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  1. Hi Jim, Thanks for the comments, this bird is one of the larger desk eagles at 25cm/ just under 10 inches wide, Cheers, Phil
  2. Nice piece Willem, congratulations. I thought I'd share a recent pick-up as well that I quite like, a Heer Eagle on Marble, rzm 3/100 for emmrich+schoenig berlin, typical for these guys, also known for their Nuremberg & NSKK Birds. Cheers, Philhc C
  3. ReichsAdler

    Reichs Adler Fruit Bowl

    Thanks again guys, I really appreciate your positive comments abaout such an unusual piece. The inscription says: "DAS OFFIZIERKORPS DER KRAFTFAHR ERSATZ-ABTEILUNG 7 IHREM KOMMANDEUR ZUM NOVEMBER 1939" or roughly translated as "THE OFFICER CORPS OF AUTOMOTIVE SPARE DIVISION 7 COMMANDER TO YOU November 1939", Cheers, Phil
  4. ReichsAdler

    Reichs Adler Fruit Bowl

    Hi, Bart, Jim, John, Thanks for the positive comments, yes, the eagles are very unusual so I thought I might be the only one who liked it, I'm glad you guys like it too, I guess the eagles are shaped this way as they are acting as the bowls legs, here are a couple more shots and I will try to work out the full engraved inscription, Cheers.
  5. Thought I'd share this with anyone else who likes quirky Third Reich functional Art pieces. This item was straight from Germany to the Max show and I think it is a very nice fruit bowl award. Each of the three eagles has the little base attached seperately to the eagles and the eagles themselves are attched to the bowl with pins. A very heavy piece and a lot of work has gone into this one, the bowl is quarter-inch thick bronze, hand beaten into a bowl, the eagles are a very detailed and distinctive hand-cast bronze and holes drilled into the bowl for the attachment pins. The bowl is engraved with a dedication regarding "Kraftfahr in November 1939" and the piece is also maker-marked by F.v.M, also nice patina as well as would be expected for a bronze piece this old. Cheers Phil
  6. ReichsAdler

    flags collection

    I could be wrong but I am starting to agree that you really like flags, I also like these flags - A lot... Do you also collet the Pole Toppers for them??
  7. Hi Br. James, your argument is very convincing and makes a lot of sense. I am now very excited about hopefully finding out who my four GPB's belonged to. I guess I have at least a 1 in 4 chance of finding out an owner. Erich S, can you please PM me Mikes contact details as well so I can seek his help finding out about these badges, Cheers, Phil
  8. ReichsAdler

    A couple of Plates

    Thanks heaps for showing the backs - fantastic plates, Those DAF plates are also amazing, I have never seen the second one you show, congratulations, Cheers, Phil
  9. ReichsAdler

    A couple of Plates

    I echo Erich's sentiment- magnificent and rarely seen, any chance of seeing the backs? Cheers, Phil
  10. You are 100% right Br. James. Thats why I love Woolgars & DHF's collections so much, It is great to see these wonderful medals in the cases that they were awarded in. One day maybe I will be lucky enough to find a cased NSDAP award.........In the meantime these and nearly all of my other medals will remain homeless....., Cheers, Phil
  11. Shouldn't these posts be in the Political and Civilian Awards section of the forum with the other Long Service Award posts??? And way DHF, the 25 Year NSDAP is also my favorite Third Reich Medal, here is the Heavy (Thick) Souval version (with required left wing flaw) and the Lighter (Thin) Deumer version. Also DHF, I love your cased version and the Medal bar version.... So very, very nice.......congrats, Phil
  12. I am very happy just having a couple of GPB's and am fine not knowing who they belonged to, Knights Crosses of the Iron Cross, Knights Crosses of the War Merit Crosses etc. are also high and honourable awards and are rarely attributable but still very nice examples of awards of the period. Here is another award that I am fine with unattributed but am happy to do what most people with these particular unattributed awards did up untill a few years ago and stamp a number on it....
  13. Br James, Thanks for your very informative answer, you indeed have a passion for the history and traditions of this often underestimated 'honour' badge. I think it is fantastic that you have collected and studied these badges for so long and more importantly recognise the significance and importance of them in the context in which they were awarded , your enthusiasm for these scarcely awarded badges is most refreshing as is your willingness to help educate and enlighten the rest of us who certainly benefit from your accumulated wisdom. One day I am sure that curiosity will get the better of me and I will then attempt to find out who they belong to. They are all different numbers - unfortunately none of these badges are a pair of same numbered large & small, so at least I have a 1 in 4 chance of identifying one of them... All the best, Phil
  14. An absolutely top shelf badge and super nice with the stick-pin, congratulations- very nice, Phil
  15. Very nice indeed, these miniature mutter kreuz's are really high quality items compared to other miniatures and Deumer is a top shelf maker, Cheers, Phil