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  1. Thanks, TinLid. Do you know of any other examples of Israeli brodies?
  2. Here are some larger (I hope) pictures of the helmet. I appreciate any help.
  3. Jerry, I appreciate your help. What size image would be helpful? What details should I include? Mark
  4. Greetings to Masters of All Knowledge regarding Brodie helmets! I recently picked up this helmet in a junk shop and I am curious about it. I believe it is a Mk2 which someone repainted white at some point. I've cleaned it and found the base paint layer is a dark green with a khaki color applied overtop. I have found no numbers/makers stamps and since it is good shape would like to clean and repaint the helmet. It is non-magnetic, and the liner was attached with an aluminum rivet. Any information you may offer is welcome, as well as any advice on what the proper color should be. When I figure out how to attach some pictures, I will.