    The Silver War (Wound) Badge

    the SWB roll
  11. Jerry B

    what kind of belt is that:

    as already stated, Sam Browne belt with chinese buckle, the buckle might be a copy from looking at
  12. Jerry B

    Any ideas on these?

    unusual to see Boer war trench art shells, but they are not particularly finely worked and imo I would have said nearer £30, maybe a bit more because they are unusual, all depends on what buyers are willing to pay.
  13. Jerry B

    The Silver War (Wound) Badge

    the couple of badges I have and one certificate
  14. Jerry B

    UK medal collection from WW1

    stunning collection of top class medals
  15. very nice set. could have been made in the far east/china
  16. thanks mate, I though that was the case but it came up recently. I assume the cannuck nicked it off a squaddie
  17. Hard to read them clearly, but, suggest, 12 ra for 12th royal artillery Rga for Royal garrison artillery I am away from home therefore can't easily do any more for now
  18. I see this type sometimes claimed as canadian, is that true or are they british?
  19. it seems they did, dates of production are compiled by owners sharing their images and dates, there is no factory manufactures lists for most of these things
  20. welcome to the forum, generally ebay is probably your best bet to sell these items. Showing some pics here would be good, for reference. Usually the earlier dated cap would be worth more but commonly WWII or earlier dated caps fetch better money than newer examples, though Irish guards probably appeal to specialist collectors
  21. Jerry B

    military tool box ?

    I never look at off site pics, who knows what you will find or get, ended up on some porn sites before now and the risk of a virus...
  22. no need, someone might happen across it one day and be able to answer
  23. can you upload pics directly to the site, I am not willing to download anything to my com?
  24. sorry, a bit early for most of the members area of interest here