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  1. Very interesting and hard hitting grouping...
  2. Its RK Marble, with what looks to be one of AH Letter head Eagles stuck to it. A souvenir taken by an Allied Service man.
  3. Hi! Here is my contribution... Taken as an early souvenir
  4. Very nice research and Soldbuch well done!
  5. Hi Everyone! I am having trouble working out who this SS Hauptsturmführer is, I have his signature on several places also with a SS Panzer Gren Regiment 6 'TE' Stamp. Regards
  6. Thanks to Ian - SS Hauptsturmführer Ferdinand Zachmann
  7. A few more signatures... Interestingly he got an Einsatzurlaub in Jan 1944, with SS Geb.Jäg.A.u.E Batl 6.
  8. Supposedly the last days of the unit are covered in one of the last editions of : Soldaten, Kämpfer, Kameraden" von Wolfgang Vopersal.
  9. Hi Kevin, Thanks for the reply. Its a SS Soldbuch to a SS Sturmmann, who served in: Gen.Kdo. / IV SS Panzer Korps - Kommandant Hauptquartier then 4 Kompanie, SS Panzer Grenadier Regiment 6 'Theodor Eicke' The SS Sturmann was wounded in April 1944 with a 31b, he died of his injury in May 1945 in Passau. Any help would be great also any information on his units at that time! Thanks!
  10. I have had a few Wehrpasses of the Halbe find though my hands, as for the box you can find these document boxes relatively easy in Germany, I have one in the cellar with all my camping stuff in it!