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  1. That's a great cap tally JustinG. Now you just need a Luftschiff document group to go with it! :-)
  2. U-Boat Grouping

    This is a GREAT group! Any U-boat group with the U-boat badge doc is really nice, but this also has the EK2. Along with the photos, it is a great group. If Karl Schuster signed his EK2 doc, that would suggest Schuster was his captain. And I have that Schuster commanded one(1) U-boat in WWI; U-60. From Feb 1917 until July 1918 U-60 attacked 55 ships; 52 sunk and the largest among them was the English Armadale. A 6,153 ton Steamer. PS: I don't know how many Imperial collectors there were when this posted, but you can add one more now that I joined the forum.