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  1. Good soldbuch! Of course I like the Stug44 entry. I was wondering why he got a silver wound badge and not a black one. Must have been a heavy wound but fortunately he was not disabled and was able to work again half a year after the wounding.
  2. Well, whenever I see pictures of Finish troops I have the impression their uniforms were exactly what they needed for their type of warfare.
  3. The number in brackets is how many times it was printed?! 400'000 times "Hitler, wie ihn keiner kennt" Seems they wanted to be on the safe side in case they receive large orders
  4. Very nice Wehrpass. I like such items a lot - they are totally interesting but still affordable. I would be happy with this Wehrpass too. I was thinking what might have happened to them. They attacked a railwaystation in 1941 with a pulk of bombers and the one of their Gruppenkommandeur managed to disappear without a trace. If this was an attack during daylight it is very unfortunate no other aircrew noticed what happened to them.
  5. It is good that we don't have the usual SS hype on this forum but let's not forget them totally - they saw a lot of very hard fighting too and also did not get their awards for free This one was KIA December 1944.
  6. Spectacular items - here something more normal but I like the wiederholungsspangen.
  7. Ok, it is not the best picture but at least he looks a bit like Lionel Messi
  8. Cool items, I particularly like the one to the Romanian. It is true, German awards to members of other armies are not seen often. Attached one I got many years ago (maybe even from a forum member here). The EK2 document is not so spectacular but this soldier was later in the newspaper where he told his story about escaping Tscherkassy and there is also a picture of him with Mannstein.
  9. Here is one with a slightly different design.
  10. Another one. This soldbuch was floating around a bit so you might have seen it already on the internet. However, this soldbuch is a bit special because they have not crossed out the Feldpostnummern. And more important there is also a note that this soldbuch is a second issue because he lost all his belongings on 27.09.1943. Hew was with Marine Bordflak Abteilung Süd. Two ships were lost in the mediterrean on that day of which one went down with many sailors. So I guess chances are fair that he was on the other which was German tanker Champagne which was sunk that day by U-boats. All a bit guessing but I think it is quite possible that a tanker had reinforced flak. I always thought that Blockadebrecherbadges were given for ships coming from the Far East but apparently they were also given for crews of ships closer to home.
  11. I think this is the Ramb III or better the Kiebitz. A very good looking ship in my opinion.
  12. Oh wow, not so easy to find documents which have such a strong link to our country. They burned the Wehrpass but the rest of the group remains very complete - that is lucky! Very good items!
  13. Nice addition. They are really not so common. I have seen a few of them for France but never for another country. Would be interesting to know if they existed also for other places.
  14. Oh, hi Polux, good to see you here The one given in Cholm is certainly special. Attached anotherone of mine. Not so special but I like it because of the sloppy style - I guess they had other things to worry about then.
  15. Very cool soldbuch. Really I wonder how that photo was taken ... "quick now, he is very tired - let's secretly take a photo of him" But I am really surprised that he was never promoted to NCO. Have you noted the remark "Ersatzmann" on the first page? Replacement or more closely "replacement-man". What could that have been for?