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  1. These are great bars! HS #1467 / OEK #2221 -I think finding the non-sword version of the Saxon Ehrenkreuz is more uncommon than the with swords, but that is what makes these bars really interesting. According to H/S; The award was initiated by King Albert on 1/31/1876 "For reward and recognition" for "notable actions " or "extraordinary merits". The silver medals of the Order of Merit and the Albert order can be replaced by this new award and could be exchanged for them too. There were further changes to the regulations on 1/18/1901 and 10/18/1907. I think the Schwarzburg ribbon represents the Ehrenzeichen Medal HS#1904/EOK #2833. It is unlikely that it is one of classes of the Honor cross. The Honor crosses would be awarded higher ranking soldiers and/or ones with years of previous service (with Long service awards). An additional clue (but not necessary) is the ordering of the first ribbon bar above. It ranks it below the HK. "Foreign" state awards could follow the home state's awards, but an Order rank should be moved up. It is true that the Schwarzburg ribbon alone could have denoted the wartime Ehrenzeichen medal. They don't need the crossed swords, but they put them on anyway. I attribute this to the fact that after 1934 when the Hindenburg commemorative cross was awarded, the crossed swords would denote a former combatant. Likewise, the soldiers would put that device over to their Schwarzburg ribbons, because there was a non-combatant medal that used that same ribbon. The former combatants would want to make it clear they were awarded the wartime medal and not a non-combantant award. If I had to speculate, I would say that the Saxon Ehrenkreuz award was awarded just prior to WWI. Then the gentleman served in a unit where he earned the EK2 and the Schwarzburg medal and after 1934 added the HK and had the ribbon bar constructed. He moved the awards around to suit his audience and his liking (against regulations!) Congrats on the bars! Do you have much of a Schwarzburg collection? It was a real interest of mine.
  2. That's a great cap tally JustinG. Now you just need a Luftschiff document group to go with it! :-)
  3. Claudius

    U-Boat Grouping

    This is a GREAT group! Any U-boat group with the U-boat badge doc is really nice, but this also has the EK2. Along with the photos, it is a great group. If Karl Schuster signed his EK2 doc, that would suggest Schuster was his captain. And I have that Schuster commanded one(1) U-boat in WWI; U-60. From Feb 1917 until July 1918 U-60 attacked 55 ships; 52 sunk and the largest among them was the English Armadale. A 6,153 ton Steamer. PS: I don't know how many Imperial collectors there were when this posted, but you can add one more now that I joined the forum.