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  1. Belles

    Spanish Medals Book

    Hello. This month, i have publishe my new book about spanish military orders, with special reference at their documents. It is a study of types and variats of concession military documents. The book has got 5 large blocks. 1. Documents of the Order of Sant Fernando. (From 1811 to 1860). 2. Documents of the Order of Sant Hermenegildo (From the foundation to Alfonso XII) 3. Promotion Documents. (From Fernando VII to Alfonso XIII) 4. Documents of the Order of Military Merit. From its foundation to Alfonso XIII. In this section, in addition to thedifferents types and variants, there are a study of the evolution ofthis order, with photographs of several orders. It is a Din A4 book, full in color with 246 pages and, of course, although the protagonists of this book are the documents, there are also pictures of numerous orders and decorations, as well as military medals. Finally, as a result of the documents of the War of Independence and of the Independence of the Colonies of America, the book show a type of condecoration called ´´shield of distinction``, with a compilation of them. The reader will be able to see a collection of more than 70 shields of distinction from the War of Independence, the Royal Army in america and the Liberation Army. If you are interested or need more information, please, tell me. Regards, Antonio.
  2. Belles

    Spanish Medals Book

    To buy the book you can buy it in ebay.com https://www.ebay.com/itm/book-about-Spanish-Orders-and-medals-/253219926794?hash=item3af515730a:g:XQwAAOSwZKBZKroA Or you can send me a PM and so save money!!
  3. Belles

    Spanish Medals Book

    Last Copies!! i only have 5 books to finish de edition. Regards
  4. Hello. A nice photo of a veteran of spanish blue división with medals. We can see 7 medals. The photo is 11,5 cm x 17,5cm Price is 30 EUR excl. Shipping (shipping based on where you live). Regards
  5. Belles

    Spanish Awards

    Hello Mark, Thanks for your words. Yes, it is a nice medal with a very interesting history and types. In my book, I show others types and photos of soldiers with this medals. To get this medal the soldier must be injured while he was doing an action in combat. If he was not doing a''relevant`` action in combat and failed injured, I have receibed only this badge. In this photo the soldier has got this medals and two badge. Maybe because one time was injured in action and the other was injured in combat but without special action. Regards,
  6. Belles

    Spanish Awards

    Yes, the medal with three dates, finally I could find the division!! Here a medal about the spanish blue division. It is made in Spain. Regards,
  7. Belles

    Spanish Awards

    Hello Antonio, Here, you have got the photo. Regards,
  8. Belles

    Spanish Awards

    Group of ´´ Medalla sufrimientos por la Patria``. This medal was established by the King Fernando VII. In the beginning was to prisoners, and in 1918 was established that this medals could be to the war wounded. (The wounded have a red blade) as It was a very appreciate medal in the Spanish civil war and in the Spanish blue division. In this type of medal, is very important the date and place that we can see in the ribbon.
  9. Belles

    Spanish Awards

    Today, I would like to show you a military merit, of the Spanish civil war. It's a type manufactured in Italy, because when Franco started the war, the manufacturers, with the exception of''Faci`` from Zaragoza, was in the Republic area. There are several types of military merit manufactured in Italy (as you can see in my book) but this is the most representative. It is called ''rose and wolves'' because we can see the rose and not grenade, and wolves hen it had to have lions. There are other type, where the manufacturer have put well the grenade, but not change the wolves. Regards
  10. Belles

    Spanish Awards

    Thanks Antonio, i am going to take photos of other military merit of the civil war and blue division to show you. Regards!!
  11. Belles

    Spanish Awards

    Hello, Today i would like show you some medal about the spanish civil war and the spanish blue división. This medal, is a military merit, manufactured by Castells.
  12. Belles

    Spanish Awards

    Mark, Bart thank for your words!! Today I want show you an other military merit. It is a Order Of military merit 2º class. It was realized by Gerardo Castells, a manufacturer from Barcelona You can see that the crown has been cut. It was a practice of the 2º republic (1931-1936), because the orders and medals didn´t had to show symbols about monarchy There are medals what have lost the crown and the ´´lises`` of the blue center and the four ´´lises`` that we can see next to the cross. But other owners thought that removed the crown was enough and the ´´lises`` there were something about the design of the order and no for the goverment. The owner had to decided buy a new medals or make this modification in her old medals. When the medal was of hight quatily, as for example this that is made with gold, silver and enamel, the price was important.
  13. Belles

    Spanish Medals Book

    If someone ares interested , can buy in this page or send me a MP http://www.todocoleccion.net/militaria-libros-literatura/las-recompensas-ejercitos-africa-1860-1936~x91716782 Regards