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  1. Hi Erich, You now pice is locks good. Wer did you buy it, privet ? I will post my updates this days to. mfg fredy
  2. Hi Gaston I have found something on the Internet about then Russian order(medal). I thing it is a very rare Pice! I have tried to translate everything in Englisch as well. Woht are you collecting? Sorry that i take thet long to Write Back. Russian Medal: "It is the Round Medal my fours Post the last Pic " Silver sign (medallion) with picture (coinage) of the holy prince Vladimir and Holy sweet princess Olga, founded by the central committee of name Vladimir in recollection(memory) of 950 anniversaries from the date of the baptism of Russia number 163. China, Shanghai in 1938 unknown workshop. Without brand name. Silver, diameter 30.0 mm. Well-preserved, nice patina, at the back of the sign (medallion) in the edges of the picture of Olga is a number 163 ausgeschnitzt. Quite rare central committee of name Vladimir in errinerung at 950 anniversaries from the date of the baptism of Russia was in Shanghai. The honourings were awarded(given away) in 1938, besides, there were honourings one more document with stamp of central committee
  3. Hi Gaston, Some of the Medals are hard to find, ohr geht information. Are you collecting this kind ? Actually the things do not fit in my collection But I thought I take them home with to view. Wen you are a collecter you can never life them behind. thx for the fast Help. Fredy
  4. hi guys I hope you Guys can help me with information? I do not know what these Medalie are and can not find any thing about it? fredy
  5. AH Hello my Friends, Beautiful pieces, I'm still on the lookout for 2 teaspoons. I love AH formal flatware, my wife and I use our flatware every Sunday. :-) I also have a new piece. A potato spoon. I have it captured by a Russian in Berlin in 1945, a dream piece. James, I can only add that I'm stuck on AH formula to. How Are you all dowing? MFG fredy
  6. Hi Erich, Thx frome Bavaria and for the Post.
  7. FredyFang

    Formal Pattern

    Hi Pioneer, Nice that you like the pices. Can you Post you fork? Woth are you Collecting? MfG Fredy
  8. FredyFang

    Formal Pattern

    Hi Members, I wont to show you my Ah Silver Collection, it tock my a long time to geht all this stuffe. And i am Prod to have it back in Bavaria. I hope you like it. My Wife and my yous it every week Have fun. fredy
  9. Very nice Pieces. Where did you grab these items? mfg fredy
  10. FredyFang

    Show your SS items

    Hi, My silver fork. I goht thos from Nürnberg. mfg
  11. I have some now pieces too. What did you get?
  12. FredyFang

    Bamberg Reiter

    Hi I hope you can read this. There is the Connection to Bamberg City . The Reiter is a Symbol for Bamberg and the Nazis. Me and Erich talked over Bamberg because I live 20 minutes drive from Bamberg. How do i get an Email when someone posts something in the Forum? mfg
  13. Hi Guys, did somebody goth some now Formal Pices? Thx fredy