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  1. This is quite an exciting Flugbuch someone who finds this in a pile of stuff has good reason to be happy! The FP-Nummer seems to be III/KG77 indeed. As Richards says it is nice to see such a clear writing and also those additional remarks in the last column are helpful. Not sure it is possible to find out what his role was. Begleiter (companion) does not say much in a crew of more than two. He had a lot of FT-Flüge so he was probably trained particularly in operating the radio but I guess that is true for many crewmen. Strange is flight No. 142 where he apparently forgot to board the plane
  2. 91 Luftland Division

    There is a La Ronde Haye West of Saint Lo.
  3. Another good skip find

    I don't understand those people. Even if they don't want to keep it why don't they give it to a mate who sells at fleamarkets? CDVs and old postcards are not something supervaluable but how can one not realize that a 100 years old postcard is something which other people would want?
  4. 91 Luftland Division

    That is a cool soldbuch. Entry on page 19 says: Collected 13.07.1944 and moved on to unit. Feldgendarmerie. Apparently he was lost. I am sure the soldier you found on Volksbund is your guy - Flötenstein is really not a big settlement and it is very unlikely that there were two guys with that name from that place. Interesting that Volksbund mentions his rank as Jäger which might mean that he was sent on to a FJ unit where he was killed. Should be fun researching this one!
  5. Very nice group! It would be so interesting to know more of the nature of the fighting around that Haalderen. It sais he was killed by shrapnel but who knows if that isn't just the normal explanation given to relatives. Feldpost can be a frustrating thing. I had an entire box of letters of one soldier and they were all about sending packages with food back and forth. And of course there is the normal how is the family stuff etc. Good luck with those letters but it will be hard work
  6. AR 102

    I think the thing on page 24 means: Art der Entlassung: du (a.v. Nachuntersuchung Mai 1942) Gem. Stellv. Gen. Kdo. XI AK Abt. IIbz (4901/41) Az. 12f. v. 6.6.41 Ärztliches Entlassungsurteil: Entlassungsfähig. Stationäre Behandlung noch erforderlich. So it gives no real additional info, just what we expected. They checked him 6.6.1941 and again 5.1942 and he was not able to be a soldier for whatever reason. He was however able to work. He could be released but stationary treatment was still necessary. So it seems to be a thing which took years. I would too guess it might be a mental case.
  7. I have one which might fit here. This is the soldbuch of Franz Braun. Initially he was a very normal Pionier at the Eastern Front. But in 1944 he moved away from the front to some Technische Einsatzkompanie 13 which was later enlarged to a Bataillon. At first it seemed a bit illogical to move an experienced frontline soldier to some support unit behind the front but there was something more important to do. His unit supported the Reichsbahn in the Ruhrgebiet. They were the guys who had to keep the trains going. I have added a few pictures of the destruction of Essen to give an idea of their task (credits go to this very good web-site: http://www.trolley-mission.de ). Visible is huge destruction of the Krupp Werke and the city but also lines of trains in the background - so it seems their fight was not totally in vain. They were probably based in Engste which is outside of Dortmund. A location which was relatively safe and from where they could reach all the cities in the Ruhrgebiet relatively quickly. With the soldbuch came a confirmation that he was in the so called Luftkriegseinsatz (air-war) dated January 1945 and another one which allowed him to move in railway facilities in the Ruhrgebiet.
  8. It is really fantastic that you have info like a Stellenbesetzung as per 1945. It is so helpful if such additional details are available but I guess these cavalrymen made sure that their tradition lives on and that the documents are in good order. I know not much about cavalryunits unfortunately but it seems they were quite special in terms of equipment etc. Something like a mix of recon and security unit. Would be nice to see more of those!
  9. Ok, here is another picture of the Halbe box. Seems that pictures of the Ratisbons box are in the internet for some time and maybe mistaken for pictures of the Halbe box. But the Halbe box seems to be the same model but the colour is damaged a bit differently.
  10. Wait a moment, now that I look at it ... is this not the same box?!
  11. Here is one of the Halbe box.
  12. I see this now - that is very well researched! I guess in these relatively remote places even some remainders of their positions are still to be seen. Out of curiosity I googled both German Nahkampftage and it let me to very different places. That shows how misleading that info can be - especially for days recorded on the Eastern Front. By the way - a good book about 715. Infanterie Division is apprently still not available. It seems you would be just the guy to do the job!
  13. This is a fantastic find and I would love to see that it is kept together by the buyer. But there is also the other side of the coin. Once a friend told me that he got such a hoardfind from a Gebirgsjäger unit (don't know where it was found). I asked him if he kept them together and he said no. Initially he wanted but he said after a while he asked himself what he is supposed to do with dozens of GJ wehrpässe which were basically all the same. Same here - what do you do with 50 Wehrpässe of a Bau-Pionier Bataillon? Personally I would find it a better solution to just make a short documentation of how it was found, a list of the soldiers etc. and give it with every Wehrpass you sell. That way history is not lost and many guys will get an interesting item of an otherwise relatively boring unit. Same with the Halbe box - I am not unhappy it was split but I am unhappy that it was not documented before it was split.
  14. Very nice soldbuch. I also like Flak soldbücher though it is pretty hard to research them. Such a list with shot down planes is totally interesting. Took him only a month to get the necessary points. He must have been a crewman on a 150cm Scheinwerfer which entitled him to be awarded the badge.
  15. Very nice documents! I would not have realized that a unit with such a normal name like Aufkl. Abt. 55 was a part of a very special division.