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  1. easterneagle87

    Three Unknown badges

    Again, may not be British. I got these in a mixed lot of WW1-WW2-Post WW2 insignia. If they aren't British, please ID then you can delete the post. Crossed cannon over an ordnance bomb/flame.
  2. easterneagle87

    Three Unknown badges

    I don't even know if these are British.
  3. Am a Yank, so my knowledge of British badges is limited. Presented are two badges I haven't been able to got identify. Lots of good information here, but am still navigating my way around. Your help in identifying would be very much appreciated. Double horns and the round one bottom left corner. Both have straight back pins. The 2 horn badge has been refitted with a straight back pin, replacing the older double loop and cotter pin. the Circle badge is marked on the back: Henry Slinsby LTF, Nuneaton
  4. easterneagle87

    unknown bayonet

    A friend of mine picked up this bayonet. Can anyone id? I've looked and asked but nothing firm. How about it..anyone?
  5. I picked up this Hindenburg Cross in a mixed lot. It is marked on the back, 84 , R V , PFOPZHEIM. I know what the medal is and is for, My question is, who is the maker? I couldn't get close enough with camera or scanner to get a true clear shot. I have a spare ribbon, but could us period ring to complete it.
  6. easterneagle87

    Unknown Horn badge

    While looking for similar badges, I saw these, Brit Yorkshire Light Infantry insignia. Similar but not quite right.
  7. easterneagle87

    Unknown Horn badge

    Here are two smaller ones. One has an eagle in the middle the other has the numeral "6" inside.
  8. easterneagle87

    Unknown Horn badge

    not sure what your reply means
  9. I have this badge and I have NO clue as to what it is. British, French, Belgium? If I can get this one ID'd I have two more that maybe easier.
  10. easterneagle87

    Knights Cross Tell me it's bad

    Someone actually bought it for around $75 USD. Sucker!
  11. Greetings to one and all. I am, Benjamin Storms. I have posted here before, but only briefly. Am fairly new to the site and am looking for a place to have helpful/insightful comments on items I come across. Am a vet and served most of my time in the late 80's - early 90's with the 101st ABN DIV. Did my tour as a helicopter Platoon Leader w/ 6-101st AVN BN, flying the old UH-1H (Hueys). I departed the Army during the big down sizing of the early 90's, so it's been awhile. I have always been a patch guy and since I was there, my primary collection is Desert Shield/Storm & Gulf War 1 patches. Most were really made after we got back as the "war" was really short. I don't have a war room yet, so I'm like every other collector, hoarding and storing till the day I do. I collect a lot of areas. WW1 Victory medals ( the gentleman whom I knew as one of my grandfathers was in France-wounded twice-during WW1), Post WW2 Cold War stuff that catches my eye. The odder or more unique, the better. I do pick, buy and sell, as it helps pay for the items I want to keep for later. I'm not going to ask you, "how much is it worth." Buying is in the eye of the beholder. If they want it, they'll pay what they want. I will ask for opinions on identifying, legitimacy & accuracy. If you're willing to share your knowledge, I'm willing to listen to it. I really enjoy bird dogging stuff for other people. Let me know what you're looking for and I'll keep my eye out. I enjoy the hunt and finding a nugget is a good day. I am in Northern California as an area for reference. I look forward to sharing with you what's in my bag. Regards, BEN
  12. Saw this and thought I'd toss it out. The "1939" doesn't match examples I've seen. I think it's bad, but I'd thought I'd post it for opinions. Am new to this forum and I like to bird dog items for others.